Causes redness foreskin and treatment

Causes redness Krajina flesh and treatment

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  • Causes
  • What can be complications?
  • disease diagnosis
  • How to deal with the disease?
  • Preventive measures

Redness of the foreskin in men may be due to various reasons.Most often it is a fungus or inflammatory process, but can trigger the disease, and other infections, trauma, even a papilloma, which was severely traumatized cramped and uncomfortable underwear.If not quickly solve the problem, then seal, ulcers and even swelling may occur.

hygiene for the prevention of skin diseases


disease Redness of the foreskin is usually a balanoposthitis, t. E. The inflammatory process at the head of the penis.Reasons for starting to develop this phenomenon are numerous, but most often it is:

  1. Failure to comply with the rules of hygiene, resulting in infected tissue.
  2. phimosis, ie. E. The narrowing of the foreskin, which is a consequence of other diseases.
  3. presence of external stimuli, such as urine, lubrication on condoms, sanitary detergents, synthet
    ic underwear close, allergens.
  4. presence of other diseases, injuries that can cause fractures.

Before starting treatment, you must be examined.But the disease can not be run because it will quickly complications.

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What can be complications?

can not be assumed that the mere redness of the foreskin in men is quite harmless condition, especially if there are sealing cracks of unknown origin, pain or itching.

If no action is taken, it appears gradually dry skin, a sharp decrease in sensitivity, begin to develop small sores.

Diagnostics All this is accompanied by a narrowing of the foreskin, the wounds do not give a normal life, as even underwear sock causes severe pain.When urinating, having sex, walking there is pain, discharge, irritation.

If the inflammation is not treated, develop urethritis, cystitis and then.Then there may be complications such as an increase in the size of the inguinal nodes, and then comes their inflammation.If you continue not treated, it develops lymphadenitis, which gradually spread to the penis.On the penis appear bright red stripes along the vessels.Balanoposthitis in this step proceeds in gangrene.Often it develops and another, no less dangerous disease like cancer.

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disease diagnosis

If redness that does not go, causing a lot of discomfort, pain, you should see a specialist for diagnosis.It takes the following survey: The inflammation in the groin

  1. External examination - Pap is taken directly from the head of the penis.
  2. specialist inspects prepuce.
  3. sure necessary to carry out urethral discharge research, without this it is impossible to make a correct diagnosis.Even if there is a gap, you need to perform a full range of survey.
  4. Running bacteriological crop of urethral discharge, conducted a microscopic examination of smears.
  5. specialist conducts a differential diagnosis.

If the injury occurs on the foreskin there is a gap, it is necessary to determine what was the cause.During the preliminary examination, the doctor may have put an approximate diagnosis, but this does not mean that it is possible to abandon the follow-up survey.For the selection of the proper treatment is required to hold the entire set of tests, as is often the fungus can occur due to non-compliance with the usual care.

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How to deal with the disease?

survey To treat redness of the foreskin, it is necessary to ascertain the diagnosis, after which the doctor will prescribe a set of necessary measures.If the inflammation is minor, it can be treated with antiseptics.Usually apply a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide or furatsilina.Treat the penis must be carefully as failure to comply with the simplest rules can only aggravate the disease.If

cause redness become the fungus, the specialized products can be used immediately.It all depends on what stage of development is a fungus on the foreskin.Usually assigned antibacterial, anti-inflammatory agents in the form of ointments and creams.The treatment is not without personal hygiene, for this purpose, compositions based on oak bark or medicinal camomile.If there is swelling of the foreskin, ulcers and cracks, you should have to pass a more extensive examination.It is necessary to establish whether there is a white dot on the foreskin, severe compression, soreness.

If the disease is running, your doctor may prescribe an additional course of vitamins, antibiotics, detoxification drugs.If necessary, the disease is treated with special immunomodulating agents.If there is a boil on the foreskin, then antibiotics are appointed, but their selection is dependent on the extent of damage and the reasons for its formation.Break and phimosis requires surgery.The dissection is carried out only in the event of an acute phase of the disease.Once cured the foreskin, circumcision is usually recommended to to prevent any recurrence.For the treatment of boils apply ointments, extracts of medicinal herbs.If they are inflamed.the disease is started, there is severe inflammation, pain, then boil reveal only in hospitals, homes can not do it in any case.


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Preventive measures

Redness of the foreskin may be caused by various reasons, most often it is the inflammation.However, this phenomenon can occur when different origin pimples, points, cracks and so forth.Most often, redness and even micro-cracks are the result of poor personal hygiene.This can be prevented, as well as any inflammatory process.To foreskin is not inflamed, the skin does not appear fungus, plaque, etc., necessary to carry out regular hygiene procedures.If the cause is seal caused by contraction or phimosis, should immediately seek medical attention.If the tumor has been detected, it is also required to immediately consult a doctor.It is possible that the cause is a minor injury, but check it will not be superfluous.

To avoid such disease states as cracks, etc., are required to wear only underwear made from natural fabrics, comfortable and not tight. If there are problems such as boils, fungus, inflammation, you have to strictly follow all recommendations for treatment, do not take strangers ointments and other medicines.


Redness of the foreskin appears usually due to various inflammatory processes.This is due to poor hygiene, and can cause injury, infectious diseases, including such common as fungus.In any case, at the first sign you need to see a specialist.His recommendation is required to comply exactly, otherwise the disease goes into a more serious stage.