Why elevated prolactin in men and how to reduce it ?

Why elevated prolactin in men and how to reduce it?

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  • Standards prolactin
  • methods how to reduce prolactin

Prolactin - a peptide hormone secreted by the pituitary cells.Elevated prolactin in males affects sexual function, sexual desire.This hormone in the male body regulates the level of sex hormones and sperm.Elevated prolactin in men is more common than reduced.

Effect of prolactin on the external male characteristics

Standards prolactin

normal value of prolactin in males should be 2,5-16 ng / mL.Symptoms, if prolactin is higher than normal: infertility, lack of libido, obesity, fine rash over the whole body.Elevated levels of this hormone has an impact on sexual function of men, it directly affects the level of sperm motility.

Treating high prolactin prolactin production in men increases dramatically in stressful situations, when strong pain syndrome, affects the production of testosterone.The body synthesizes estrogen greater, the higher the concentration of prolactin.

prolactin and estrogen level is directly related to and influen

ces the levels of testosterone.If elevated prolactin and estrogen, testosterone is reduced.If prolactin is elevated, the reasons are of 3 types: physiological, pathological, pharmacological.

High prolactin levels in men occurs after exercise, eating, sexual intercourse.The high rate can be the result of diseases such as dysfunction of the pituitary gland, kidney failure, cirrhosis of the liver, prostate.Long-term use of drugs can also cause an increase in prolactin levels in men.This prevents the hormone and updates the sheath of nerve fibers.

hormone level is determined by a blood test.

Before analysis should refrain from sexual intercourse, do not go to the bath, do not drink alcohol.If you have had a nervous breakdown, the analysis is better to move.Analysis surrenders the morning 2 hours after awakening on an empty stomach.Impaired secretion of prolactin is the development of diseases such as the reproductive function disorder of water-salt metabolism, decreased immune function.Swelling occurs when the pituitary hormone level.

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methods how to reduce prolactin

treatment of hyperprolactinemia begins with the establishment of the causes, symptoms begin. only to establish the cause and eliminate them, you can quickly and effectively restore normal levels. Treat deviations mainly conservative method.To normalize the hormone level is used a number of drugs: bromocriptine, apomorphine, hvinagolid, cabergoline.If abnormalities were observed after administration of drugs, for example in the treatment of stomach, sometimes after the abolition of these funds there prolactin level recovery.

Male testosterone appoint additional therapy with testosterone.A strong deviation from the norm of the hormone associated with pituitary adenoma.Hypophysis tumor requires surgical intervention.The effectiveness of surgical treatment depends on tumor size and skill of the neurosurgeon.If 15 days after the operation there is a positive dynamics, the hormone level is not reduced, the symptoms persist, appointed more complex therapy.

In exceptional cases, the irradiation is carried out by prolactin.Radiation therapy is used if there is intolerance to medication, contraindications to surgery, the patient's refusal of surgery.Medications that lower hormone act quickly and appointed at an early stage.

Men suffering from a high content of a hormone necessary to limit exposure to the sun, as it stimulates the pituitary gland overheating.It should stop taking sleeping pills, if possible - smoking.If prolactin below normal, it is also dangerous for the body as it causes aging, provoking the abuse of alcohol.

establish hormone levels to determine the cause, how to lower its content, can only endocrinologist.An examination of the doctor pays attention to the patient's complaints, external signs, wondered what the man took drugs recently consumed drugs there.Drugs also provoke an increase.

low prolactin observed in the presence of obesity and pituitary apoplexy.It decreases as severe malnutrition, after surgery, when taking anabolic steroids, radiotherapy.Increasing the concentration is due to renal failure, chest injury, herpes zoster, trauma, liver disease.


To reduce the concentration necessary to adhere to the correct mode of the day, take vitamins, follow the diet.Stress always provokes an increase in prolactin.Hyperprolactinemia - the main cause of infertility.Select the correct treatment can only physician.Men need to monitor your health, at the first symptoms of disease seek medical attention.