Is it possible to break down the penis during sexual intercourse or an accident ?

it possible to break down the penis during sexual intercourse or an accident?

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  • Reasons fracture symptoms
  • fracture treatment
  • Common injuries penis
  • artery rupture and scarring of the urethra tissue

Genitals men much more often than is generally thought, are subject to injury.At the same time one of the most important questions: Is it possible to break down the penis?Yes, this trauma is not only possible, but requires urgent surgical treatment, which can not be delayed.


Reasons fracture,


Is it possible to break down the penis?There are numerous situations that are the causes of this unusual, but it is not a rare situation.

Among the main reasons should be noted:

Fracture of the penis

  1. During intercourse the penis during erection hits the hip bones of women in the hip area.Approximately 58% of these cases it fractures occur in the bed.This is possible by using posture "rider", if the partner does wrong or too sudden movements.Member not flagged in the vagina, a
    nd strikes the perineum, whereby the fracture can easily occur.
  2. Break penis can be in other situations, such as during masturbation, with a car accident and other accidents.There may be such an injury, even during sleep.Not so rare it is when the man himself is breaking member, squeezing it too hard, trying to strength, masturbating.The most dangerous is the fracture during accidents as possible rupture of tissues, damage to other organs.

Fracture penis is hard to miss or be confused with another phenomenon.During this trauma is clearly heard heavy crunching, cracking occurs tunica body.At once there is much pain and erection instantly passes.At the site of the fracture hematoma appears blue or black in color, which is growing rapidly.The penis begins to swell, its color is dark purple.As a result, the penis resembles a large eggplant, which adds convenience.

If there is damage to the urethra, there is a difficulty in emptying the bladder.

All this requires immediate treatment to the urologist, surgery.

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Treatment fracture

penis fracture treatment Breaking member is not so difficult, and to delay the visit to the doctor, because "uncomfortable or ashamed," can not in any case.If such an injury occurs, then you need to immediately apply a pressure bandage, and then on top of an ice pack.Next, you want to immediately turn to the urologist, who will examine the damaged body, if necessary, direct the patient to the surgeon.

Some mistakenly believe that you can do nothing at the turn of the penis, "it will pass by itself."Do not pass, the condition will only get worse, and painful, and the swelling will increase.

Treatment of only one thing - it's urgent surgery, during which general anesthesia doctor stitches tunica damaged skin, the urethra.After surgery, some time is required wearing a tight bandage to bring the body back to normal.

Can we not do the operation?Men ignore fracture problem, but it is fraught with trouble.The first - is the formation of rough scar in the rupture zone.It leads to the fact that the shaft of the penis is bent, organ blood supply becomes insufficient and wrong.

Erection problems As a consequence, come strong erection problems, sexual intercourse difficult, in most cases it is simply not possible.It can often appear severe pain, swelling.Treatment is possible at this stage, although it will be more difficult.The surgeon removes the scar and then straightens the penis.

tighten a visit to the doctor can not, because they can be damaged nerves, which leads to impotence.Among other complications should be noted damage to the corpus cavernosum.In such cases, you can only perform a prosthesis, which is a complex and expensive process.So it is much cheaper to see a specialist as soon as there was a fracture of the penis, there is nothing to be ashamed of here.

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Common injuries penis

Many people mistakenly believe that the penis can not be broken, because it has no bones.Fractures of the penis is not something that is very rare, it is possible not only broken, but sprains, prejudice, lacerations and other injuries that are usually treated not as easy as it seems.

Among the common injuries that can get, it should be noted:

Injuries male genital organs

  1. The most common injury is a denial of the foreskin by the zipper pants.This small injury, but pain is strong, undo the snake - it's a real problem.How to act?It's not so scary, you just cut the zipper, then the lock will open on their own.Trauma itself usually takes place quickly and without consequences, but the injury may blush.The result is a scratch, a small hematoma.
  2. other injuries - high friction.The penis is damaged by too intense sexual life, most often this problem occurs in young youngsters who are just starting sexual life.Of the characteristic features observed cracking of the skin, scars can even stay at strong damage, which leads to a decrease in sensitivity.The most common damage is subject to the fold of the foreskin.
  3. If bridle from birth too short, during sexual intercourse can it tear or complete rupture.This is accompanied by severe pain, bleeding.
  4. In some cases, there is and this trauma of the penis, as an infringement.An adult male is the damage caused by various causes: war penis threads, laces, rings, and even wire, which is done to prolong erections.Usually it occurs during masturbation for the purpose of delay urination, support the weak erection.When uncontrolled "games" such infringement can lead to adverse consequences, until the development of gangrene.
  5. vein thrombosis of the penis can get a very original way.There is such a trauma for a very banal reason: a man during masturbation introduces the penis in a vacuum tube.What can happen as a result?Nothing good, formed a large hematoma and pain, in the worst case appears vein thrombosis.
  6. can break down the penis, although many believe that this is impossible.However, this type of fracture exists, get it not so difficult.The reason is the dramatic entry into the vagina when the penis just does not get it, and hits the thigh area or nearby.At this time clearly heard a sharp click, felt a strong pain. penis quickly begins to blacken or turn blue, that is due to the abundant hemorrhage.
  7. Dislocation of the penis - the phenomenon not from among rare.Cavernous body shifted under the surface of the skin of the scrotum or perineum.The penis becomes soft to the touch, like an empty bag.Usually performed reduction on damaged ligaments are closed with stitches.
  8. caverns, t. Ie. Inflammation of the corpus cavernosum occurs because of the different strengths of the penis injuries.It should be the appropriate treatment, which may appoint a doctor.
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artery rupture and scarring of the urethra tissue

What happens when you break the artery?Blood in great numbers fills the cavernous body, but there is no outflow.The disease is difficult and painful, it is called priapism.Most often, it becomes a cause of the injury, it affects men who have diabetes.


scarring of the urethra tissue is due to numerous infectious and other diseases after artery rupture.These scars are the causes disturbances in blood supply process.Tension becomes uneven penis, Peyronie's disease develops, t. E. The curvature of the penis during intercourse.In a relaxed state, such curvature is almost invisible, but in the intense visible well.A full sexual intercourse at such a state is not possible.

various injuries of the penis can be obtained for a number of reasons, may be broken, prejudice, breaks.All lesions require treatment, as advanced disease usually leads to unpredictable, but always negative consequences.This is especially true of fractures, which remain strong after the hematoma can occur poor circulation, are torn ligament.

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