Methods of treatment of phimosis

Methods of treatment of phimosis

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  • Eliminating disease
  • Medical method
  • non-drug way to
  • Traditional methods
  • surgical method

relative phimosis is characterized by the inability to open the head of the penis.Statistics show that in newborn boys head opening occurs in 3% of cases, but gradually with age, this figure increases to 90%.

forms of phimosis

It is important to recognize the disease and early treatment, so as inflammation of the foreskin can deliver a lot of inconvenience to the owner, leading to some complications.

phimosis treatment is aimed at eliminating inflammation or congenital abnormalities and presents several methods.


disease Currently besides surgical treatments, there are a number of others, which include: Phimosis newborn

  1. The use of a special device that allows you to stretch the foreskin.
  2. Self gradual stretching of the foreskin, carried out every day.
  3. Treatment of disease with the help of drugs.

doctors to these methods of distrust.This is becaus

e, in their view, self-treatment - a reason to postpone the surgery, even for a time.In addition, most patients are trying to use these methods on their own, without consulting with a specialist, it does not always have beneficial effects.

As for the ways, they have shown a good degree of treatment.All of them are aimed at the natural effects, methods of treatment such means resembles the natural mechanism of elimination of phimosis as they grow older.Therefore, these methods are effective, but only if promptly diagnosed phimosis, treatment is carried out under the supervision of a doctor, after consultation with him.

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Medical method

Stretching the foreskin Medical method involves applying tension foreskin procedure (this will be discussed later) using ointments.Ointments for recommended treatment is applied to the foreskin and glans of the penis, not only leads to an increase in the elasticity of the foreskin and softening, but also to reduce inflammatory reactions.

Using these methods of treatment together, we can achieve the best results.It achieved a better and speedy healing of injuries of the foreskin, as an ointment protects the patient from the occurrence of pain and discomfort.

Corticosteroid ointments used for the treatment, are contraindicated for some groups of patients.These include patients suffering from viral, fungal or bacterial infection in both forms - acute and chronic.

In addition, prolonged use of ointment can cause side effects, which include violation of the surface of the vascular structure, thinning of the skin of the foreskin, or change in pigmentation.This applies to the uncontrolled use of these drugs, which can lead to complications.

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non-drug way to

Phimosis and paraphimosis By such methods include the previously mentioned methods of tension.In recent years, it made a number of assumptions that can be eliminated with the help of a phimosis gradual stretching of the foreskin.For this reason, techniques have been developed, which consists of some of the rules:

  1. Before starting the treatment of phimosis, should consult a physician.Further actions are carried out under his personal control.
  2. Treat the disease by this method should be gradually stretching the foreskin and exposing the head, when it is impossible to prevent the appearance of pain.
  3. manipulation should be regular.
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Traditional methods

Traditional medicine and can be used even in the treatment of disease, but in the fight against certain forms of phimosis it is powerless.Before treatment is necessary to consult with your doctor about how to proceed.

Treatment of folk remedies At the same time, some plants have medicinal properties, used as auxiliary.These include chamomile, calendula and series that have anti-inflammatory properties.Quite often they can be found in pharmacies, according to their instructions for use indicated on the packaging, so you should familiarize with it.

Treatment with traditional medicine is carried rasparivaniem skin of the foreskin in the tub with a solution.Treatment time is about 15 minutes.The result of such procedures can be seen in some time - the foreskin can be stretched easily without causing pain.

During treatment, you can use the collection of medicinal herbs or alternate decoctions of various plants.Note that in this method there are some contraindications.In particular, the use of certain herbs can cause allergic reactions, although it is rare.For this reason, consultation with the doctor is mandatory.

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surgical method

Surgical treatment also has several varieties:

  1. bloodless method.
  2. circular excision.
  3. Plastic foreskin.
  4. laser treatment.

bloodless method is often used in the treatment of diseases in children, it is characterized by minimal intervention and preservation of the functions of the foreskin of the penis.The preputial cavity probe is introduced for special purposes, which separates the adhesions between the inner leaf of the foreskin and the glans.To achieve this result, the probe gently to promote the coronal sulcus, making a circular motion slowly.

After this opening of the foreskin is expanded using Pean clamp.Its ends are introduced into the hole, and bred jaws.Most often about two to three steps is sufficient to achieve the desired result.If the positive effects are not observed, the only way to solve the problem is considered to be the surgeon's intervention.

After completion of the procedure required to comply with provisions adopted by the physician, which are aimed at preventing the splice head of the penis and foreskin.About a month the patient must take measures: self-disclosure of the foreskin, which is done every day.It is necessary and daily washing cavity with a solution of potassium permanganate.

following method of surgery - circumcision, which is usually called the circumcision.The method presented a number of positive qualities, among which are the speed of the elimination of all symptoms and problems, the absence of a return of the disease.The operation is performed in the later stages of development of phimosis, but can be carried out at an early stage when the patient's desire, if the situation so demands.


Operation plastics aimed at eliminating the disease, while maintaining part foreskin.Foreskin incision, resulting in possible exposure of the head.The incision can be either direct or zigzag (Shloffera method) in which the edge of the foreskin after the cut stitched, but it expands the opening.

most effective method of surgery is surgery with the use of laser.This method is suitable for cutting and for operation with preservation of the foreskin.Such operations are characterized by high precision, safety, shorter recovery period and less severe pain.

Thus, phimosis treatment can be carried out in different ways, it all depends on the severity of the disease .When the first symptoms should be time to seek help from a medical institution, it is not recommended to self-medicate, medication appoint a doctor.