How is oligozoospermia

How is oligozoospermia

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  • First Cause and the main symptoms of the disease
  • Diagnosis and main characteristics of the ejaculate
  • treatment of diseases of various shapes

in many cases, the cause of fertility in men is oligozoospermia.In this disease there is a decrease in the number of sperm in the ejaculate seminal.Diagnosis of the disease is carried out by repeated analyzes and studies of seminal fluid from the patient.


First Cause and the main symptoms of the disease

oligozoospermia The reasons may be different, but often it is:

  1. All kinds of stress (mental, physical).
  2. age factor.
  3. Hormonal disorders.
  4. Overheating groin area (wearing warm and slim underwear, sauna).
  5. Effects of varicocele.
  6. Genetic factors, heredity.
  7. bad environment, exposure to radiation and chemicals in the body.
  8. Alcoholism and smoking.
  9. long medication.
  10. Poor diet, lack of vitamins and trace elements.
  11. STIs and other infectious diseases.
  12. Urological diseases and injuries of the ge
    nitourinary system.

pinpoint the cause of oligozoospermia the doctor can only after a full examination and passing all tests.

complexity of diagnosing a disease is oligozoospermia that does not cause discomfort in the patient and does not cause discomfort during intercourse flow.As a rule, patients treated in medical institutions due to the fact that a married couple can not conceive a child with regular sexual life.

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Diagnosis and main characteristics of the ejaculate

Fence on sperm analyzes oligozoospermia Diagnosis of the disease is to carry sperm.This type of analysis involves microscopic examination of semen to produce precise characteristics of seminal fluid, namely:

  1. number of live sperm and their motility.
  2. presence of immature cells.
  3. presence of leukocytes, their main types.
  4. volume, color, viscosity, flavor and pH sperm.
  5. Content and trace elements.

norm for men is the rate at which a 1 mm sperm accounts for 25 million sperm.By reducing this number we can say that there oligozospermiya varying degrees.There are four different extent of the disease.At 1 degree of the disease per 1 ml of semen accounts for up to 15 million sperm at 2 degrees - 10 million, in the third - to 5 million, and at 4 degrees - less than 5 million sperm.Moreover, if the first degree is normal, then the second, third and fourth degree necessary clinical treatment oligozoospermia.

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treatment of diseases of various shapes

Treatment of this disease is assigned after a full examination of the patient, carrying out genetic and hormonal assays, as well analysis of the individual patient. treat disease in several ways: surgery and medical methods.Medication administered in various preparations if oligozoospermia caused by viral and bacterial infections.

Among the main products can be identified cypionate, clomiphene, propionate, proksid, homeopathic remedies, supplements, and vitamins.Specific treatment and drugs are prescribed only by a doctor, self-medication can lead to negative consequences.


Surgical intervention is indicated for varicocele, diseases of the epididymis, vas deferens, inflammation.The operation is a complex microsurgical operations with the use of special equipment and tools.

In summing up we can say that oligozoospermia is widespread, it is not necessary to delay treatment indefinitely.In the event of such a disease be sure to contact someone for help.

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