Raised and lowered progesterone in men

increased and decreased progesterone in men

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  • Effect of progesterone on the male body
  • high progesterone levels in the male body
  • Low progesterone concentration in the malebody
  • Letting analysis progesterone

progesterone - an important hormone that is present in the blood of both women and men.Progesterone is produced in men in small quantities seminal vesicles of the testes or adrenal glands, giving the body a significant impact.Increase or decrease in the rate of this hormone has a negative impact on men's health.
Progesterone - a hormone important for men

Effect of progesterone on the male body

Progesterone acts as a precursor of certain hormones.From it neurosteroids are synthesized, cortisol, testosterone, he takes an active part in the quality work of the CNS.With aging in men increases the level of conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.This may be a benign prostate hyperplasia, and in some cases, develop neoplastic process.Progesterone also reduces the risk of such diseases be

cause naturally slows testosterone conversion process.

Obesity in men under the influence of estrogen also in men increases the concentration of estrogen in the blood.Excess of this hormone can trigger the process of converting the male shape on the female type, resulting in the accumulation of fat, liquid and reduced sexual function.In this case, progesterone acts as a counterweight to estrogens.When the concentration is normal, and the estrogen level is not increased.

Norma men progesterone should be within 0,35-0,63 nmol / L. tangible changes in a man's body come only with significant excess hormone levels (100% and more of the norm).This may be a result of many factors. Unhealthy diet, low physical activity, harmful lifestyles, climatic conditions, etc. Due to the fact that the majority of progesterone in males is created during production by the testes of testosterone, their closure (with chemical or naturalmethods) or deletion results in a sharp and significant reduction in its concentration.

If a man has a great level of progesterone was detected at delivery of analyzes, the tests should be repeated in 1-2 months.

Effect of hormone on deep sleep Progesterone inhibits the enzyme monoamine oxidase, which is responsible for breaking down serotonin (a neurotransmitter well-being).It also improves the function of serotonin receptors in the brain, and when it is very large or very small level can cause serious problems in the chemical processes of the brain.This explains why men resort to substances which increase the activity of serotonin (nicotine, alcohol and marijuana), when progesterone levels fall below their optimum level.

When normal levels of this hormone in the male body it has positive effects, among which it is necessary to allocate such:

  • regulation of fluid exchange;
  • improve the properties of the skin surface;
  • strengthening bones;
  • sugar level control;
  • normalization of thyroid function;
  • decline in estrogen and testosterone conversion to dihydrotestosterone;
  • prevention of prostate cancer;
  • protection against cardiovascular disease;
  • improving brain functions;
  • improved sleep.
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high progesterone levels in the male body

Increased progesterone levels as a result of taking certain medications Increased progesterone levels in men can be observed in hormone producing tumors in organs that are responsible for secretion (testes, adrenal glands).The reason may also be a variety of injuries and disease, reduced thyroid function, certain types of pituitary tumors.

Increased levels of this hormone may be a result of taking certain medications: antifungal drugs, pituitary hormones, anticancer drugs that suppress the production of female sex hormones estrogen and etc.If an increased progesterone, it may lead to a decrease in sexual function.Previously, medications that stimulate the release of progesterone, used for chemical castration, that is with their help sought reduction of sexual desire criminals sitting in prison.

If the male body progesterone levels for a long time at a high level, it can cause:

  • occurrence of infertility;
  • carbohydrate metabolism;
  • testicular atrophy.

Exceeding progesterone standards is not recommended for some types of anabolic steroids.

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Low progesterone concentration in the male body

Eating avocados Progesterone, which rate is underestimated, leading to a decrease in the amount of androgen in the human body - the male sex hormones, which leads to a decrease in libido and sexual function.A low concentration of this hormone may be a consequence of the proliferation of prostate tissue, because it is production of progesterone reduces the rate of conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone in the process, which promotes prostate hyperplasia.

progesterone level is too low can lead to impotence.The reasons for decline of progesterone may be many diseases and taking certain medications (antibiotics, drugs, fighting epilepsy, anti-androgen drugs and others.).

to independently raise the level of progesterone, it is necessary to pay attention to your daily routine:

  • need to sleep at least 8 hours a day;
  • pay attention to the physical and breathing exercises in the open air;
  • avoid foods with a high concentration of tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), or to purchase this vitamin in the pharmacy;avocados, raw nuts, olives and seeds are good sources of vegetable fats needed by the body to produce progesterone;
  • periodically take a soothing foot bath.
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Letting analysis progesterone

Assay for progesterone the diagnosis of certain diseases is necessary to accurately know the concentration of progesterone in the blood of men.A blood test for this hormone may be appointed for suspected testicular pathology and diagnosis of the functioning of the thyroid gland and adrenal gland.The analysis can be carried out in the case of monitoring the assigned treatment.

Upon delivery of the analysis of the physician considers the patient's health status and appoints the terms and conditions of blood sampling for each individual case.But there are some common conditions that must be followed in any case:

  1. blood from a vein is dealt with on an empty stomach in the morning (10 hours after the last meal).At the same time allowed to drink small amounts of water.
  2. If the patient fails to give blood in the morning, you need not have at least 6 hours prior to analysis, and during the meal to eliminate fat.

doctor may need about the drugs the data that takes a man, because some drugs may cause incorrect results.Before any analysis is prohibited to attend physiotherapy and massage.

results of the analysis in most cases, will be ready on the same day, but the timing of their production is largely dependent on the characteristics of the interaction with the hospital laboratory.Read and properly assess the analysis and can only be qualified, while appreciating the overall picture of the state of health of the patient.


Although progesterone and is considered a female sex hormone, but in men it plays a significant role.Therefore, its normal concentration is very important for the proper functioning of many organs and systems of the male body.