Why do men big Adam's apple ?

Why men big Adam's apple?

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  • Blame hormones?
  • Why hurts Adam's apple
  • Adam's apple and sexy men

legendary concept of "Adam's apple" - the male Adam's apple - from ancient times reminds us of the difference in gender among men and women.Following the biblical parable, the first man on Earth, Adam ate the fruit of Eden, which was forbidden.It is for this heavenly delight Adam was punished: he choked on an apple, and it stuck in his throat forever in the form of the Adam's apple.

The anatomical structure of the larynx

This was according to the legend.The anatomy is much more concise and practical.

Adam's apple (the scientific name of "Prominentia Laryngea") - the formation of cartilage surrounding the larynx thyroid gland plates.

cartilage males anatomically converge at an acute angle.Therefore, the Adam's apple in men ledge so more pronounced than in women and young children.At the fairer sex and the little children come together hryaschiki thyroid smoother, at an obtuse angle.

Blame hormones?

Adam Adam's apple as the secondary sexual characteristics, has the characteristic protuberance especially in men.In rare cases, it can be released and the female neck.But this is only the case if the body of male hormones women more than women.In fact, Adam's apple will be present in people of both sexes.At home it can be detected if the issue a guttural sound and at the same time find a place on the neck, where the vibration is felt the most.There will be Adam's apple in the throat.

Adam's apple in the human body functions - to protect the vocal cords in the larynx.In addition, it covers an airway during swallowing of food and water.This products fall into the esophagus and stomach, and the people at the meal does not suffocate.Adam's apple takes a direct part in stretching the vocal chords at different heights to vote.By the way, breaking the vote among young men in the age of transition period is directly related to the extended vocal cords and larynx with a seal in the Adam's apple.

Compaction of the uterus during adolescence cartilage tissue Adam's apple from birth are very soft.At puberty, a boy they begin to thicken.The young guy in the body during puberty hormone testosterone is produced.Under its influence the whole young, emerging body enters a new stage of life, where all the glands work actively and secretion of tissues and organs.

seals "Adam's apple" in the larynx becomes akin to the bone, sometimes reaching large sizes.Sticks out cartilage in the neck, not all aesthetically pleasing.A lot of guys complex because of its large Adam's apple, which made him unwilling to surgically reduced.Such operations are called hondroloringoplastika.Although Adam's apple is very difficult to modifiable.Some representatives of the male complained that a large Adam's apple that causes them discomfort of sore throat.

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Why hurts Adam's apple

Can hurt Adam's apple?Alas, yes.And the reasons are varied, and they should be sound.

  1. Fatigue - one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism Hypothyroidism - insufficient production of hormones by the thyroid gland.As a rule, in this disease thyroid function normalized, although not excluded hypothyroidism permanence in the body.When it is characterized by fatigue, constipation, intolerance to cold.
  2. giperterioza - overestimated the rate of production of the same thyroid hormones.Characteristic symptoms: sweating, nervousness, tachycardia, diarrhea, tremor.
  3. thyroiditis that can occur in normal and acute form.This is inflammation of the thyroid gland caused by infections in the upper respiratory tract.Under his body disturb unpleasant pain in the area of ​​the Adam's apple, the increase in thyroid size, the appearance of purulent growths in the larynx, sepsis.Hospitalization is required.
  4. fracture of the cartilage of the larynx, extending the typical symptom of pain in the Adam's apple.They are characterized by difficulties in the process of breathing and swallowing, pain with expectoration.
  5. cancer and tuberculosis of the larynx.In this case, Adam's apple can hurt when you breathe and swallow.Pain becomes more noticeable with an increase in the tumor, the patient can spit blood, experience severe difficulties when eating.In tuberculosis tickle the throat, hoarseness in the voice appears.
  6. Chronic fibrous thyroiditis is Riedel.The causes of this disease are not installed larynx.It is characterized by the growth of connective tissue around the Adam's apple.The thyroid gland can grow to a large size, pressing on the esophagus and trachea.
  7. Laryngitis - inflammation of the larynx process.Calling it may be viral infections and colds upper respiratory tract disease.Symptoms of laryngitis following: unpleasant sharp pain in the Adam's apple area, very specific, dry, barking cough.The mucous membrane of the larynx swells so that sverhoschutimo and painful squeezes his Adam's apple and throat in general.If laryngitis run, he turns into a chronic form.

If it hurts Adam's apple, then put off the campaign to the doctor is not necessary in any case, t. To. The cause of the pain can be severe and the consequences.When such symptoms need to start consult with the ENT physician and endocrinologist.


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Adam's apple and sexy men

with larger Adam's apple is often compared to the male libido.Some women will measure the level of male sexuality on the size of their Adam's apple: if a man has a great "Adam's apple", then it was good in bed.It is necessary to refute a popular hypothesis.

Dimensions Adam's apple does not depend on the hormone testosterone in the blood of the stronger sex.Why do some men big Adam's apple, and others barely speaks - it depends on the physiology and anatomy of the body structure, delivered to each owner "Adam's apple" genetically. and evaluate choices, how passionate he is in an intimate relationship, you are not the size of the Adam's apple, nose and hands, and the level of testosterone. And it depends on the way of life of a man, his age, state of mind and physical health.

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