Male factor infertility and its causes

Male factor infertility and its causes

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  • Causes of male infertility
  • Types of male infertility
  • Conservative treatment
  • Surgery
  • IVF procedure, when appointed?
  • Where to get tested for infertility?

Male infertility - not such a novelty, although in the past, and it was customary to assume that only women suffer from this.In men, a factor such as infertility due to meet a wide variety of diseases, including genetic.Many types of infertility can be treated in some cases appointed in vitro fertilization (IVF), ie artificial insemination.If infertility cure is not possible, the doctor may advise the donation, though not everyone is ready for it.

Causes of male infertility

In any case, in order to prevent such factors as male infertility, need to be screened regularly.This will give an opportunity to identify various diseases at early stages, when they are relatively easy to treat. In many cases, the use of inexpensive drugs or surgical intervention time allow you to quickly solve t

he problem .In some cases possible to make IVF procedure, to ensure fertilization.

But in any situation where there are signs of infertility, it is recommended to pass the qualified examination, which also give the doctor the opportunity to make an accurate diagnosis, to identify a number of measures that will cure infertility, if possible.

Causes of male infertility

Genetic infertility

Male factor infertility can be caused by various reasons, among which:

  1. Transferred earlier infectious and inflammatory diseases.It urethritis, prostatitis, chlamydia, fungal diseases and other.A particularly dangerous form of chronic, long-term lack of treatment.
  2. presence of congenital anomalies, which can be observed in the male genital organs.
  3. obstruction ejaculatory tract, excluding sperm entry into the urethra.The cause may be an inflammatory disease, often require long preliminary examination is possible to assign surgery.
  4. Varicose veins in the testes, spermatic cord.Infertility can be developed against the background of a varicocele, which is treated surgically.The possibility of treatment depends on the stage at which the disease was, whether free of disorders and inflammation.
  5. presence of systemic diseases, such as tuberculosis, kidney failure, diabetes and others.
  6. Autoimmune spermtaogenez.
  7. presence of unknown origin that may occur in about 5% of cases.
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Types of male infertility

The doctor Male factor infertility is highly dependent on what exactly was the cause of this condition.Today, some forms of infertility specialists released:

  • genetic;
  • obstructive form;
  • hormonal causes of infertility;
  • secretory form;
  • immune infertility;
  • secondary infertility.

More precisely determine the shape can only be an experienced professional, so you need to address in a specialized clinic, where will be held the most complete study.After that the doctor will be able to accurately diagnose, appoint a course of treatment or surgery.If treatment is not possible, or is assigned to IVF practice of using donor sperm.

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Conservative treatment

Treatment of infertility in men may be different, it all depends on what caused the condition.Help may be a full medical examination, after which will be either assigned to the appropriate treatment, or IVF, using donor sperm.

The treatment process includes:

  1. conservative standard treatment.
  2. Spa appointed as an accessory.
  3. Surgery perhaps exactly as prescribed.
  4. Auxiliary modern reproductive technologies.

Diagnosis of male infertility Male factor infertility with immunological failure treated with conservative methods.Such methods are perfectly suited with hormonal, secretory disorder.They give good results, for the most part, doctors do not prescribe IVF.The treatment process is as follows: apply hormonal preparations, for immunokorrektirovki stimulants spermatogenesis process.

Some doctors after the survey can assign the use of anti-estrogens to boost testosterone, gonadotropin-releasing hormone in the male

Appointed vitamin complexes, which may include trace elements.There are special drugs, which include everything you need is to men's health, to restore spermatogenesis function.Can be assigned to non-traditional methods of treatment, for example, chiro-therapy.However, it is only necessary to use them in combination with other prescribed means.Assign this treatment can only physician.In no case can it not lead to self-medicate, to return to health, but it will cause deterioration, especially if there are side diseases such as varicocele.

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Surgical treatment, when there is a male factor infertility, held in the case of a varicocele, or other serious zabolevny.This disease is treated almost exclusively by surgery, during surgery removes varicose veins, becoming a cause of varicose veins of the spermatic cord.After that restores normal blood supply of one or both testicles, the ability to return a normal sex life and female ovum fertilization.Infertility in men with a varicocele can be treated successfully only when surgery is carried out in time to the moment until they began testicular atrophy or only one testicle.

This state, like obstruction occurs during obstructive forms of infertility.Usually this occurs after a severe injury the scrotum, after suffering an inflammatory disease or testicular appendages.Status appears after the infamous to many diseases - mumps.Usually the boys after the disease completely lose their ability to have children, will not help any treatment, even IVF powerless.Recommended donation only when the donor is taken (other people's) sperm to fertilize a female egg.If the state is not running, then you can attempt a surgical intervention during which to recover vas patency.

During the execution of such an operation is carried out excision impassable areas, their complete removal.After that the doctor proivodit reconstructive plastic surgery.Restoration of fertility function depends entirely on how big was impassable land, the condition of the affected organ.

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IVF procedure, when appointed?

When infertility can not be treated, your doctor may recommend to take advantage of a procedure such as in vitro fertilization, IVF for short.Indications for this operation are:

  1. Azoospermia, ie the complete or partial absence of sperm in eyakulyante...
  2. Immunological infertility in men.

Eco appointed with insemination, the procedure is quite effective, in many cases, a man can obtain sperm, with which, and fertilized ovum.If your doctor has prescribed IVF, it is necessary to use this method of treatment, rather than hoping for a miracle.

IVF procedure operation is in progress in each hospital, it will have to appeal to a specialized agency.Today, these clinics are not too common, the pair may have to go to another area, so you can try to implement the conception.

Such attempts at a time can be done more, in most cases they give a positive result, but guarantee 100% success can not no doctor.There are several cases where IVF not give the expected results for a long period of time.In this case, can only resort to the donation, if the partner is viable to fertilize an egg.In any case, the ECO is required to pass a pre-semen analysis, which will show whether this procedure makes sense.

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Where to get tested for infertility?

to determine infertility need to be screened, but it can be done only in a specialized clinic after doctor will prescribe a series of analyzes and tests.Today there are specialized centers, which are all necessary for the definition and treatment of male infertility.


Some men make the mistake, when at obvious signs of infertility, which causes a certain disease, prefer not to go to a professional doctor anddispense advice of friends, and self-medicate.Leads all this to the fact that the initial infertility, which is easily treatable, leading to complications.As a result, the illness can not be cured already, sometimes does not work and IVF.And the disease itself, which was the cause of this condition becomes acute or chronic form causes serious complications.

Detection of azoospermia That is why, as soon as the problem of male infertility becomes apparent, it is necessary to appoint a specialist examination.Handle can, of course, in any clinic, but it is best to choose a specialized institution, where there is not only the doctors desired profile, but also the appropriate equipment to carry out such a survey.

Male infertility today found almost as often as women, and it is caused by various reasons.To determine that not everything is in order, and you can own.We should start to worry that when your partner can not get pregnant for a long time.The cause for concern should be a variety of diseases of the genitourinary system, even if they are seemingly are safe as thrush.Once completed examination, the doctor on the basis of the data diagnoses.Further appointed course of treatment, if it is possible.


Statistics shows that a significant number of disorders remains incurable.Here can help artificial insemination or the use of donor sperm.Everything depends on the severity of the disease, the overall health of men, and many other factors that must take into account in the appointment of the doctor treatment.

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