When appointed by the removal of the testicles in men ?

When the appointed removal of the testicles in men?

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  • In some cases, removal of the testicles is appointed?
  • Physiological consequences of operation
  • Preparing for orchiectomy
  • Concern about appearance

removal of the testicles in men is carried out only by a serious medical condition.This operation is called orchiectomy.She is single and double-sided. Bilateral orchiectomy is called castration .

Excess testosterone in the body in the course of disease

For men who underwent castration, consolation is a bit sad joke: they can not be afraid to blow in the groin.After surgery to remove the testes it is almost painless.

In some cases, removal of the testicles is appointed?

reasons for which you want to remove the testicles in men, divided into medical and non-medical.

  1. It is necessary to make the detection of testicular cancer.And sometimes the procedure can be diagnostic.
  2. orchiectomy is also shown, if diagnosed with breast or prostate cancer.In these diseases need to block the production of testosterone, and tes
    ticles - this is the body that produces this hormone.
  3. In the case where, for whatever reasons, the seed channel tied up and the blood supply to the testicle stopped.In men, it usually occurs during active physical effort or athletic exercise, torsion in children can be a birth defect.
  4. Removing eggs is recommended in the case where the fixed excess testosterone in the body due to systemic diseases.
  5. Schoolboys testicle removed, if time is not descended into the scrotum during puberty.
  6. Bilateral orchiectomy performed for those men who have decided to change sex.

testes also have to be removed if one or both of them are damaged after trauma exposure.

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Physiological consequences of operation

The weakening of erectile function erection disappearance of castration in adult men does not lead, even if it was two-way.But because the testicles - the body, which is the main source of testosterone, the main male hormone, it should be noted that without decreasing libido.This means that erectile function will weaken over time.

If removal was one-sided, then the remaining egg will take over the main functions for the development of sex hormones and the body's state of operation is not affected.

During duplex operation to remove the adult male may begin to fall out of hair on the face and body, deteriorating health, the figure begins to take shape on the female type.

In addition, there may be side effects that resemble female ailments during the onset of menopause: hot flashes, pressure drop, weight gain, breast growth.The sharp decrease in testosterone gives impetus to the development of osteoporosis.

Therefore, those who underwent such an operation, will have a lifetime to drink drug filling in the body the required amount of male hormones.

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Preparing for orchiectomy

Diagnosis of the disease Surgery to remove the testicles at the stage of preparation is no different from any other surgical procedure.

doctor establishes a diagnosis based on the clinical picture and the results of the survey.A medical examination is carried out, evaluated the degree of risk and the need for surgical intervention, determines the need for anesthesia.

sure you want to tell your doctor what medications were used recently.

If you had to drink krovorazzhizhayuschie drugs, then surgery may be postponed for a week.Before the operation, you can not eat or drink for 8 hours, and sometimes needs to be done or enema to cleanse the bowel by a mild laxative, such as Fortrans or flip.

Surgery of this type is carried out in a hospital environment.

On removal of one testicle, on average it takes about an hour.

As after each operation, removal of the testicles can cause complications.At the first stage, immediately after surgery and after some time.

The primary complications include:

  • The temperature rise after surgery pain;
  • bleeding;
  • penetration of infection and fever.

Help complaints immediately after the operation have in the hospital.

to secondary complications include the following states:

  • weakening of joints;
  • severe pain;
  • swelling at the site of the removal of the testicles, and joints;
  • bleeding:
  • formation of pus;
  • temperature rise.

Noticing these things already in the home, you must consult your doctor.

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Concern about appearance

believed that men are not concerned about the complex appearance as women.To some extent it is, but the removal of the testes produces complexes.Undress with partner or in a public place, such as a bath, for such men is difficult.

therefore developed special implants are implanted in place of the testicles removed.Currently, they are made of plastic or silicone, they only correct a cosmetic defect.But the experiment was conducted during which the silicone prosthesis introduced male hormones, gradually entering the body.This prosthesis is still in the development stage, but there is hope that in 2-3 years the testicles will no longer be removed and replaced.


If doctors suggest to spend orchiectomy, they are well aware that there is no alternative.This operation is assigned only taking into account all factors.

Given the choice between an increased libido and life is to choose life.