Treatment of acute balanoposthitis

Treatment of acute balanoposthitis

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  • Nature of the disease
  • Typical balanoposthitis symptoms
  • Basics diagnosis
  • Therapies balanoposthitis

Balanoposthitis is a disease that is characterized by inflammation of the glans penis and the foreskin.There are separate of the disease in the form of balanitis in which inflames only the glans penis, and balanoposthitis, which is characterized by the involvement in the process of tissue inflammation of the foreskin.

balanoposthitis In most cases, these diseases often recorded a mixed form of the inflammatory process in which it is found at the head of the penis and prepuce (foreskin).Acute balanoposthitis occurs much more frequently in men with signs of phimosis.Running form of the disease usually develop into the chronic form.

Nature of the disease

Trichomoniasis disease is caused by infectious factors.The main sources of infection are different variations of microorganisms.Today, for sure it is not clear what type of bacteria is dominant in the

development of balanoposthitis.Call the inflammatory process of this kind are:

  • streptococci;
  • fungal infections;
  • trichomonas;
  • gardnerella;
  • viral infections (HPV).

It is a set of infectious disease is usually part of the body and certain pathologies.

example, phimosis, lack of hygiene, general immune condition can cause the growth of bacteria or fungal infection that eventually leads to the identification of balanoposthitis.That is the crucial role played by the general condition of the body and the presence of pathological diseases in history.

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Typical symptoms balanoposthitis

Ulcerative balanoposthitis symptoms have their own characteristics, depending on the stage of the infection process.Types balanoposthitis have the following features:

  1. Acute (catarrhal) balanoposthitis characterized by swelling of the skin of the head and prepuce, is shown burning in this area are sometimes prescribed pus.
  2. Candida form is expressed in the presence of heavy cheesy layers on the surface of the head, at the same time as there is redness of the foreskin, and when her shift may appear painful.
  3. erosive form manifests itself in the formation of pockets of erosion and dead skin cells, in this form of activity is affected inguinal lymph nodes, possible sharp increase in body temperature.
  4. Ulcerative balanoposthitis, wherein characterized by the formation of multiple sores on the skin surface of the head of the penis and the foreskin covers.
  5. Gangrenous view.The most severe course of illness, revealed intoxication, phimosis development and necrotic processes in the affected tissues.Required as soon as possible to assist.
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Basics staging

A survey at the doctor diagnosis most often detected during acute balanoposthitis.Visualization of typical symptoms in most cases is a sufficient basis for diagnosis.Bacteriological sowings it is advisable to carry out to establish the exact nature of the illness.It is important to note that the relevant research is particularly important for differentiating the type of infection.Since require different approaches in therapy of fungal and bacterial infections.

more serious form of the disease is required to distinguish from advanced forms of some sexually transmitted diseases, so in such cases only on the basis of bacteriological tests made specific conclusion about the truth of infection.

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Therapies balanoposthitis

Acute balanoposthitis is treated depending on the pathogen type and severity of the disease.Treatment usually involves enhanced hygiene with the use of disinfectants and antiseptics.Treatment regimens include agents that are assigned to individual way.Selection of antiseptics being given microbial or fungal infections.The most commonly used solutions and ointments based on miramistina or hlorgiksedina.Self-medication is fraught with the fact that the effect of the curing agent is not always corresponds to a particular type of agent, and this fact is able to transfer disease into a chronic form.Also, when the wrong therapy there is a risk reduction of local immunity in the epithelial cell layer.In this case, can not completely overcome the causes of the disease.


acute therapy of the disease must include receiving immunomodulatory agents, as it helps to activate the body's internal protective properties.

advanced forms of balanoposthitis treated with antibiotic therapy and topical antiseptic effects.

Prognosis balanoposthitis if timely treatment is favorable.Complications usually occur at advanced stage and inadequate therapy.The most common complication of the disease appears phimosis or paraphimosis.In these cases, urgent surgical intervention.


Preventive measures are based on the quality of hygiene, maintaining the immune system in good shape and there is no casual sex, leading to sexually transmitted diseases, which increase the likelihood of acute balanoposthitis.