How does acute orchiepididymitis ?

How does acute orchiepididymitis?

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  • main predisposing factors and causes of orchiepididymitis
  • Symptoms of acute orchiepididymitis
  • Therapies orchiepididymitis

Acute orchiepididymitis - itmale urological disease in which there is extensive inflammatory tissue damage and testicular appendages.Orchiepididymitis different from the usual epididymitis is the presence of inflammation that has spread to the tissues of the appendages.If there is only tissue damage testes, then diagnosed with epididymitis.

Orchiepididymitis -vospaleniya testis and epididymis

main group incidence of acute orchiepididymitis represented by men aged 22 to 40 years old. disease brings a strong disadvantage, since scrotal tissues become swollen and painful to the touch, which does not allow a man wearing fine clothes and gives a lot of discomfort during walking.Orchiepididymitis at the wrong treatment and the presence of some other adverse factors can flow into the chronic form and cause a number of other dangerous complications.

main predisposing factors and causes of orchiepididymitis

Etiology it is so vast that no one man can not be completely sure that this disease was not affected.There are many contributing factors that, under certain circumstances, may become an impetus for the development of acute orchiepididymitis.

  1. the body Hypothermia Infectious Diseases.Basically, the development of acute orchiepididymitis observed on the basis of diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, toxoplasmosis, syphilis.In addition, there are cases of this disease on the background of tissue damage scrotal organs Brucella bacteria that causes brucellosis.As a rule, first appear typical symptoms of urethritis and prostatitis, and then develop tissue damage scrotum and appendages.
  2. hypothermia.Subcooling - a serious stress to the body, which has a negative impact not only on the state of the tissues of the urogenital system, but also on the immune system as a whole, resulting in various infectious, inflammatory diseases.
  3. disorders of sexual activity.Lack of sexual activity and hypersexuality is not uncommon for men, from time to time suffer from an acute orchiepididymitis.Both of these conditions are predisposing to the development of inflammation in the epididymis and testicular tissue.
  4. injury.By the development of this disease can lead scrotal tissue damage due to mechanical impact, so performing surgery on the tissue of this area.
  5. Reduced immunity.In this case, it does not matter what kind of factors have led to a decrease in the body's immune system, whether it is a vitamin deficiency, unhealthy lifestyle or metabolic diseases.Reduced resistance to pathogens - is a recipe for disease orchiepididymitis.
  6. Chronic diseases of the genitourinary system.
  7. blood diseases.Thickens and blood stasis lead to a decrease in the level of blood supply to the organs of the urogenital system.The situation is exacerbated the fact that the blood thickens most affected small capillaries and other vessels, which are simply clogged sluggish blood.In this case greatly reduced local immunity of the mucous membranes, and then all the organs and tissues of the scrotum.
  8. intoxication.The state of the scrotal tissue, and the rate of development of pathogenic microflora can have a negative impact not only cases of intoxication are observed in the ordinary food poisoning, but also frequent abuse of alcohol.
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Symptoms of acute orchiepididymitis

elevated temperature One of the characteristic features of acute orchiepididymitis can be considered the specifics of symptoms.In fact, its symptoms rather sharp, which makes the majority of men to seek medical help at the first sign of defeat scrotal tissues.It is necessary to highlight the most common and characteristic symptoms of the disease that are observed in almost all men at the time of the development and course of the disease:

  1. sharp pain in the scrotum and penis.
  2. Severe swelling.
  3. seal testicular tissue.
  4. increase in temperature.

In rare cases, when men, even with typical symptoms do not seek medical help, there is a transition of the disease into a chronic form.

lack of proper and timely treatment can cause a number of very serious complications, including infertility, orchitis, testicular infarction, and in some cases, cause the development of cancerous tumors.Infertility at orchiepididymitis develops due to excessive proliferation of connective tissue, hindering terrain in the ducts through which sperm are derived.Testicular infarction, which occurs quite frequently due to incorrect treatment, by displacement is a consequence of the arteries and small blood vessels tissue, increased in size due to swelling.This process leads to complete necrosis of the testicle.


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Therapies orchiepididymitis

Proper treatment can avoid many problems in the future.Treatment must necessarily take place under the supervision of a physician.For the diagnosis is carried out not only medical history and an external examination of the scrotum, but the fence three doses of urine, ureteroscopy, complete blood count, seeding of the prostate secretions and smears.In addition, an ultrasound may be appointed for a diagnosis.Selection of drugs should engage a qualified doctor who will be able to take into account the sensitivity of the individual with primary infections to antibiotics, as well as the patient's age characteristics.

With timely diagnosis of acute epididymitis is the treatment medication, including antibiotics, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drugs.


Depending on the individual characteristics of the disease can be further assigned to immunomodulators.The patient needs rest, wearing tight swimming trunks, diet and avoiding alcohol intake.In the presence of purulent abscesses and severe destruction of appendages may be indicated surgery to remove pockets of pus, and in some cases, removal of damaged appendages.