What is the cause of sexual dysfunction ?

What is the cause of sexual dysfunction?

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  • Why this problem occurs?
  • What is sexual dysfunction?
  • patient diagnosis
  • Solving erection problems

emergence of sexual dysfunction always happens unexpectedly.For a man, this event is a disaster, self-fall.As a result, not only man faces the problem of lack of erection, but also with a number of psychological problems such as depression.

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Why this problem occurs?

Causes of problems with potency presented a large list.

To this can lead to health problems, lack of normal sexual life or frequent stress.

Therefore, to understand the causes of the appearance of impotence, highlight the group, leading to problems in the intimate sphere:

  1. Effects of stress psychogenic dysfunction.It occurs more often than others, because life is full of frustrations and stress that negatively affect the sexual sphere.Apart from phobias, fatigue and depression, there are a variety of stressful factors.An example would be the first sexual intercourse,
    which ended in failure.In addition, these phobias arise if in the process of sexual intercourse there was an external irritant - it can be a sharp loud sound.As a result, in the cortex, changes occur which have an inhibitory effect on erection.
  2. arteriogenic and venogennaya dysfunction.This type is characterized by vascular disease due to atherosclerosis, vascular congenital anomalies member or causing it injury.In addition to these reasons, problems with erectile dysfunction can cause diabetes, smoking, and hypertension.Due to the lack of blood supply is depleted cavernous tissue, causing suffering and potency.Venogennaya dysfunction is formed due to disorders of the veno-occlusive mechanism.
  3. Violation of the cavernous tissue.This leads to a change in the corpus cavernosum, their nerve endings and blood vessels, thereby creating an obstacle to normal operation of the mechanism responsible for erections.
  4. Neurogenic impotence.It occurs due to disease and the brain and spinal cord injuries.Furthermore, it may occur after open surgery to remove the cancer or benign prostatic hyperplasia.In the pelvic area are the peripheral nerves, resulting in their defeat of such violations.
  5. structural dysfunction.It represents the anatomical abnormalities of the penis.It can be as chordee, fibrosis of the corpora cavernosa, Peyronie's disease, and acquired changes resulting from trauma.
  6. Hormonal impotence.It is no secret that for all the processes in the body responsible hormonal system.Optionally should happen to malfunction of sex hormones.The lesions of other organs of the endocrine system will inevitably lead to disturbances in the sexual sphere.Reduced levels of testosterone - the main male hormone.
  7. Age dysfunction.Alas, no one is eternal, and with the aging takes place the extinction of sexual function.The case concerns only that the age at which this occurs.erection decline with age is perfectly normal, but as practice shows, in recent years the age limit has begun to decline.By this result, and unhealthy diet, and frequent stress and bad habits.
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What is sexual dysfunction?

Symptoms and signs of sexual dysfunction are simple - lack of erection, resulting in sexual intercourse is not possible.But after suffering a setback, do not despair.It is necessary to analyze your day, to find the reasons that could lead to a similar outcome.

is not the case if the sexual dysfunction becomes permanent.In this case, there is considerable problems with potency, that should not be run.It is necessary to see a doctor, do not delay the visit to him.Professionals working in the field, is a sex therapist, but will be able to assist and urologist.

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patient diagnosis

Determination of this issue includes a variety of methods and techniques.Medicine does not stand still, constantly evolving, and given that erection problems are a common reason for treatment to a medical facility, it is precisely in this area there is an arsenal of various ways to find the cause and fix the problem.

At the moment, there are several methods to help identify the problem:

  1. Ultrasound diagnosis Ultrasonography.This survey will help identify and assess the state of the corpus cavernosum, the quality of blood flow.In the study the patient is administered a prostaglandin that causes erections.This is necessary in order to fully evaluate the condition of blood flow in the body in both states, unexcited and excited.
  2. If the cause of erectile dysfunction is in the failure or malfunction of nerves in the penis, the used method of testing body innervation.Manipulation carried out by a doctor, is very simple and helps pinpoint the cause of the problem.The doctor presses the head of the penis, and then watching the contractions of the sphincter.If the patient is healthy, then it should be a rapid reduction in the sphincter - a response to the irritation of the head.When diminished reflexes conducted other testing methods, the purpose of which - to figure out the function of the nerve.
  3. Counting nocturnal erections.This method is most effective and is able to determine the status of the reproductive system.During sleep, a healthy male erection occurs up to six times.For this to determine special transmitter is attached to the penis.If the result of nocturnal erections is positive, and in the afternoon an erection does not occur, then we are talking about sexual dysfunction on the background of psychological problems.
  4. Bioteziometriya.In this case, the estimated effects of vibration that affects the penis.In the absence of reflexes conclusion is one - nervous disorders, which may be due to polyneuropathy or diabetes.

Erection problems are a consequence of any disease.Therefore, apart from penile diagnostics, and others may be necessary if the patient suffers any disease.For this reason, your doctor may prescribe a patient ultrasound examination of the heart, to send to record the ECG.

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Troubleshooting erection

Viagra impotence treatment includes a number of methods, which include the traditional, or conservative treatment, the use of injections and massage, surgery or psychotherapy.These and other methods should talk more.

conservative methods include the use of drugs belonging to the group of PDE5 inhibitors.These include all known "Viagra", "Cialis", "Levitra" and a number of other drugs.These funds aim to increase blood flow to the penis, causing an erection.The effect of these drugs occurs immediately, but their disadvantage is that they do not eliminate the root cause of the problem.

In the later stages of dysfunction used strong drugs.If this process is in the early stages of development, you can use herbal drugs.These include ginseng, St. John's wort, and others.

Avoiding alcohol Increasingly popular are invasive methods, which include the introduction of the drug in the cavernous body of penis and urethra.This tool has a virtually instantaneous effect, resulting in the ability to perform sexual intercourse increases.

With regard to traditional therapies, their use is allowed, but only after consulting your doctor.All kinds of liqueurs - a useful thing, but alone it is not necessary to engage in treatment.This may aggravate the situation and lead to the deterioration of the problem, and valuable time will be lost.

great importance is the prevention of similar violations. Be aware of the consequences, which carries with it the use of alcohol and tobacco .Of great importance is the struggle against existing illnesses such as diabetes, which can also cause dysfunction of the reproductive system.


Likewise is the case with sexual life, which should be a balance.It should not be in short supply, but an overabundance can lead to problems with erection.As for the use of various drugs, you should consult a physician, as an improper use of medicines may harm, and sexual function.

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