Effective recovery of spermatogenesis

effective recovery of spermatogenesis

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  • Therapeutic and prophylactic measures
  • How will the honey and bee products?
  • Homeopathy and sports supplements
  • procedures in hyperbaric chambers and girudoterapiya
  • Professional Advice

spermatogenesis recovery - not an easy task.First you need to find out the reasons of such a violation, only then choose alternative therapies.To restore to be effective, you need to follow a specially developed techniques.It is not only the observance of the diet, but also perform more complex procedures.Before starting treatment, you must pass an examination that will show the causes of disorders of spermatogenesis.After that the doctor prescribe treatment, give appropriate recommendations to address the problem.In some cases, the treatment will not help - be it genetic disorders.In this case it is possible only in vitro fertilization or just donation.

Scheme of spermatogenesis and oogenesis

Therapeutic and prophylactic measures

measures to restore spermatogenesis a

pply in such cases:

  • hormonal disorders;
  • recovery after the surgery;
  • with a decrease in the quality / quantity of sperm.

Reducing the quantity and quality of sperm During treatment it is necessary to carry out regular monitoring about every 3 months, since for such a period and there is a full recovery.The following methods will not only increase the quantity / quality of sperm, but also to increase their activity, the volume of ejaculate.

from the diet is necessary to completely eliminate the brandy, vodka, beer.Allowed only dry red wine in the amount of two cups for 1 time, but you can drink it only on holidays, everyday use is not allowed.That alcohol causes serious disorders of spermatogenesis, it affects the hypothalamus, violates the metabolism of sex steroids, the pituitary gland.Those who abuse alcohol, there is atrophy Leydinga cell damage of the seminiferous tubules.With a strong degree of alcohol may lose spermatogenic cells, gradually developing testicular fibrosis.Studies show that more than 80% of alcohol abusers completely sterile, in many cases, it is not reversed.A dose of 80-160 g and more, taken daily, making sterile more than 9% of men, the partial absence of cells observed in 54%, and only 21% preserves the reproductive function, although there is a strong likelihood that the child will not be complete.

Excluding spirits recommended to quit smoking.Smoking is dangerous as alcohol, although the mechanism of the destructive action of slightly different.Smokers impaired blood circulation, spermatogenesis is experiencing a negative impact, activity is reduced, testosterone is very low.Mobility, low sperm count, activity of Sertoli cells and Leydinga greatly disturbed.The most severe disorders are not observed in those who use conventional tobacco, and those who are beginning to abuse of marijuana and other drugs by smoking.It is necessary to have proper treatment, often with the participation of psychiatrists and drug treatment.

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How will the honey and bee products?

to restore spermatogenesis experts recommend increasing the dose of bee products.Honey and similar products have a positive effect on the general condition, the restoration of spermatogenesis function.Today perfectly restores all necessary reproductive functions not only honey but also pollen, larval jelly and other substances.Larval, or drone, milk includes a large amount of estradiol, progesterone, testosteroid.It has a positive effect on the testes, prostate gland, it stimulates the production of androgens.

Royal jelly improves metabolism, exerts a tonic effect, improves the nervous system.

Quit smoking Fresh milk has antiseptic action, normalizes the processes of digestion, cardiovascular system.

Bee bread or pollen is pollen, mixed with the saliva of the insect, honey.The composition of all vitamins include pollen, about fifty enzymes, all amino acids, hormones, including growth hormone.Ambrosia is a great, unique natural stimulant, which is useful for the whole organism.It is able to treat different diseases, which are not even amenable to formal medicinal preparations.In addition, bee bread restores potency, stores it to a great age, that can not afford other means.

Honey is well suited for the recovery of spermatogenesis, as well as other bee products.It is useful in itself, helps to restore men's health, to make it stronger.bee products, including honey, ambrosia, etc., should be put under the tongue in a small amount.This is the case the best absorption.Even ready-made preparations in capsules doctors recommend such a way, but they can not drink even using a simple water.

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Homeopathy and sports supplements

Honey to restore spermatogenesis Many believe that prescriptions of traditional medicine are unable to provide any tangible action, but it is not so.That such natural ingredients not only help to quickly restore the body and some of its functions, but also to strengthen it and make it resistant to different types of impacts.Use may be different drugs that are designed to improve potency, the general health of the reproductive organs of men.There are numerous recipes with herbs, which are directly intended to restore spermatogenesis.

Strange as it may sound, but it is a variety of sports supplements can restore the function of spermatogenesis.To use them it is necessary only after consultation with the attending physician.Take supplements in combination with other measures, it is necessary to choose only those that contain a number of specific amino acids to improve and restore reproductive functions.The specific choice of drugs can make only a doctor, who will be based on a survey.

Healthy eating is best for sports nutrition products to buy separately, not integrated and versatile supplement.So you can not only save money, but also to find exactly those supplements that are necessary in a particular case, avoiding the use of completely unnecessary for the body.

Use and non-hormonal drugs, such as Tribestan, which act directly on the brain, activating the production lyuteneiziruyuschego hormone.This substance is an initial recovery of spermatogenesis chain.Acceptance of these drugs can not only restore and enhance spermatogenesis, but also to improve sperm motility.However, such means absolutely no side effects, making them often simply indispensable.

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procedures in hyperbaric chambers and girudoterapiya

The procedures in hyperbaric chambers For many decades, hyperbaric chambers are considered excellent preventive and therapeutic agent.The process of artificially increasing the pressure in the oxygen saturation normalizes all body functions, resulting in improved quality of spermatogenesis.Completely eliminated the lack of oxygen to the affected organs, are numerous healing effects.The course of treatment - 10 procedures, each of which lasts from half an hour to an hour - it all depends on the general condition and indications.

Hirudotherapy, t. E. The use in the treatment of leeches, allows to activate blood circulation, oxygenate tissues.Application of this method of treatment gives unique results.It combines several factors - biological effects, mechanical, reflex.Today hirudotherapy medicine recognized officially, it is one of the alternative methods, which allows you to completely get rid of many diseases, including disorders of spermatogenesis in men.

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Professional Advice

Hirudotherapy To restore spermatogenesis, men need to take time off from the sauna bath.It is important not to take a hot bath, to give up the laundry close.While sitting legs crossed pledge should not be, it is necessary to keep the area around the testicles free.Useful to be pouring cold water on the scrotum, but this should be done carefully.It requires hardening of the whole organism, but in all important moderation, because the wrong actions will lead to prostatitis.

and balanced nutrition is important for all organs.The menu should be more protein, but it is necessary to use low-fat products.The diet need to add dietary meat (chicken, rabbit), veal, seafood, fish.The best thing to do for a couple of meals or bake, play an important role a variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs.You must not forget the eggs, nuts, fresh fruit juices and more.Some men completely forget about the need to exercise, active lifestyle.And in fact it helps to strengthen the body and make it more resilient. The more active the man himself, the more will his sperm, then fertilization chances increase.

Regular general health examinations will not be superfluous.Often, disruption of spermatogenesis function due to the presence of certain diseases.That is why doctors recommend to give your body more attention.In some cases, the lack of regular sexual relations leads to the fact that spermatogenesis function greatly impaired, sperm quality decreases.


Violation of spermatogenesis may occur for various reasons.To define them, you must pass a special examination.But to restore this function, doctors set of simple measures has been developed, which allow yourself at home to take care of treatment and prevention.There are numerous drugs that are appointed after the test.Excellent help and balanced diet, normalization mode of the day, avoiding harmful habits.

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