Recommendations for improvement of spermatogenesis

Recommendations to improve spermatogenesis

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  • reproductive function in men: questions and answers
    • Is there a relationship between the male potency and reproductive function?
    • whether the drug is effective for increasing the potency of "Viagra" and its analogues in infertility?
    • What is the relationship between the experts of the older man and his fertility?
    • How to improve semen analysis at its negative terms?
    • Can the pregnancy the couple if the partner does not give reasons for infertility after analysis?

male fertility - is its ability to produce offspring viability.

Scheme of spermatogenesis and oogenesis

for conceiving a healthy baby sperm must possess the activity that depends on several factors: proper nutrition, lack of stress, secure the environment in the area of ​​residence.

The procedures in hyperbaric chambers causes leading to deterioration of spermatogenesis are different:

  • potent drug substances containing hormones, including testosterone (possibly, testosterone can stop that command coming from the brain of
    the endocrine system);
  • drugs, drugs used to treat other diseases, such as asthma or allergy;
  • stress in men (in a situation of stress produced corticoids male hormones, harmful to their anti-androgenic influence of character);
  • phthalates, used in the production of plastic bottles and packages for milk, can pass into the food, if not complied with the conditions of storage products, and provide the body anti-male (estrogen) effect with a pronounced effect;
  • chemicals that are part of many laundry detergents and cleaning;
  • certain food preservatives, stabilizers and various additives to food to enhance flavor.

Alcohol and tobacco Before improve sperm indicators and choose the most appropriate means to do so, you need to identify yourself violation.Make it allows semen analysis - analysis unfolded state sperm held in the case of determining irregularities in the male reproductive system associated with infertility, prostatitis and other diseases.The main features and characteristics of the ejaculate examined by considering it through a microscope.

The first thing that should draw the attention of the doctor, - the number of sperm.Basically, the amount of calculation is expressed through the concentration per milliliter (ie 1 million cells taken at 1 milliliter).Normally, sperm can have between 20 to 40 million sperm in the total number of sperm taken.

percentage of motile sperm is one of the main characteristics of its viability.In the study of their activity are 4 types of categories:

  • A - overcoming the distance the sperm equal to its length per second;
  • in - one sperm can move a distance equal to the length of his head in a moment;
  • C - committing oscillating movements per second;
  • D - inactive sperm.

doctor learns conducting research spermatogenesis how the male sperm can be collected in a group and stick together.agglyugatsii process usually associated with sperm antibodies in the semen available which are created in the body partner.They usually prevent fertilization process prosperous as is their attachment to the head.

Pills Contact leukocytes in the ejaculate comes from the prostate or testicles.A higher content of leucocytes in semen due to the occurrence of the inflammatory process, which is localized in the male urinary system.The presence of mucus in the ejaculate can become an obstacle fertilization.The doctor will recommend the change 2 times sperm: sperm quality characteristics and its productivity is usually taken into account in the dynamics specialist.

There are many methods that can raise the level of productivity of sperm, that is, to increase the chances of the birth of children. necessary to help your partner, for example, using a variety of vitamins and protein-containing foods.The trace element zinc is useful for increasing the amount of sperm available in the following products: sunflower seeds, honey, dried apricots, nuts, green tea.It helps and video, enabling you to relax by watching sexual partners, which will be made of love, which is useful.

reproductive function in men: questions and answers

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Is there a relationship between the male potency and reproductive function?

Listed relationship may not exist.It happens that patients completely satisfied with their own intimate life, but they tormented in severe infertility.

But from time to time drop in the reproductive function in men associated with the violation of potency, are interconnected.There are diseases that lead to the possible consequences decrease normal levels of spermatogenesis, which refers to the state of potency.Another possibility is the reduction in fertility that occurs when a bad ejaculation or throwing semen into the bladder.

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is effective to enhance the potency of "Viagra" and its analogues in infertility?

A balanced diet If the disease is associated with poor sperm quality, the "Viagra" and similar medications are powerless.Conversely, drugs that enhance male potency, it may be necessary in particular cases, if the infertility is due to a violation of potency.Typically, these drugs allow infertile due to various problems associated with sex life, recover.The reasons may lie in the development of depression (depression and stress are not the best way may affect the sperm condition).In other cases, taking these drugs will not allow to deal with infertility.

