Why do I get treated like a scar and phimosis ?

Why do I get treated like a scar and phimosis?

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  • main causes of phimosis
  • variety and extent of the disease
  • Symptoms cicatricial phimosis
  • Treatment Options cicatricial phimosis
  • Possible complications

phimosis - a physiological or pathological condition which is characterized by a painful, difficult or completely impossible exposure of the head of the penis due to the narrowing of the foreskin.According to statistics, 95-97% of newborns male head of the penis does not open until the end because of lack of good mobility and elasticity of the foreskin.In children older than 6 months, this condition is diagnosed in about 80% of cases.In 90% of three-year kids glans exposed freely to the end.Some children have a physiological phimosis completely takes place only at the age of about 7 years.If the disease is diagnosed in patients older than 7 years old, it belongs to the category of pathological.It is necessary to take into account the fact that due to the inabi

lity to fully expose the glans in humans can develop various complications both in physiological and in pathological form.

forms of phimosis

main causes of phimosis

Physiological phimosis form comes from the fact that there is bonding the inner layer of the foreskin and the glans.Pathological same form may appear after various injuries, balanoposthitis and other factors that lead to cicatricial narrowing of the foreskin.In such situations, it develops scar appearance of the disease.

causes of the disease, without developing infections and injuries are not fully understood.Experts say genetic predisposition, which is associated with insufficient elastic connective tissue.Along with the genetic predisposition can be diagnosed defects of the heart valves, disorders of the skeleton structure, varicocele and other diseases.

Causes of phimosis Often phimosis occurs due to the uneven development of the penis and foreskin in particularly stormy puberty.In the future, he phimosis becomes one of the reasons why there is a rapid narrowing of the foreskin.

Because of this narrowing of the inner layer all the time is injured, there is its scarring, due to which the foreskin and tapers.

more microtrauma occur in the event of an erection in young people during masturbation and sexual intercourse first.

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variety and extent of the disease

Phimosis is physiological and hypertrophic.The physiological form of the disease is congenital.In newborn babies the foreskin is glued to the head.As the child grows, it begins to come unstuck.Penis ends formed by 6-7 years.At this stage, when there is no abnormality, the foreskin comes unstuck and end up uncovering problems with head does not arise.In most cases, the physiological form of the disease being itself.If this does not happen to 7 years, the child should see a doctor.

development of hypertrophic form of the disease usually occurs in children, youths and adult men are overweight.The excessive accumulation of adipose tissue leads to an increase in the size of the foreskin, which is why a person can begin to develop hypertrophic phimosis.The fabric retains a lot of moisture.In such circumstances, begin to develop infections and appears balanoposthitis.In addition, this form of the disease can result in complexes associated with too great a length of the foreskin.

The narrowing of the foreskin When cicatricial phimosis, in addition to the excessive length of the foreskin, cracks and scars.Scar form of the disease occurs in most cases due to the fact that a person does not comply with the rules of personal hygiene.It is also the cause of the disease is different in the case which is symptomatic phimosis.

disease can have different degrees of severity, namely - 4. For the first degree of phimosis is characterized by the free exposure of the head in the quiescent state and a member of some trouble in a state of excitement.In the presence of second degree difficulty and there are at rest, and the head is not exposed during erection.For the third degree is characterized by the inability of exposure or exposure is carried out with very great efforts at rest.During erection outcrop impossible.Difficulties with urination absent.And if the worst, the 4th form of the disease, the head can not be opened, even partially.There are problems with urination.It can be painful, it is released and the urine or thin jet dropwise.

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Symptoms cicatricial phimosis

The main symptom of this disease is difficult or impossible opening of the penis head.In addition, the patient may experience the following symptoms:

  1. difficulty urinating.There are difficulty and pain.
  2. erectile dysfunction in adolescents and adult men.Sexual contact, usually simply impossible.During an erection there are unpleasant sensations.
  3. Balanoposthitis, he is an inflammation of the foreskin.The head and the skin around it becomes red, painful sensations appear in running situations can pus.
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Treatment Options cicatricial phimosis

doctor Recommendation There are medical and surgical treatment of phimosis.When medication used hormonal ointments and antibiotics, and surgery is performed in the surgical.

only really effective treatment for cicatricial phimosis is circumcision.Medication usually does not give any meaningful results.Can be assigned to prolonged courses of corticosteroids.Under their influence the foreskin may be a bit more flexible.Inflammation and swelling disappear.The use of such medications allows significantly slow the progression of the disease, but in most cases their effect is absent.Completely get rid of the disease with medication alone is not possible.

some patients, usually in the early stages of the disease, it can be recommended to stretch the foreskin with a special tool or the fingers.At the same time it can be administered corticosteroids.In theory, a regular stretching can get rid of phimosis, but in reality it happens very rarely.For these procedures to be effective, the patient will need to stretch my foreskin for 1-2 hours a day for several months.Most of the patients after some time cease to stretch like that makes the treatment completely futile.In practice, to get any positive results from stretching is possible not more than 1% of patients 1 and 2 degrees of the disease.People with phimosis 3-4 degrees of stretching is not observed any improvement as a person, as a rule, can not stretch his foreskin as far as it is necessary.

Treatment of cicatricial phimosis Therefore, the only effective treatment for cicatricial phimosis is surgery - circumcision.It can be performed in the presence of any stage of the patient's disease.The foreskin can be removed partially or completely.In the presence of the expressed balanoposthitis conduct such an operation is prohibited.

If phimosis 3-4 degrees complicated by acute balanoposthitis and paraphimosis is present, surgery is performed, in which the foreskin is cut lengthwise.When complications of acute balanoposthitis circumcision is not carried out, asthere is a high probability of insolvency seams.In the presence of paraphimosis operation is not recommended due to blood circulation disorders.Once the inflammatory process will take place, and normalizes blood circulation, for cosmetic purposes is carried out circumcision.

Since many patients develop cicatricial phimosis is caused by a genetic predisposition, a 100% effective measures for the prevention of disease are absent.

is necessary, first of all, to monitor their personal hygiene, while washing regularly expose the glans penis, and when the first symptoms of phimosis go to the hospital.


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Possible complications

a timely manner is very important to consult a doctor and cure phimosis, because.otherwise, may appear quite serious complications.One of them is paraphimosis.For such a condition characterized by impairment of head of the penis foreskin.Most often this complication occurs in people with 2-3 degree of phimosis when trying to expose the head.Infringement may occur during sexual contact or self-satisfaction.

Because of this infringement on the head of the penis may appear edema.It is blue and begins to hurt badly.This situation requires urgent intervention, becausein the absence of timely assistance to the head change can become irreversible.The doctor has the right to die, and if this is not possible, will be done circumcision or dorsal slit of the foreskin.

Another common complication is a fusion of the foreskin to the head.Most often seen in patients with phimosis grade 3 and 4.In the context of the low mobility of the foreskin between the inner layer and its members form small areas of the seam, called adhesions.These sites are growing, with the result that the foreskin is fused with the head of the penis.If not attempt to expose the head, such a condition usually does not cause discomfort and pain.When you try to expose the bleeding may appear and very severe pain.This pathology requires surgery.


becomes impossible In marked phimosis ensure proper hygiene of the penis.This can lead to the development balanoposthitis - inflammation of the glans penis.The combination of phimosis and balanoposthitis requires dissection of the foreskin.

To avoid such complications, at the first symptoms of phimosis, consult a doctor.Be healthy!

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