How to fix problems with erection ?

How to fix problems with erection?

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  • Causes of problems with potency
    • Physiological causes
    • Psychological and external causes
  • difficulty in achieving an erection
    • canDo prevent such failures?
  • Remedy
    • Medication
    • Surgery

Erection problems - the most common problem among men.This disorder in varying degrees, occurs in 40 percent of men of reproductive age.

Erection problems

reason for this dysfunction can be anything - from psychological trauma and stress to serious health problems.

Causes of problems with potency

Divide problems with potency into several groups and engage in their consideration: physical problems, psychological and external.

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Physiological causes

Physiological causes With physiological problems is simple.For erectile dysfunction can result in diseases, including prostate diseases, diabetes, various nerve damage, spinal cord and brain.Particular attention concerns the nervous system as well as damage to certain areas leads to disturb

ances in erection.Important role played by circulation, so the problems with blood vessels and circulation inevitably lead to the extinction of an erection.

should disassemble the process of erection.To appear excitement, you must:

  1. nervous system must work properly, since it is responsible for signaling the penis.
  2. circulatory system must also work properly, because blood should freely flow in and flow out of the penis.
  3. Muscle tissue member should also be healthy, allowing them to relax the penis fill with blood, which leads to its increase.
  4. blood must stay in the penis so that it remains in the erect state.

Failure of one of their components malfunction leads to a condition called erectile dysfunction.In addition, problems with erectile dysfunction can cause chronic or short-term complications, damage after prostate surgery or other operations associated with providing the penis with blood and nerve endings.

Problems with the cardiovascular system The most common problem in the field of physical suffering men who have reached 50 years of age and older.For this reason, they may have some problems:

  1. Problems with the cardiovascular system, it referred to earlier.To disturbances in the sexual sphere can cause high blood pressure, if it occurs within a long period of time.
  2. Neurological problems are also often found in men of this age.Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis - is not the whole list of diseases that lead to violations of the nervous system.Complications after surgery or spinal cord injury also lead to erection problems.
  3. Malfunctions hormones, especially if the problem concerns the reduction in testosterone levels.
  4. problems with erectile dysfunction can cause particular member and the surrounding tissues, if it is negative.
  5. problems with erectile dysfunction causes the use of certain medications.Particularly worth mentioning people suffering from high blood pressure or depression, and for this reason consume drugs.
  6. use of tobacco and alcohol.

Scientists have long debated about the dangers of certain sports.One of the researchers believe that the negative effect on erection, some sports, impeding the flow of blood to the penis.It is called cycling and horse riding.Nevertheless, the final research results are not obtained, but does not get involved in cycling, especially if they are narrow and uncomfortable seat.

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Psychological and external causes

If physical problems are inherent in the older generation of men, the young people are much more likely to cause erectile dysfunction are psychological aspects .We are talking about men younger than 40 years. Psychological causes

It may be prolonged stress, differences in a pair or a long conflict between the partners, psychological incompatibility partners.In addition, abnormalities in the genital area may lead only one failure during sexual intercourse, which may result first in a series of similar failures, and then in the fear of sexual intercourse.

Thus, problems with erectile dysfunction can cause the following situations:

  1. Some men have difficulty entering into sexual relations with a partner after the birth of their first child.The reasons for this mechanism is not clear, but it is necessary to discuss the created problem, and not to postpone its decision on the back burner.
  2. As strange as it may sound, but some men are so afraid of marriage, that is only one mention of it can lead to loss of erection.Nevertheless, this is a logical explanation - the marriage is too important step for a man, so pulled hard problems (organization of weddings, future life) can cause stress in men.The problem is particularly sensitive for young people, only started to experience life.At 20 years of age or older this problem may be a cause for depression.
  3. As mentioned, the reason for the loss of an erection can be a problem among the partners.This can occur when a loss of interest in a man to his woman.

The external factors, leading to an erection disorder refers poor diet, causing the body does not receive the necessary vitamins, along with the body suffers and sexual sphere.Negatively impact on the sexual life of the environmental situation.A significant role is played by the use of alcohol and smoking.

