Prostate cyst : diagnosis and treatment

prostate cyst: diagnosis and treatment

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  • Prostatitis - the consequence of a cyst
  • Why form a cyst?
  • diagnosis and prescription of treatment

cyst - a small cavity, which is filled with liquid.It may be formed in healthy tissue of any organ.In men, the most common such education detected in the prostate gland.

Consultation with a urologist

According to statistics, one in five men suffer from this disease, and prostate cyst can occur even in healthy people.

Timely treatment specialists will quickly get rid of the disease and prevent the occurrence of adverse effects.

Prostatitis - the consequence of a cyst

Often prostate cyst causes of prostatitis, that in the future could significantly complicate treatment. In some cases, the tumor can cause complications in prostate due to long flowing inflammation in the tissues.But it should be noted that often the cyst has small size, while the patient may not feel discomfort, and therefore, not be aware of the presence of disease.Such situations

occur quite often, so men need to undergo regular medical check-up planning, because to reveal prostate disease is possible only when digital rectal examination or ultrasonography.

Prostatitis Treatment in hospital Typically, the clinical manifestation of the disease is characterized by the same symptoms as prostate:

  • frequent urination accompanied by pain;
  • pain in the groin area and the back;
  • infertility;
  • violation of erectile function.

Among the negative consequences of the appearance of cysts is also present probability of stone formation or abscess in the prostate gland.If manifested any symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor to start treatment promptly.Otherwise, the disease takes a different nature and will require drastic measures.

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Why form a cyst?

Causes of cystic formation may be different, but most often the fault occurrence of the disease becomes chronic prostatitis.There are also a number of other factors, which to some extent affect the appearance of prostate cyst:

  • insufficient or excessive sexual activity;
  • frequent stress;
  • frequent exercise when neopustoshennom bladder, in particular, the lifting of heavy objects;
  • presence of prostate diseases.

By type of cysts are divided into acquired and congenital, the latter case is extremely rare.As for acquired cysts of the prostate, they are usually diagnosed in older men.Education of single and multiple may arise, moreover, they appear different symptoms and different sizes.When multiple entities is likely that after removing them shortly illness again will make itself felt.


patient is given treatment after a doctor determines what kind of cystic education - inflammatory or non-inflammatory, infectious or non-infectious.In inflammatory diseases of the pus will accumulate inside the cyst, which is fraught with negative consequences for the whole organism.The cause of the inflammation of the prostate is an acute inflammation of the cyst.Infectious neoplasms, in turn, may be caused by pathogenic microbes.

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diagnosis and prescription of treatment

Relying only on the symptoms, the doctor can confidently diagnose and claim that the patient cystic formation.To do this, make a diagnosis, only then you can draw conclusions and prescribe appropriate treatment.Diagnosis of the disease includes a number of activities:

  • digital rectal examination, ie,feeling the prostate through the rectum;
  • ultrasound is performed transrectal method, allowing the attending physician to obtain reliable information about the malignancy;
  • laboratory testing prostatic juice, blood and urine;
  • at small sizes cysts puncture is performed to examine their contents.

If studies have revealed the presence of cysts of small size, which does not appear common symptoms, then the patient will be placed in the inpatient unit for medical observation.After the necessary tests will be established true cause of cystic formation and prescribed treatment in the form of medical therapy.Another option is to remove the cysts, which can be performed surgically or puncture.The latter option is less painful, since it implies the contents of the cyst aspiration under ultrasound machine.


large number of people who find themselves in the symptoms of such diseases as prostate cyst, in no hurry to turn to specialists, and prefers traditional medicine.It should be noted that even such treatment should be under the supervision of a doctor, to avoid complicating the situation.

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