Effective means to prolong sexual intercourse

Effective means to prolong intercourse

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  • Common causes of premature ejaculation
  • How to make sexual intercourse pleasure for both partners?
    • Exercises and Training
  • Medicines for prolonging pleasure
  • Renewals intercourse: traditional medicine
  • few more ways

Well, how to please the representatives of the fairhalf of humanity?It seems that it is always something missing.Some moods, strange scandals and insults for nothing.Although some men are quite happy with their women and their behavior.


Very often the reason for the constant dissatisfaction of women with respect to your man is to appear regularly frustration in bed.The main reason - a very fleeting sexual intercourse or premature ejaculation, that is, a man enters the stage of orgasm long before his partner.That's the whole reason for anger.You look at a happy, albeit a tired man sleeping next to you, and then do not come into a rage?And what means to prolong sexual intercourse use to meet your


Common causes of premature ejaculation

reason short of sexual intercourse is most often premature ejaculation.And everyone knows that when the excitement disappears, and continued intercourse at some time becomes impossible.

Often, a spouse or a friend does not reach the point of orgasm due to their physiological characteristics.Small duration of sexual intercourse can be caused by the following reasons: Alcohol to prolong sexual intercourse

  1. Prolonged time intervals between sexual acts.Man too excited, that causes such a rapid "discharge".
  2. Sometimes women try to comfort or regret partner in difficult times, and it can cause sexual excitement, which will lead to rapid ejaculation.
  3. Vzavisimosti on the temperament of the partner in bed during sexual intercourse can be reduced.
  4. prostatitis, diseases of the genitourinary system, spine, excessive sensitivity of the penis and its head.There are drugs that can affect the intensity of the blood flow and, accordingly, the duration of intercourse.
  5. Excessive concern for the upcoming sex.
  6. repressed fears and acquired in childhood complexes associated with sexual development of the child, can cause insecurity in the age of sexual maturity.
  7. Negative emotions and frequent stress.

Research sexologists from Europe and the United States show that the average time of sexual intercourse varies between 3-12 minutes.More than 3/4 of all respondents say that the most acceptable to all partners (male / female) time is 8-10 minutes.Today, doctors believe that a short intercourse - a condition in which the frustration of sexual and emotional remains in one or both partners, and some specific time periods just does not happen.

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How to make sexual intercourse pleasure for both partners?

Are there drugs and methods that help extend the fun?So the question often puzzled those who happen to "misfire" in the sexual activity.A good way to much.There are various medicines and folk remedies, but they all have the same goal - to delay ejaculation to satisfy the partner.

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Exercises and Training

Intimacy These methods provide an opportunity to representatives of the stronger sex to feel much more confident.And the man knows that if necessary, you can control yourself and get to the final point, along with the chosen one.

Exercise will help to be in great shape, but it also adds a share of confidence.In addition, physical activity significantly reduces the tension of a sexual nature.even simple physical exercises should be performed daily:

  • squats;
  • slopes;
  • jogging.

Apart from all the exercises is imbilding.This method of increasing the time of sexual intercourse is to strengthen the pelvic muscles, and can control their condition during sex.Physical exercises are simple and can be done at home.Problems of a sexual nature

  1. necessary to sit near the mirror, but it should undress before.Fast breathing, it is necessary to involve the anus and abdomen.It is necessary that at the same time lift the testicles.Exhaling, relax the muscles.At one time you need to make 4-5 such exercises.After - a break for 10-12 seconds.Total do 4 sets.
  2. first exercise after some practice is complicated.It is necessary to learn how to do it in a standing position.Exercise amount is the same as in the first embodiment.Subsequently, it is necessary to alternate the exercises.
  3. Strengthening the muscles of the anus.It is necessary, squeezing, pull in the sphincter.To better understand this exercise, experts advise to touch the sphincter fingers.Such action will help to feel which muscles are involved.It dramatically compress and relax the muscles gradually.
  4. , alternating contraction and relaxation of muscles, extending from the anus to the pubis.Exercise simulates interrupt peeing.Before you perform this exercise, it is necessary to empty the bladder.

Once you learn how to perform all the exercises can be done anywhere: at work, in public transport, at home, etc.Outwardly, nothing is visible.

Proper breathing during exercise and sexual intercourse will help get rid of excessive excitation.Full breath holding and drawing with the belly will help prevent accidental ejaculation.Breathing should be deep and smooth.

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Medicines for extension

pleasure most affordable and easy way prolongation of sexual intercourse is to use a condom.If the head of the penis too sensitive, it is necessary to use the product of large thickness with a smooth surface.

There are also special tablets to prolong intercourse, but accept them with heart disease must be only after consultation with a doctor.


In addition, you can use special gels or sprays (prolongatory) external actions.They reduce the sensitivity of the head and increase the excitement, so significantly increases the duration of an erection and intercourse.

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Renewals intercourse: traditional medicine

sensitivity of the head can be reduced by using a natural antiseptic - menthol.Peppermint is replete with the substance.Many homes have a refrigerator in a beam of grass.It should squeeze some juice from 4-5 leaves.This will significantly increase male "endurance".

If you add in the tea leaves of currants and raspberries, it will help not only from the cold.The leaves of these plants feliamin present which decreases the activity of nerve cells, which in turn helps to reduce the sensitivity of the glans, prolonging pleasure.


similar properties have flowers blue cornflower.It is necessary to pour a glass of boiling water 1 teaspoon of flower petals and infuse for 10-15 minutes.Drunk broth immediately prior to sexual intercourse.

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few more ways

To prolong the pleasure, you can squeeze a little penis just below the head.This is done only when a man is too passionate about it and forget about self-control, that is, when to "finale" is left to make a couple of moves.

In addition, you can pull back a little scrotum toward the anus.The procedure can be done by yourself or to give all of its partner.Changing posture, there is a temporary reduction in the excitation, which also has a positive effect on the duration of the act.

the same purpose using the technique that came from far Taoist. Its essence lies in the fact that, feeling close to orgasm, a man changes frictions speed and begins to make two shallow movement, then one deep, penetrating slowly into the vagina completely.


As can be seen from the above-described methods, means and methods are not very complex and exotic.They can perform every man living in a modern society.To perform do not require a good physical preparation and a lot of free time.Get control of your body is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

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