How can I increase the sexual act ?

How can I increase the sexual act?

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  • main methods of increasing the duration of sexual intercourse
  • Health Communication and duration of sexual intercourse

Enlarge intercourse every man wants.It depends on this relationship in a pair, and the self-esteem of boys.Each man wants to feel superior lover, able to bring his woman very much.


main methods of increasing the duration of sexual intercourse

That's how a woman's body that excitement they have is much slower than that of men.Plus, the situation is exacerbated by the onset of orgasm in the beautiful half of humanity.While a man close to the finale, she is far from it.

man should not focus on the sensations, and his partner.

He had to work hard for her excitement, then a positive result will be guaranteed to both partners.Also acceptable is an option when a guy makes a slow movement in the process of sexual intercourse, trying at this time to initiate a woman.Thus, man is focused on meeting the partner tha

t does not allow him to complete the sexual act quickly.

Consultation with a doctor You can use the extension method, that is, the cessation of sexual intercourse with a subsequent transition to oral sex.This will cool a little man, and a woman to experience pleasure.This method can be stretched sexual intercourse for a long time, and both partners will enjoy.

Men useful method of proper breathing.If he feels that peak, you need to take a deep breath and hold it for a while.When using this method a decrease in heart rate, and orgasm recedes, allowing the man to continue to continue intercourse.

There is a method such as clamping the head of the penis or the entire penis.When sexual contact should pull penis from the vagina, take a breath and hold down member for a short time.This can not only prevent early ejaculation, but also to teach the body to increase the time for sex, so to increase the sexual act in such a way as possible, but it's worth noting that such actions are fraught with complications, as this will not remain without consequences.Therefore, this method should be used infrequently.

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Health Communication and duration of sexual intercourse

How to increase sexual contact, and how health is connected with it?Everything is very simple.Some techniques to improve their sexual performance will not be enough.A major role in this case played by men's health.Frequent stress, poor diet, and high physical activity have a negative impact on both the health and the possibility of sexy men.Therefore, the male half should follow some rules:

  1. Meals should be balanced, should give up junk food and alcohol.The diet should include honey and nuts, which are natural aphrodisiacs.
  2. regulations Observance of the day, too, plays a significant role in the sexual life of men.
  3. Positive emotions help to increase the sexual intimacy.Negative thoughts, frequent stress and depression literally saps the male body, which suffers from the sexual sphere.
  4. Proper rest - the key to success in bed. If the body is constantly tense, experiencing heavy loads and not getting enough rest, then increase the sexual act does not turn .


Thus, the success of the men bail in sex - the right approach.This applies not only to the preliminary caresses and creating the necessary environment for sexual intercourse, but also care for themselves, their health, which plays a significant role in the love relationship between a man and a woman.

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