If you have lost libido : what to do in this case?

If you have lost libido: what to do in this case?

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  • Why reduced libido?
  • Symptoms decrease libido
  • libido level recovery

One of the most common sexual dysfunction in men is the disappearance of the libido, which is manifested decrease sexual desire.As a rule, the reason to become nervous or endocrine system disorders, colds, congenital disorders, side effects of medication, and even long-term abstinence from sexual intercourse.

Problems in sexual function

If lost libido, you should immediately see a specialist, because the disease can cause serious problems, both physical and psychological health.

one level of sexual desire affects a number of factors, including mood, emotional and physical health, the environment during sexual intercourse and more. to be lost libido, you should carefully monitor their health and ward off stress.

Why reduced libido?

Physical and emotional stress Sooner or later, every man is faced with such a problem, as reduced sexual desire.To understand how to deal with it, you must find out

why the sexual desire disappears.Permanent or temporary sexual dysfunction may be due to diseases of the digestive, cardiovascular and lung disease or kidney disease.But, according to experts, it lost libido due to a number of adverse psychological factors:

  • bad mood;
  • depression;
  • physical and emotional stress;
  • family and intrapersonal issues.

Every man needs to know that some drugs have side effects and negatively affect the level of sexual desire, so the treatment of any disease should take into account this fact.When the drug is canceled, sexual desire returns to normal.These drugs include neuroleptics, antidepressants, as well as those containing female hormones.

significant impact on the libido has a way of life.Smoking, alcohol and poor diet often leads to the fact that sexual desire begins to disappear.It should be noted that some congenital anomalies of the body can have a strong negative impact on the libido of men, which is not amenable to treatment.

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Symptoms decrease libido

Stress If sexual dysfunction appeared on the background of hormonal imbalance, then the man can not just disappear attraction, but also appear aversion to sex.Often in such cases, the patient's tone of voice becomes higher form fat in the thighs and buttocks, as well as the body stops hair growth on male type, ie,on the chest, back, etc.Sometimes the lack of testosterone leads to the fact that in men there is same-sex sexual attraction.

Decreased libido or complete lack of sexual desire can occur due to constant stress, depression or anxiety, and feelings because of the intimate nature of the failure.Quite often in men having sexual dysfunction, seemingly for no reason, but the explanation may be lurking in the education they received as children.Psychologists have strongly recommended to educate boys in excessive rigor, as in the future it may become the cause of many psychological disorders.If

disappeared or decreased sexual desire for his constant partner, do not look for reason in it, as do most of the stronger sex.The first thing you need to pay attention to their health and emotional state.In addition, blaming his partner in his sexual failures, can engender in her self-doubt.

Due to lower libido reduced the number of sexual intercourse, resulting in the urogenital region formed stagnation, which suspend the release of hormones.In addition, men are actively manifested irritability and depression.

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libido level recovery

Consult a sexologist The first thing that needs to be done to the man that lost sexual attraction to the opposite sex - is to consult a sexologist and undergo hormonal examination.If decreased libido was due to hormonal failure, then the tests show abnormalities in the level of globulin, prolactin, and testosterone.

treatment of sexual disorders will be effective only if the doctor find out the true cause of the disease and the patient adheres to the prescribed treatment scheme.Note that in each case is an individual treatment regimen, due to the peculiarities of each of the body and sexual activity of men.

As a rule, professional help treat couples who have lived together for a long time, and they no longer have sexual desire for each other.The reason for this is usually the monotony of sexual life.To remedy the situation, it is recommended more attention to foreplay and foreplay, to change the familiar surroundings and position during coitus.


In summary, it can be noted that, if lost former sexual attraction - it is not a sentence.In keeping with the recommendations of the sexologist and keeping a healthy lifestyle, libido level you will soon recover, and your sex life "sparkle" with new colors.