Do not open the head : the narrowing hole foreskin

not open head: narrowing hole foresk

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  • narrowing hole foreskin: congenital or acquired
  • Degrees of phimosis and its other complications
  • no coercive measures and self!
  • Preventative measures for adults and children

phimosis - a very complex and dangerous illness.Issues caused by the condition of the penis and thus opens or not his head, is considered to be sensitive.But this does not mean that the problems associated with its discovery, should be ignored.Physiological phimosis is considered absolutely normal, which is usually held to 3-4 years.Opening the head must occur not later than five years.If you do not open the head or open, but it is very bad, and the man itching, pain and other discomfort when it is open, and a burning sensation in her area increases, it is said that the representative of the stronger sex sick phimosis or other reproductive organs disease,which affects the ability of the head to open and fully operational.

Sexual disease in men

narrowing hole foreskin: congenital or acquired

Opening glans occurs in infancy at once.If it opens too early - it's too dangerous.So she opened frequently used operation circumcision.Physiological phimosis is very common in children, the head acquires the ability to be opened with the growth and development of the organism.Only half of boys under the age of one year, it can be opened.Almost 90% of three-year kids it opens without problems.

Phimosis and paraphimosis But few know that 8% of children aged 6 to 7 years are faced with the fact that it does not open fully.At 1% of young people aged 16 to 18 years, this is also part of the member is not opened.This can lead to chronic balanoposthitis, then - to a pathological phimosis.

Sometimes you have to resort to such an unpleasant procedure as the separation of adhesions.To avoid this process, still need to take care of parents in infancy that the child is in the care of the doctors who will be able to timely diagnose phimosis.

narrowing hole foreskin is very dangerous for men's health.Phimosis can be divided into congenital or acquired.Regular hygiene, washing of the glans penis is only a preventive barrier for him.Problems that can not be opened, it can occur at any age.But few people know what the consequences are phimosis and violations at the opening of the glans penis.

Problems with sexual function because of phimosis If it does not open, in most cases, the formation of purulent plaque and occurrence of erosion on the genitals.

Itching and pain during sexual intercourse - the result of the broken opening of the top of the penis. If the head of the penis is no longer open to begin the process of swelling and there will be a malfunction of the inguinal lymph nodes.

absence of the possibility of opening the glans penis can go and complete necrosis.And then in order to save the patient's life doctors will need to make the amputation of the penis due to the impossibility of opening the top of the penis.This is what can cause the delicate, time does not eliminate the problems associated with the penis.

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Degrees of phimosis and its other complications

In addition to these types of phimosis decided to allocate more and hypertrophic.One of its features - increased the foreskin, which thickens and loses its elasticity.Status of the foreskin and glans are interrelated.In hypertrophic phimosis difficulties arise when trying to open it.Failure to care for her failure to comply with hygiene procedures - are the most common cause of phimosis, which entails a scar-sclerotic changes of the skin on the genitals, tears of the foreskin during intercourse.

phimosis Stage In its development phimosis passes 4 stages.The first to open the upper part of the penis is still possible, but there are painful symptoms when it is open during erection.In the second step of phimosis its operation becomes more difficult, the head does not open during erection.The first and second stages of phimosis it can be opened in its quiescent state.And in the third stage of the disease, it does not open fully.This stage of the disease is characterized by the fact that the head of the penis loses its ability to open up.A symptom of the fourth stage of phimosis is difficulty urinating, as head of the penis can not be opened.

In medical practice emit another type of the disease - a relative phimosis.His is the narrowing of the foreskin and the disruption of the functioning of the penis.Each stage of development of phimosis has its own clinical picture, where the opening of the penis head characterized by the presence or absence of pain symptoms.Phimosis entails a number of complications, not only for the sexual organs, but also for the male body as a whole.Malfunctions of the glans leads to paraphimosis, and it becomes slighted.Struck by illness upper part of the penis may cause urinary tract infections.

Problems in the functioning of the glans penis may provoke genital cancers.

They can cause kidney failure and ureterohydronephrosis.

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no coercive measures and self!

Circumcision with phimosis Violations in the opening of the glans penis is closely associated with voiding mechanism.Parents should pay attention to, it opens a child or not.She's very vulnerable, and the child will immediately feel pain.careful hygienic care at any age is required for the penis.And if men are having problems with potency, they are often the cause of a disease struck the head of the penis.Treatment involves usually surgical techniques.On the question of how to open the head to the internet search engines treat many users.But it must be remembered that this disease is unacceptable self as a physical effect on the penis, so that it opens.If the opening of the penis occurs with difficulty, you must immediately consult a doctor.

Problems with the upper part of the penis in males may occur at any time.If it's even a bit of trouble is opened - it is an alarm signal.Surgical removal of the foreskin phimosis can stop and restore the normal opening of the penis.But the top of the member, her condition will require increased surveillance.

phimosis Treatment with ointment Drug therapy requires opening the top of the penis to recover through a variety of drugs, based on which the application of corticosteroid ointments.They are applied to the upper region of the penis, and after a while it begins to open.Another object of the medication through which the head member is treated, is to eliminate edema, microcracks which it is coated.

to the opening of the penis head is no problem, you need to constantly remove dirt and sweat on the genitals.The child has the upper part of the penis irritating acids in urine.They also affect the opening of the glans penis and adult.If a small child she foreskin is fused, at a certain stage of age it is quite normal.The most important thing to protect the tip of the penis from uric acid and feces.At the upper part of the baby's penis, too, can not in any way forced to open.The upper area of ​​the penis at the opening very easy to damage.If the opening of the top of the penis was positive, it may cause a prerequisite for the formation of pathological phimosis.

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Preventative measures for adults and children

Surgical treatment of phimosis bathing to keep the penis clean, must be carried out in warm water.Care of the top members of the region can not be done with the help of strong soap substances that may affect the opening of the penis head.Its opening also depends on the frequency of changing diapers.When problems with the penis in adult males often turns out that the head is stopped they opened in early childhood under the influence of acids in the urine, and feces.To carry out regular preventive maintenance of diseases associated with the head, some rules must be followed.

not use tools that can cause skin irritation If you are caring for a member of his foreskin.Even mild soap in the care should be used with extreme caution.Promiscuity are often a source of problems associated with the head, and if it does not open, the reason for that may be infectious diseases, sexually derived.

opens it, acting on it mechanically, at an infectious disease even more dangerous.Regular shaving intimate areas on the top of the penis will help protect the sexual organs of bacteria.Diseases associated with the penis may occur as a result of safety violations in sports.Genital injury can affect how the head is opened.

Medical consultation with phimosis To prevent injuries you need to apply different security devices.To prevent infectious diseases need to use condoms.Attention should be paid and underwear.It should not be too thick to be opened without the discomfort head.

If the penis head is not open, the reason for this failure can be set only urologist.Self-open it, to self-medicate is not recommended.


If, however, opened the head during the hygiene procedures and is currently undergoing treatment for phimosis, it is necessary to inform the treating physician.