Operation to implement laser vaporization of prostate adenoma

Operation to implement laser vaporization of the prostate adenoma

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  • What happens during laser exposure?
  • How to prepare for the surgery?
  • technology implementation vaporization
  • What happens after surgery?

laser vaporization of the prostate adenoma is an alternative, be performed using a laser beam treatment method in men prostate cancer.
Removal of BPH with laser
operation is performed endoscopically, without an incision.The technology used at prostate surgery with a laser, is low-impact and has a gentle nature with respect to the male potency.The procedure is available for visual control of the surgeon on the monitor screen.

What happens during laser exposure?

When laser vaporization of the enlarged prostate tissue is removed by evaporation. to conduct operations using special laser system emitting a powerful light beam of a certain length and equipped with a flexible light guide with a tip to evaporate.Benign prostatic adenoma tissue removed selectively, simultaneously produce

d coagulation (cauterizing) vessels and layers.the risk of bleeding in the postoperative period, this decreased markedly.

laser radiation is able to penetrate the BPH tissue to a depth of no more than 1 millimeter, so vaporization occurs in layers, wherein the desired area is removed with high accuracy.This eliminates the prostate capsule perforation, abdominal cavity and the bladder.

adenoma as a result of the operation is partially excised, narrowing in the urethra is reduced in size.Laser vaporization removes significant amounts of adenoma tissue virtually bloodless, which significantly reduces the risk of postoperative complications.

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How to prepare for the surgery?

Comparison of a healthy prostate and adenoma preoperative appointed doctor must pass tests:

  1. Mandatory submission of biochemical and blood count.
  2. Running urinalysis.
  3. necessary to determine the blood group and Rh factor.
  4. rent HIV test and analysis on RW.
  5. Running ECG and TRUS prostate.
  6. therapist gives the surgeon provided an opinion on the state of health of the patient, which makes the results of all analyzes.
  7. To minimize the risk of bleeding during the removal of the prostate procedure, patients receiving anticoagulants doctor may recommend temporarily stop taking them.

day before surgery to remove the prostate adenoma is usually allowed to the evening meal, and himself working day do not eat or drink.Before admission have to be made enema.Treatment is carried out in ambulatory conditions, the patient will be in the clinic approximately 5 hours, and able to go home the same day.You should know that at the time of surgery are used sedatives, so alone in the car can not go back home.

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technology implementation vaporization

operation to vaporization of the prostate is carried out in a contactless manner with regional anesthesia.

Surgery to remove the prostate adenoma Operate patient or outpatient conditions, or put in the hospital for one day.Aden partially removed, restoring the urethral lumen.Typically, the duration for partial removal of BPH treatments is about an hour, then the patient is left for a few hours under medical supervision.Follow-up by doctors from the clinic.

prostate vaporization laser beam passes thus:

  1. operation is performed endoscopically, all manipulations are carried out through the urethral lumen.
  2. Hyperplasia removed directional light beam when the beam is focused to a certain point.
  3. After completion of the vaporization of the prostate adenoma surgery patient urethral catheter can be installed.
  4. If the work is satisfactory bladder and prostate size medium, the doctor can cancel the installation of the catheter.

vaporization method can be operated adenoma up to 80 ml.


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What happens after surgery?

In the normal state of health of 2 hours after the vaporization procedure allowed to drink non-carbonated water, which until evening to drink up to six liters.For the rapid recovery of bladder function over the next day after surgery to remove cancer need to use up to 3 liters of liquid.Eating is only possible on the following day.Antibiotics (to destination the doctor) is usually carried out at least 10 days.

After operating BPH and restore the urethra and bladder lavage appoint a disinfectant solution (eg, furatsilinom) to remove residual blood clots.When this liquid is used to remove the second catheter.This system is usually set doctor for several days after the vaporization of the prostate.After removing the catheter in the patient is restored once the natural urination.

Observations show that men who have undergone prostate vaporization, significantly increased the completeness and speed of release of the bladder.Effectively and quickly improving all urodynamic indices.Testimonials show rare compared with other types of surgical procedures, violation of erectile function.In cases where the prostate is operated using a laser, it is extremely rare for the subsequent incontinence.


numerous testimonials of men of the rapid return to normal life and stability obtained with laser treatment results.Prices of vaporization procedure is available, the operation is faster and more easily tolerated by the patient traditional kinds of surgery.Unpleasant symptoms pass quickly, and the man returned to normal.Timely treatment is carried out to help maintain male health.