Symptoms of varicocele and its causes

Symptoms of varicocele and its causes

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  • Violation in varicocele and their consequences
  • major degree of male varicocele
  • Manifestations varicocele
  • Causes of varicocele in men and indirect symptoms

Health is the main wealth of every human being, and therefore to treat it is necessary to share the entire responsibility.This is especially true of diseases of the genitourinary system in men.

Varicocele in men

Such diseases include varicocele, represents such a man's disease, which affects the veins of the spermatic cord and testicles, and they are expanding.But there are other signs of varicocele.

varicocele in men is almost no danger to the health and comfort of life man.But if the time left untreated, the consequences can be very dire, up to infertility.

Violation in varicocele and their consequences

Consultation urologist When varicocele affects one or both male testicles broken process of its power, that becomes the main cause testicular atrophy.

It should be noted that the male sperm are

formed at ambient temperature conditions, fluctuating within the 32-34 ° C.

venous vessels that envelop the egg, expand, forming an obstacle to the correct outflow of heat and thus raising the temperature around them.This results in that the formation is disrupted spermatozoa.

very rare cases is that the disease affects both testicles.And the right testicle is affected less often.Mostly at risk are left.Thus, varicocele on the right as one of the manifestations of the disease is much rarer than the left varicocele.

unequivocal answer to the question of why this is so, the doctors do not have.One theory is that the outflow of blood from the left and right testes has a different intensity.

Venous pressure on the left side is not as strong as the right side, for the reason that Vienna, which departs from the left testicle, passes a long way before reaching the large vessel.

This feature is a consequence of the fact that the venous pressure on the left side stronger.

consequences of varicoceles in men can be, and varicose veins, and phimosis, and even flat.

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basic degree of male varicocele

male infertility varicocele has four main stage of development.

When you see the first degree or to test the hands of varicose is not possible, therefore, to diagnose varicoceles initially only using ultrasound of the scrotum.

the second degree varicose can be probed, but only when the patient is standing.In the supine position can not probe.

The third degree of development of disease in men reaches such a degree that can be probed in any position and standing, and sitting.

In the fourth and last stage of varicocele diagnosed visually, since it leads to such an extension, which can be seen immediately.

feature of this disease is that it develops quickly and intensely to one of these steps, optionally before the latest, and stops its progression.

further transition from one stage to another is not observed.

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Manifestations varicocele

Surgery danger of this disease of male genitalia is that often no symptoms of its appearance, occurrence and development.

man can not guess that he has any problems, since no concern already available to it does not cause a varicocele.

That is why so important preventive medical examinations, during which it is possible to detect such a disease.

In extremely rare cases, men in the second stage may appear peculiar pain in the scrotum, which will have a pull and oppressive character.Exhibit such pain can result in prolonged physical stress: after exercise or heavy physical labor, as well as a consequence of prolonged periods of immobilization, or an inactive state.

Pronounced or increased sweating, too, is one of the symptoms of varicocele in men.

Many men say one of the manifestation of symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

At this stage, by visual inspection clearly visible veins, descending from the egg down.Depending on whether there is a varicocele on the right or the left, corresponding to the affected side of the egg goes down.This, in turn, provokes an asymmetrical sagging scrotum.

the third stage marked the loss of the relationship between the intensity and severity of physical activity and the appearance of pain.Pain is present all the time, even during sleep.The scrotum is considerably increased in size.


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Causes of varicocele in men and indirect

symptoms Like most diseases, varicocele can be treated.But the best is yet to be informed of reasons in question, in which varicoceles may occur and which may be indirect symptoms of the disease.

The main ones include:

  1. hereditary tendency.If your relatives there varicose veins as the hands and feet, flat feet, heart defects, which are the indirect effects of varicoceles, we can say that you have a genetic predisposition to the appearance of the disease.

expressed this tendency in congenital abnormalities of the veins.

removing or correcting a genetic predisposition can not be.

  1. Features anatomic structure.Expressed as a infringement of the left renal vein in the area of ​​aorto-mesenteric forceps and leads to primary varicocele.
  2. Decrease venous lumen.As a result of various factors venous lumen may be much smaller, that they cause an increase in blood pressure and stretching of the vessel walls.
  3. Chronic frustration of a chair.It leads to a constant rush of blood to the pelvic organs.
  4. Overweight.
  5. irregular sexual life.


timely passage of a preventive medical examination and elimination of the causes that may be risk factors for the appearance of a varicocele in men can help prevent this disease.

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