fertility index in men of all ages

fertility index in men of all ages

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  • main differences in male fertility of female
  • Effect of weight and other factors on the fertility of men
  • How to improvefertility?

If we talk about what is fertility in men, it is their ability to conceive a child.When talking about the fertility in men, in this case it means the fertility of sperm.If couples have problems conceiving a child, they should be tested for fertility, a man make test of sperm fertility, while women make up the forecast fertility.

Male fertility at different ages

In order to establish an index of fertility in men, it is necessary to count active and inactive, as well as slow-moving sperm in 1 ml of semen and ejaculate in total.

Some women are wrong when they find that men's age does not matter in determining the fertility index.But should they disappoint, with age in both men and women fertility index decreases.

It is worth noting that in this case it is a man's age is a key factor that affects the index of fertility, but t

he woman's age is not as important.

main differences from the female male fertility

These are two completely different medical concepts.In the female body with age, the number of eggs decreases.This happens even before she gives birth to her first child.When a woman begins menopause, almost all egg cells die and the fertility of the body is reduced to almost zero.With age, a woman has the likelihood that they will emerge abnormal egg, so for a woman who wants to get pregnant, age plays a big role.

The man sperm produced throughout his life.

The structure of the sperm cell

age, fertile sperm are declining, but does not decrease its concentration.It turns out that for men to conceive a child, age does not matter, and he can do, even in 70 years.

As aging men decreases testosterone levels, which leads to a decrease in the fertility index and increase the chances to conceive a child with genetic problems.

Although the body of man and continues to produce sperm throughout his life, but its quality deteriorates, reducing the amount of ejaculate, sperm activity, which reduces the likelihood of conception.

With age increases the probability of occurrence of deformed sperm, and often they carry genetic information.Therefore, a high probability of having a baby with abnormalities such as schizophrenia, dwarfism, Down syndrome.Mnogochistlennye tests show that if the parents of more than 35 years, the risk is greatly increased.

If the woman is less than 35 years, the risk of age males decreases.This is because the egg can repair damaged sperm DNA, or it simply rejects, resulting in a miscarriage.After 35 years of age this ability of the female body is lost.

With age men in his sperm genetic abnormalities appear, however, in some countries, after a man reaches a certain age, he can not be a donor, but if the sperm meets all the requirements, in our country, age does not matter.Most often, as donors take men who are 20 to 35 years.

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Effect of weight and other factors on the fertility of men

Erection problems One of the main factors that lead to male infertility, is overweight and obesity.As shown by tests, with an increase in the body weight decreased testosterone level.The fat that appears at the waist, is converted into the female hormone estrogen and testosterone displaces.Thus, the more the stomach, the lower testosterone levels.

Weight gain due to the fact that human activity decreases, which leads to the emergence of various diseases.The increase in the volume of the waist 101 cm longer significantly increases the risk of heart disease.As a result of reduced blood flow in the body, which affects the ability to reproduce.

In this case, you can not overdo it, because very thin men in the body low testosterone levels due to lack of nutrients, which also suffers from the reproductive system.

negatively affect virility such bad habits such as smoking, drug addiction and alcoholism.In order for sperm normal and fully ripened, it requires a temperature of 34 degrees.If there is overheating of the testicles, then all processes are slowed down.If you want to conceive a child, it is necessary to exclude the adoption of hot tubs, a visit to the bath, close underwear or laptop on your lap.

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How to increase fertility?

Healthy eating If women are usually the loss of fertility is irreversible, the men in the majority of cases, fertility can be restored.In order to decide how to improve fertility, it is necessary to remove excess weight, to cure existing infections, but everything should be done under the supervision of a specialist.As the tests carried out, such measures can do wonders.

If we talk about infertility, about 40% depends on the woman, the same amount depends on the man, and in 20% of cases the cause remains unknown.A feature of male infertility is that it is much easier to diagnose, for which there are special tests.

The most common reason that leads to male infertility, is the presence of infection in the prostate or other parts of the reproductive tract.infections can often be hidden and does not show outward signs, but they gradually destroy the sperm.For their identification is necessary to carry out special tests.Clogged ducts semyaprovodyaschie and varicocele (varicose veins of the scrotum) are often the cause of male infertility.Modern tests allow you to check the concentration of sperm in the semen even in the home.You will be able to assess their chances of conceiving a child.


Although male fertility with age is reduced, such changes are reversible, unlike the female fertility.If 99% of women after 45 years has become infertile, most men can conceive a child and 60 years.

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