How can I improve spermogrammu folk remedies

How can I improve spermogrammu folk remedies

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  • Improving spermogrammu
    • How to improve sperm quality: Common ways to improve
    • How to deliver the semen analysis for theimprove sperm
    • When there is a need to analyze the semen?
    • How to improve sperm folk remedies?

There are many ways that affect the reproductive function of the ejaculate, which means that the chances of a baby grow.


necessary to help their own partner, knowing how to improve the semen analysis.For example, by giving him the opportunity to feed containing vitamins and protein food.The necessary trace element zinc for the growth of the number of sperm is available in the following products: seeds, honey, dried apricots, nuts, green tea.

Improving spermogrammu

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How to improve sperm quality: Common ways to improve

Helps and videos that promotes relaxation.Partners can follow the actors make love.This kind of relaxation is very useful.The presence of mobile phones on h

is belt pants young guys on statistics very often ends with reproductive disorders.

Consultation urologist Appeal to doctors in rare cases due to the fear of men to show their vulnerability.This mental attitude of men is a major obstacle standing in the way of solving the problems of infertility that is traditionally associated causes of ill health.The presence of the young people's knowledge of reproductive function of the organism on how to improve the quality of sperm, it is necessary first of all to those who wish to become a father.

qualitative state semen doctors analyzed in its expanded form.These are necessary in the case of diseases of male infertility, prostatitis and so on. Universal Health Organization recognizes masturbation as a way of taking sperm without using a condom.

Sperm exposed to condom lubricants that can have a disastrous effect on the sperm.

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How to hand over the analysis of semen for sperm

improve patient must comply with doctor's prescription prior to semen analysis related to sexual abstinence for 3-5 days.Doctors determine the reasons for the decline of ejaculate quality.The quality of sperm in it deteriorates at a shorter period of abstinence, and at large - leading to reduced activity in general and increase the number of patients in the number of sperm ejaculate obtained.

abstinence necessary to withstand the 2 weeks prior to the date of semen without taking alcoholic drinks.To minimize the total number of cigarettes smoked.Do not drink beverages containing caffeine, which will improve the quality of sperm.The lack of even greater volume of semen taken 1/4 negotiated with the specialist clinics in a particular order.

assumed that sperm acquired the first time, comprising a greatest number of sperm.The main properties of the patient's ejaculate which deposits semen analysis, are studied under the microscope.Laboratory drew attention to the number of sperm with the help of special devices.It determines the concentration of sperm cells per 1 ml, ie 1 million.Full volume for sperm analysis generally comprises from 20 to 40 million sperm.

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When there is a need to analyze the semen?

The probability of a healthy young couples to conceive a child during the period of 3 months is 75%, and no conception of contraceptives in the first year of marriage is 90%.No signs of pregnancy is a cause that requires thinking about sperm study.

sperm examination As a result of the analysis of the expert finds that the number of sperm in the semen is not enough.It is traditionally associated with insufficient activity of sperm, or a change in the status of their morphology.If the pair continues to be treated for infertility for many years, the doctors advice more often treated women, not men, in which semen may lie the main cause of infertility.It only reduces the chances of healing.Because obliged to undergo examination once the two partners.

During the analysis the doctor figures out how sperm can be grouped together and stick together.It is connected with the study agglyugatsii process, the presence of sperm in the body composition of the sperm produced in the male body.These cells may prevent the normal course of insemination process can occur because their adhesion to a head.

Tested popular means of improving the properties of sperm - royal jelly, and his view - Trutnev.The use of this type - it is one of the most effective means to improve the semen analysis.This folk remedy contains substances that allow to intensify the process of sperm production.This tool is stored in a cool and dry place.Use it must be half a teaspoon on an empty stomach in the morning after sleep.

Swallow means immediately is impossible, it is usually suck, putting under the tongue.To improve sperm is necessary to replenish the daily diet foods rich in zinc, which contained the seeds of the pumpkin in beans, beef, oysters, wheat bran, whole grain bread.

Biologically active additives A single tablespoon, which covers the daily need in the bran.You can take a variety of active supplements containing zinc and vitamin E, which is reduced for reproduction function in both sexes.

Folk remedies for improving sperm can be compositions, prepared on the basis of celery, cilantro, parsley, honey and dried fruits.They are able to increase the production of sperm by the normalization condition of the vessels.Before the consumption of these products should consult a doctor who will help to find out background ejaculate deterioration, will recommend how to increase the number of active male cells. specialist will offer recommendations on how to increase the number of active cells in semen and how to prepare recipes using these products.

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How to improve sperm folk remedies?

To improve sperm folk remedies, should adhere to the basic rules relating to the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and refusal of bad habits: A decoction of rose hips

  1. Exclude consumption of beer and spirits, which can increase the level of estrogen in the male body.Anxious about the quality of the sperm were men contraindicated alcoholic beverages and cigarettes.
  2. Be sure to observe the correct diet.Do not eat fast food, in the daily diet should include protein-rich foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, etc..
  3. To improve sperm folk remedies should be kept under the control of its own weight, which in most cases is able toinfluence the composition of the sperm.
  4. improve spermogrammu folk remedies helps to eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in ascorbic acid and folic acid.
  5. should reduce the number of products used in the food, which is inherent in the increased estrogenic activity, such as beans, cabbage and cauliflower, wheat bran.
  6. When suboptimal nutrition need to take vitamin complexes A, B and E, probably, and foods that contain vitamins.
  7. can use folk remedies to improve the semen, for example, the root elecampane.The recipe for improving sperm as follows: 1 tablespoon of the roots of the plant nard in powdered form, which is filled with 200 ml, then the composition was boiled for 15 minutes.Cooked folk remedy should be taken every 2 hours and 1 tablespoon broth chilled.
  8. To improve sperm can prepare a decoction of rose hips, taking the dried berries and the bay with water.In this handful of one take two cups of water, then boiled for 5 minutes and several hours insist drink 3 times daily with 100 ml.


Folk remedies for improving the quality of semen should be used in consultation with a physician.The patient should be sure to tell your doctor about whether he had any testicular trauma and sexual organs in general.Often, you just need to get rid of bad habits before they improve fertility.

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