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difficulty in achieving an erection

The difficulty in achieving an erection At some points to achieve an erection becomes impossible because of the prolonged use of alcohol or fatigue.Constant fatigue - the main factor, which is currently experiencing the majority of men.But if the problems with potency not become an episodic phenomenon, and constant problem, need expert help.

visit to the doctor becomes necessary if achieving an erection becomes difficult.We have the physiological problems described above.But the majority of cases occur in the psychological aspect, which occurs when a man feels guilty.The problem may develop in childhood as a result of undergoing trauma or be the result of a long partnership.

erection problems on psychological grounds may occur if there were one or two bad episode of sexual activity.For men this is a big concern, leading to a lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities.This state leads to the fact that a man can not concentrate on achieving an erection.

attitude plays a big role in the male sex.Wrong attitude, sexual intimacy with an unappealing for a guy a girl could result not only in a single failure in the case of erectile function, but also in further problems with this area.As a result, the man put the stigma of a failed man, and get rid of this obsession then it is difficult.

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it possible to prevent such a failure?

Address to the doctor Of course, it is possible, if we are not talking about health problems that led to erectile dysfunction, and there is the psychological aspect.Therefore, to avoid problems in the emotional sphere, and later in the genital, should follow some rules:

  1. have sexual relations only if it has the proper attitude.
  2. should remember that people - being alive, not motorized, it can not perform a number of functions, if it is depressed or tired state.In some situations, a man will be immediately ready for sexual intercourse, and sometimes require additional stimulation and to create the necessary mood.
  3. should avoid random encounters and contacts, while confidence is not strengthened.The man will be less to be concerned if he will create a strong and trusting relationship with a woman, which is fully trusted.
  4. If an erection before intercourse appeared, but soon disappeared, this should not be perceived as a catastrophic event.It is necessary to reassure themselves: such a thing happens, male impotence is not to blame, but the reasons for the loss of an erection can be a lot, even if the guy is absolutely healthy.
  5. important role played by the behavior of the partner, from whom, and will depend on further self-esteem of men.Inappropriate jokes and similar actions should be avoided.A truly loving woman will calm your partner.
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medication Medications that are aimed at improving body tone, contain vitamins and essential minerals.However, they indirectly contribute to the normalization of erectile function.In the case of more difficult causes of erectile dysfunction must be treated under medical supervision.

There is a risk of low-quality products to meet the production and has no cure.It's no secret that there are always people ready to cash in on someone else's problem.Given that this problem no one is immune, in the business of selling drugs allegedly involved helping a large number of people, so you should buy drugs only from pharmacies.

At the moment, there are three most popular drug present on the market for several years.It is not only known to all Viagra and Cialis, and Levitra.First means affects not only the blood vessels of the penis, but also on the coronary vessels.Viagra has the most experience and therefore the most popular.

not give up its position, and Cialis.Its advantage over Viagra - the period of validity.In the case of Viagra duration equal to 4 hours, but with Cialis - entire 36. Furthermore, unlike Viagra, Cialis operates smoothly as if the drug has not been used.Levitra has a similar quality, but the drug is an agent of the new generation, so that did not deserve the sympathy that has acquired the means mentioned above.


should be noted that these funds are not addictive, but the erection is possible only when excited men.At the same time, preparations are aimed at eliminating erectile problems caused by psychological factors, as they allow a man to focus on the sexual act, rather than on achieving an erection.Before the use of such funds should consult with a medical specialist, where you can ask questions.

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Before surgery, it comes, if cause of the problem lies in the physiological factors.Nevertheless, in some cases, permitted the drug self-administration, but before it is necessary to consult the doctor.


first method - intracavernous administration of drugs that includes the injection of funds into the corpus cavernosum of the penis, which leads to vasodilatation and an erection.However, the drug should be administered not more than 1 time per week, and it will be able to venture into every man.

second method - intraurethral administration.For 20 minutes before sexual intercourse the man should enter the dose in the urethra.Erection lasts about an hour, but the disadvantages of this method are many, ranging from the inconvenient administration of the drug and completing its high cost.

Sami operation on the penis mean the elimination of pathologies of the penis.Operations aimed at creating difficulties for the outflow of venous blood and increased arterial inflow.However, surgery is dangerous some consequences, for example, there is a risk of nerve damage, just responsible for erection.


Thus, difficulties with erection can be avoided by taking care of your health at the time.At the moment, there are a large number of methods to regain power and restore extinct erection.