Does influence the size of the penis to improve spermatogenesis in men?Normal penis size has no effect on the fertility of the male body.If the male penis is very small, then most of the sperm during ejaculation can not reach the cervix, which can reduce their chances of meeting with the female egg.But this problem can be solved as follows: after having sex the woman should immediately lie down on his back, palming off something soft (maybe a pillow or blanket) under his tailbone.This posture may contribute to runoff semen into the cervix.Typical dimensions of the male gonads, the testes sometimes be broken, which indicates the presence of pathologies that are innate.

Visit a urologist As the number of sexual intercourse affects the possibility of conception?This impact is monitored quite true.The greatest opportunities are in healthy couples.At the same time they have sex 4-5 times a week.Repeated sexual intercourse for several days do not always contribute to the improvement of the partner fertility, preventing normal spermatogenesis.Since the content of sperm in the semen decreases as the possibility of pregnancy.But if a married couple is not sick, then choose a better schedule for intercourse it is much easier.Development of a sufficient number of healthy sperm to successfully conceiving a healthy child is a characteristic of healthy men.

How masturbation can affect the level of fertility?If masturbation is not reduced the level of fertility in men, because in this case it must be regarded as a sexual act.Masturbation men during prolonged abstinence from sexual intercourse is useful because it makes it possible to prevent the phenomenon, associated with stagnation, while serving for the prevention of prostatitis.When you abuse it possible negative reaction to the accumulation of sperm, rather than increasing their number, that will reduce the chance of fertility.

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What is the relationship between the experts of the older man and his fertility?

Over the years, the body is subjected to male hormonal transformations, in which the processes that alter the secretion of glands producing sex organs, lower levels of spermatogenesis.Reflecting the impact of environmental conditions on the body is not the best way may affect fertility.But if a man monitors the state of the organism, leading a healthy lifestyle, the ability to maintain its fertility to the very elderly.


sperm of men who are older, contains the largest number of cells with DNA strand torn than the seed of the young men.Fertilization man age can lead to a variety of genetic abnormalities of the fetus at conception and more frequent miscarriages.It is typical for women who are much younger than her husband.But in the old partner sperm have normal spermatozoa are capable of fertilization.

When there is a need to make semen analysis?The ability of young couples to conceive a healthy and nurturing the child for 3 months may be about 75%.The possibility of a child conceived without the use of contraceptives in the first year of sexual life is equal to 90%.No signs of pregnancy is an important reason that makes us think about the semen analysis, the results of which the physician will be able to find out that the number of sperm in the semen is not enough.It is usually associated with low activity of sperm and / or violation of the status of their morphology.So the doctor determines the reduced fertility of the patient.

solution to the problem of infertility, complicated by the fact that recourse to experts associated with wounded pride.When a pair of years continue to be treated for infertility, then they turn to doctors more often the women themselves and their sexual partners can not even come to mind, that all the problems associated with the state of the sperm.This can only reduce the chances of healing.Therefore, should be screened at the same time two wife.


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How to improve semen analysis at its negative terms?

Recommendations for improvement of spermatogenesis are common for those who are planning paternity.To improve spermatogenesis is necessary to harmful environmental conditions associated with the production or the way of life, they have been eliminated.The only way to cure all diseases with the greatest impact on the fertility of the body.Required to overcome all the bad habits that was provided normal diet, worked out the correct rhythm of sexual life.Basically avoid stress by eliminating the reasons which cause men to depression.

These tips are used for prevention.They observe, even when there are no complaints about the decline in fertility and spermatogenesis.In addition to the above actions, you need to explore the preconditions that are associated with male infertility.To this end, a survey is carried out, which resulted in the specialist finds out if subjected to male testicles injuries and whether he had the disease, leading to infertility.


Maybe blood test required for hormones, passing ultrasound of the prostate gland or the testicles, etc.When the premise of infertility persists, it is necessary to wait about 2-3 months to semen analysis has been made repeatedly.From time to time for conception is quite different to get rid of habits that are harmful to the male reproductive system of the body.

To start a healthy lifestyle, you can take the vitamins that improve the properties of sperm.However, approximately 30% of patients who sought help from doctors, infertility conditions may remain uncertain.Sometimes in such cases doctors have to prescribe medications that can help to normalize spermatogenesis.The disadvantage of the method is that drugs of this type are taken at least 3-4 months.Perhaps, during this period the situation has not improved, then experts advise ART.

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Can the pregnancy the couple if the partner does not give reasons for infertility after analysis?


possible in most cases.A man sometimes makes use of the drug, but it is possible to use assisted reproductive technologies (ART).Specialist thus takes only healthy sperm cells from the patient.