What is the role of testosterone in men

What is the role of testosterone in men

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  • level of testosterone in the male body
  • Signs of male hormone lowest level
  • How to increase natural testosterone levelsmethods?
  • Is the problem an excess of testosterone?

Testosterone in men - very important hormone, because it is responsible for secondary sex characteristics.It's a low voice, the vegetation is more stringent than in women, traits, the ability to actively recruit muscle mass.All these features distinguish the "real men".But the role of testosterone for men - is not only responsible for external content, and it is extremely necessary to maintain health.

Physical exercises

Therefore, any deviation from the norm it is necessary to treat.

level of testosterone in the male body

normal testosterone levels for men is observed in the period from puberty to 30 years.That is why at this age have the ability to build muscle and create an athletic figure.For adult men, testosterone norm - 12-42 nmol / L.After 40 years, this h

ormone is produced in much smaller quantities, thus there is an increase in estrogen.These effects combine to lead to the disorder of the cardiovascular, the reproductive system, the deterioration of memory and a number of other unpleasant consequences that go away after treatment.

Recently, cases where testosterone in men starts to decline at a young age.The main factors that lead to this:

Meat diet

  1. Vegetarianism and veganism - the lack of meat in the diet provokes a momentary drop in the male hormone.By following such restrictive eating habits, resulting in lowered cholesterol, it is impossible to maintain the necessary level of testosterone.If this is not a way of life, and, for example, simply fasting for health is negatively does not appear, but the evidence of an impairment of male power will manifest.
  2. predominance of female hormones in the body - there are times when raising estrogen caused by a genetic predisposition, but lately more often it happens because of poor lifestyle, unbalanced diet.If the base of the diet consists of beer, fast food, sweets, fizzy drinks, instantly enhance the production of female hormones, respectively, male - falls.By the way, the beer - it is the most dangerous product for men's health.
  3. cold climate - studies have shown that the hormone testosterone is produced increasingly under the influence of sunlight.Thus, in the Nordic countries maintain normal testosterone levels in men is more problematic.The same factor explains the fact that the hottest resorts often a surge in sexual activity.
  4. pernicious influence of alcohol
  5. stress - negative emotions, experiences dramatically reduce the overall level of health, thus reducing the level of testosterone in the blood.
  6. Overheating - prolonged exposure to high temperatures on the male genitals promotes that testosterone is produced in a minimal amount.
  7. Cushioning underwear - Numerous studies have shown a high likelihood that close underwear denies man the opportunity to become the successor of sorts.
  8. viruses.

This is not a complete list of the reasons that lower testosterone levels in men.

male hormone level fluctuates during the day, the highest observed in the morning and in the evening falls.

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Signs of low levels of the male hormone

exactly define the content of testosterone in the blood can only analysis.But there are signs that suggest that it has declined:

Reduced sexual activity

  1. Poor health - when there are symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, fainting, sweating, shortness of breath, it is difficult to associate them with violation of hormonal background.When asked what it is, more often respond that just fatigue.But in fact these symptoms - a clear sign of a lack of testosterone for men.
  2. Reduced sexual activity - the clear sign that testosterone fell, because he is responsible for virility.Worries about this may further aggravate the situation.
  3. doldrums, confusion, depression.
  4. Insomnia, as a consequence - nervous exhaustion.
  5. bone disease - the lack of male hormone also affects the state of the bone tissue, which becomes thinner, leading to injury and increase the risk of osteoporosis.
  6. pressure peaks and increase in heart rate - signs, which over time can cause heart attack and diabetes.

Doctors do not call for regular blood tests to monitor the levels of testosterone.It is enough to take care of their body, if any deviation from the normal state is not observed, then hormones in order and increase testosterone is not required.

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How to increase testosterone levels natural methods?

Balanced diet hormonal failure - it is a serious problem that must be addressed to the doctor, to the appointed treatment.But there are also general recommendations, compliance with which will help medicines act efficiently and to normalize testosterone production quickly.

The very first step to return to a normal level of testosterone in men - is the establishment of power.The body should get enough of necessary trace elements, in particular, that:

  • minerals - are contained in seafood, white fish, nuts;
  • group vitamins C, E and B - in large quantities contained in the berries and fruits, and fish oils;
  • balanced amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

addition to a healthy diet, to treat testosterone decline in men helps restful sleep.This is due to the fact that during sleep occurs naturally increase the production of sex hormones.Accordingly, even if taking the medicine, but sleep 3-4 hours a day, testosterone is not stabilized.

Healthy lifestyle Maintaining normal testosterone levels in men is possible only if sufficient exercise.This is especially true of office workers who spend most of their time sitting in a chair.Optimally will enroll in a gym or start running in the morning.But first, you can even walk up the stairs instead of the elevator, or park your car a few blocks away from the office, to be able to walk a little.Even minor activity over time will give tangible results.

To increase testosterone an important role, on a par with physical health, and mental attitude plays.Representatives of the stronger sex by nature need to win a victory, albeit small, but regular.They certainly will contribute, in the first place, a man will feel more confident, and, secondly, the amount of testosterone in the blood begin to rise immediately.

Based on the above factors, we can conclude that the level of testosterone in men is maintained as long as possible, it is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle.Drug treatment is critical when you need serious deviations from the norm, with minor deviations may be enough adjustment of the daily routine, a menu or a leisure activity.


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Is the problem an excess of testosterone?

Increased testosterone for men is considered normal only in puberty, when there is a so-called hormonal surge.It is for this reason that in boys aged 13-15 years have seen rapid growth of hair all over the body, the face will appear acne.And one of the most unpleasant consequences that may carry an increased testosterone for men in this period is the atrophy of the testes.

In adulthood, low testosterone for men just as harmful as high.The doctor, after examination of the organism can assign complex treatment.

As for diet, which will help if you do not fully restore normal testosterone for men, at least in part, to reduce it, the following is recommended:

  • waiver of sweet;
  • rejection of meat;
  • use of legumes and soybean crops;
  • eating large quantities of fruits and vegetables.


Thus, the question that testosterone is for men, the easiest answer is - this is what distinguishes it from a woman.Without this hormone, the stronger sex is impossible to lead an active life, to become the successor of the family and even just to be healthy.If the level of this hormone is too high, or, conversely, a low, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

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