whether the operation is necessary when a varicocele 1 degree ?

whether an operation is needed in varicocele 1 degree?

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  • mechanism and causes of varicocele
  • symptoms and the degree of disease
  • Complications of varicocele
  • methods of treatment and prevention

varicocele is translated from Greek as "tumor consisting of venous nodes" and is an extension of the veins of the spermatic cord.The disease is very common.The World Health Organization states that the varicocele is found in approximately 15% of men, but during the general in-depth examination, the figure would be much higher.While not life-threatening, the disease can be quite unpleasant consequences, one of which is infertility, so it deserves to his careful and serious consideration.Treatment in most cases involves surgery.

Infertility in men

mechanism and causes of varicocele

The problem is gnarled veins of the spermatic cord and extension resulting from severe blood flow to the genitals, and difficulty of its outflow.All veins have special valves, the purpose of which is to ens

ure the movement of blood in one direction only.If the valve does not work properly or does not work, then the vessel is pressurized, resulting in its extension.There veins of the spermatic cord and testicles.The most common symptoms of varicose begin in adolescence, very quickly reach a certain level and further develop.

Visit a urologist cause of the disease may be a weakness of the vascular system of the body.Very often patients suffer from varicocele and varicose veins, hemorrhoids, heart valve insufficiency and other diseases having a similar nature.At the heart of this problem is a genetic predisposition.Another factor is the feature of the anatomical structure of the male body, namely the fact that the left testieular Vienna falls into the renal vein at right angles.This situation contributes to an increase in intravenous pressure and explains why, in most cases (over 80%) is found left-sided varicocele.Additional reasons - other health problems that contribute to increased intra-abdominal pressure, leading to the formation of blood clots or compression of the renal vein.For example, kidney swelling in the elderly age can lead to a sudden expansion of the veins of the spermatic cord.

Contribute to the development of the disease and may be increased physical activity, weight lifting, frequent constipation or diarrhea, the work associated with prolonged stay on your feet.

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symptoms and the degree of disease

If varicose veins easily determine visually, then the situation is different with the veins of the spermatic cord.Often the need ultrasound diagnosis.In most reported cases of varicocele is asymptomatic, so doctors found only at survey of young people.Typically, patients do not have any complaints about the state of health and not seek treatment.

Sometimes there ptosis and an increase in the affected half of the scrotum, there is a pulling sensation, increasing during sexual arousal and physical activities.External displays noticeable if the person is, but disappear when lying down.Only with much neglected diseases are in constant pain, even at rest.Greatly increases the scrotum, the veins have a distinct contour, form a plexus, resembling a bunch can be diagnosed by a decrease in testicle.

Depending on how pronounced veins of the spermatic cord, are the following extent of the disease: Diagnostics

  • 1 degree - the veins can not be determined by palpation, diagnose the problem can only be by means of ultrasound or other instrumental methods;
  • 2 degree - in the supine position veins is not detectable, but is detected, if the person is;
  • 3 degree - varicose possible to determine both in vertical and in horizontal position of the patient;
  • Grade 4 - pronounced veins change, testicle shrinks and changes its density.

1, 2 degrees is rarely felt by men, so as to prevent the disease, it is necessary to ask for inspection and consult a specialist.

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Complications of varicocele

The biggest problem with varicocele is that it leads to infertility patients.

According to statistics, about 40% of cases of male infertility are due to just that.

Schedule varicocele degrees One of the reasons is considered a violation of the blood supply to the testicle, but the main thing - the fact that it grows around the venous network, which leads to overheating.To develop quality of semen testicular temperature should fluctuate between 32.5 - 34,5ºS.Overheating leads to a cessation of sperm production.

Features testicular tissue also create the risk of an autoimmune aseptic inflammation, which has a negative effect on spermatogenesis.The fact that immune cells normally do not occur with cells of the testes.Violation of circulation and stagnation in the veins leads to the fact that they can penetrate into the testicular tissue and, perceiving them as alien, attack.This process causes inflammation.

If the patient neglects the necessary treatment, it may be unable to conceive a child.

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methods of treatment and prevention

There is no doubt that the varicocele requires treatment.To date, the only effective way to solve the problem - the operation.

Treatment of varicocele If the patient is found 3 or 4 degree of the disease, the need for surgical intervention is rarely questioned, since at this stage there is often uncomfortable symptoms, and surgery can get rid of them.The debate about whether the surgeon's intervention is necessary, often causes the first degree.

Due to the fact that there are no complaints of health and disease does not affect the potency, there is a tendency to underestimate the possible consequences.Many clinics promise to help with the treatment, without the need for surgery.Indeed, such an option has the right to exist.However, in deciding whether surgery is necessary, it should take into account several factors.If a person does not experience sickness, no plans for the future birth of children, then no operation is possible to do.In this case, it is sufficient preventive measures to help reduce the factors contributing to the development of the disease: high physical activity, chronic constipation, etc.We must try to avoid lifting weights, alternate work standing with the rest of the body in a different position.Some patients, especially the elderly, doctors recommend wearing a jockstrap.

If the couple does not work for a long time to conceive a child or young person only intends to become a father, but feared the risk of infertility, the operation needs to be done.

Currently, there are several different options for a possible surgery:

  1. open (traditional) surgery.
  2. Laparoscopic (endoscopic) surgery.
  3. Microsurgical revascularization.


Each type of surgery has certain features, advantages and disadvantages, duration. take the right decision on selecting the most appropriate method of treatment can only physician and only after a thorough examination of the patient's health.