What is the panspermia and how life began on Earth

What panspermia and how life began on Earth

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  • studies to confirm the theory of panspermia
  • critical attitude scientists

panspermia - the theory that life began on our planet. Under the terms of panspermia, it happened as a result of entering the small germ of a mighty, boundless universe, these particles carry spores of microorganisms, which can be transferred from one celestial body to another.According to the conceptions of panspermia, life arose by material.

The theory of panspermia

Panspermia is one rule that applies throughout the life of the universe.

studies to confirm the theory of panspermia

This hypothesis was put forward in 1865.It is a pioneer Hermann Eberhard Richter.Panspermia and its provisions strengthened, challenged and subjected to considerable criticism over the years.In order to prove the truth of the theory of the origin of life, in 2012, it was decided to launch a special space satellite, on which the heat-resistant microorganisms and fungi.When the capsule w

ill enter Earth's atmosphere, it subjected to considerable heat, will be simulated meteorite.Significant overheating and possesses bactericidal activity at biocide passing the dense atmospheric layers.The main objective of this experiment is a denial or confirmation of the theory of panspermia.

The origin of life on earth Panspermia also includes the theory that comets may be the main carriers of life on earth.In 2006, experiments were carried out which showed that comet water contains a lot of simple organic compounds.Some scholars are inclined to believe that life on our planet has been recorded only from space.The chance that it arose in the world, is very small and is constantly being questioned.Refutes the data confirms the academician Yu Ryuzanov.As arguments scientist cites the fact that the newly found bacteria in Greenland, whose age is 3.5 billion years old, but life on Earth dates back 4.5 billion years ago, respectively, the theory may not apply to the true and proven.

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critical attitude scientists

Panspermia has a lot of facts that may be its refutation.Critics argue that it is impossible to falsify the eternity of life, this fact is undeniable.Controversial theories about the origin of life include the following statements in the meteorite are organic substances that do not have a chiral purity.Accordingly, these substances can not be called biological.Scientists are inclined to say that there is no life on meteorites.Such questions will always be very controversial.

Panspermia is gradually losing relevance.With the onset of scientists decided to stop seeing her concept of the 1980s.The work of scientists and Eigen Gol'danskii at that time became popular.Some experts believe that the small particles of interstellar dust are composed of non-viable cells and the different composition of bacteria.It is known that in 2001 there was an explosion in the atmosphere of a meteorite.It was in India.In one of the states dropped significant rainfall, which were called "red rain".As a result, it became known that the rains were colored spores epifirnyh green algae, which are symbionts of lichens.Panspermia is a very controversial theory.Many experts put it into question.Science tends to explore phenomena that are repeated many times.The phenomena that are unique in nature, relate rather to the supernatural sciences, such as philosophy, religion.


At present, it is practically impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question: "How life began."In modern science, there are a huge number of hypotheses and theories, according to which was the primary matter.On the other hand, there are disciplines that refute the material origin of life, preferring the spiritual.Every day scientists are various studies that aim to identify the truth in this matter.So far there is no concrete answer to the question of how life originated on our planet.