How to effectively treat balanoposthitis at home?

How to effectively treat balanoposthitis at home?

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Such disease as balanoposthitis, occurs in most men unexpectedly.


This disease often brings a lot of unpleasant moments: severe itching, redness, swelling.

All this, of course, can not pass without a trace, so the majority of men with the appearance of these symptoms begin to sound the alarm.It should be noted that if balanoposthitis is mild, there are no dire consequences is not responsible.That is quite possible to treat balanoposthitis in the home, only it should be done properly - otherwise the consequences will be negative.Balanoposthitis whose treatment is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, is not a serious illness.


Balanoposthitis proper hygiene - an inflammation of the foreskin of the penis head.For most men this disease is caused by elementary bacteria that enter the human body with

weakened immune systems.The road so bacteria facilitates improper hygiene.The penis needs regular and proper courtship, and then you can not fear that it will accumulate smegma.You need to know exactly what smegma is the most favorable environment for the development of harmful microorganisms, so treatment balanoposthitis involves thorough hygiene.

Personal hygiene Caring for foreskin in the home is not so hard. should wash the penis with warm, soapy water several times a day.Thus, in a short time itching and burning in men weaken and eventually disappear altogether.It is very important at the first signs balanoposthitis prevent further inflammation.If home treatment does not bring proper results, it is necessary to pay attention to underwear.It should be excluded from your wardrobe underwear, which is made of materials that cause irritation (it is a wool and synthetics).

Balanoposthitis in men is accompanied by the fact that the skin is extremely sensitive.This can lead to the fact that any even slight touch can cause severe pain and rash.

Before cure this disease, it is necessary to determine the reasons for its occurrence.Often this disease is because a man had sex with a woman who has a disease of the vagina.This does not mean that you should make a complaint to his partner, but from an intimate relationship with her for some time, should be abandoned.

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What used topical medication?

Medications If there is a question about how to treat this disease, you can resort to medicines which have an antiseptic effect.In this regard, you can use the ointment, but before that, be sure to consult with your doctor, as there may be contraindications.balanoposthitis treatment at home, of course, is not only possible, but can be carried out with great success.But it is important not to show excessive zeal in this case.There are men who prefer to use instead of the ointment alcohol solution, they poured them the head of the penis.Often used brilliant green or potassium permanganate.All this not only does not help to get rid of unpleasant disease, but also lead to extremely negative consequences.Such treatment is unacceptable because these drugs are aggressive compounds, they contribute to the fact that the skin becomes too dry, it is observed a decrease in sensitivity.even small burns may occur in some cases.

But the use of such ointments as levomekol brings very good results.Anti-inflammatory properties of this drug are known for a long time, the fragile membranes remain intact.All this is the reason that the disease and the development will not be prevented relapse.This ointment should be imposed on the head of the penis each time after washing (but not less than 2 times a day).This procedure is in most cases does not make more than 4 days.


If you follow all these recommendations, all symptoms of this very unpleasant disease disappear after a few days.Balanoposthitis, which treatment is carried out at home, it does not require any expensive drugs.Antibiotics are used also does not need to - give a much better effect agent having an antiseptic effect.

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What used folk remedies?

can be used for the treatment and folk remedies:

  1. should be finely chop the usual camomile (three spoons, but no slides) and pour hot water - should get a homogeneous mass.When the mass has cooled, it is necessary to put it on a cotton swab and apply a compress on the inflamed part of the flesh.
  2. couple of calendula flowers grind and mix with vegetable oil.It is better if you use olive oil.Such a mixture is placed on the window sill for 20 days.While this mixture is, it should be shaken every day.Then filtered and used as an ointment.The head of the penis thoroughly lubricated such means.It is noteworthy that this home treatment has no side effects.Even if there are sores and ulcers, the effect is still positive.
  3. Excellent helps decoction of sage.We need to take 0.5 liters of water, then boil two cups of sage leaves, which must be very finely chop.The broth should have a good brew, all thoroughly filtered after 30 minutes.This broth is necessary to wash the genitals, very good of them to do lotions.


When using traditional methods to draw attention to the fact that the main ingredient are herbs that have excellent antiseptic effect.After the recovery comes, you need at least a month to abstain from intimate relations while Candida balanoposthitis not return.