Why the foreskin swollen and what to do ?

Why foreskin swollen and what to do?

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  • why it is a member of the body can swell?
  • Balanoposthitis as the cause of swelling: the main features
  • What happens balanoposthitis?
  • If swelling is not associated with balanoposthitis
  • Where are the infection?
  • Diagnosis and treatment options

Foreskin member - is one of the most sensitive parts of the male body.As a result of various external influences foreskin may swell.This comes in contact with a variety of objects and substances that cause allergies, while sexually transmitted diseases, injuries, and most often with balanoposthitis.

The problem with swelling the foreskin in men

If the foreskin is a member blushed, swollen, appeared itching and head of the penis can not be opened - it is clear signs of balanoposthitis.When the first symptoms should see a doctor.He will appoint the necessary tests, will understand what to do if these signs have arisen, and will offer an optimal and effective treatment.

why it is a member of the body can swell?

Synthetic underwear , which can swell the foreskin First of all, various modifications of the foreskin may occur due to external influences.For example, due to rubbing during sex.Also a member of an extreme flesh may redden and swell when in contact with allergens.Usually it is low-quality synthetic underwear and cheap cleaning products.They cause itching, redness and swelling.As a rule, after the elimination of the allergen status of the foreskin normalized itself.

However, most of the foreskin swelling cause various diseases, the leader of which is balanoposthitis.It is an inflammatory disease that combines the symptoms of the two diseases: postita and balanitis.As a rule, one disease provokes the appearance of the other.

in post inflamed foreskin, while balanitis - head of the penis.Thus, balanoposthitis - an inflammation of the foreskin and the glans.This disease is characterized by redness and swelling of the foreskin, the occurrence of itching, sores, etc.If you have any symptoms of the disease is important both to consult a doctor as soon as possible and start competent treatment, or may develop complications.

treating such diseases, as a rule, is engaged in the doctor-andrologist.If the foreskin is swollen member, appeared itching, unpleasant odor, any discharge, you should enroll him at the reception.The doctor will conduct the necessary examinations and prescribe treatment.

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Balanoposthitis as the cause of swelling: the main features

Itching and burning in the groin due to a tumor of the foreskin Among the main symptoms of this disease can be noted:

  • burning and almost constant itching of the foreskin and the glans penis;
  • pain during and after urination and sexual intercourse;
  • redness and some swelling of the head;
  • difficulty when opening the foreskin;
  • unpleasant odor;
  • appearance of pus and white cheesy discharge.

Symptoms vary depending on what caused the infection.Many men with this disease feel permanent sexual arousal due to the fact that the swollen foreskin irritates the head.Among the characteristic symptoms of the disease are also marked general weakness and fever.

All signs appear together quite rare, but the appearance of any of them - this is a cause for concern. important to promptly see a doctor and undergo the prescribed treatment, or simple inflammation can develop into bubonadenitis or even gangrene of the penis.

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What happens balanoposthitis?

Men who have the disease balanoposthitis There are acute and chronic forms of the disease.Acute may be simple, erosive and gangrenous.

For a simple form of the disease is characterized by extensive redness and inflammation of the affected areas.The skin swells, becomes loose, further erosion and ulcers may be formed thereon.

For gangrenous balanoposthitis characterized by high fever, fever, sores on the genitals, skin necrosis, weakness, swelling, and redness of the foreskin and the glans penis.

Traditional symptoms of gangrenous form of the disease - is punching the foreskin, severe pain, itching, and phimosis.Emerging ulcers and wounds heal slowly.These scars, tightening the foreskin, which leads to additional complications.Therefore, it is important to promptly begin appropriate treatment.

the presence of erosive balanoposthitis on the glans and foreskin appear white, swollen areas of dead skin.It forms a fairly large and bloodshot erosion.

When any form balanoposthitis need to be examined, which would eliminate the presence of sexually transmitted diseases, including syphilis.Any treatment can be started only after a preliminary examination.

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If swelling is not associated with balanoposthitis

Reception at the doctor Balanoposthitis - is not the only reason that can become inflamed and swell extreme member of the flesh.For example, many men these changes observed after sex.There are 2 options, because of which it can happen:

  • due to mechanical irritation;
  • due to disease infection.

Mechanical irritation is easily explained by the fact that the skin of the foreskin or head rubbed.In such situations, it is first necessary to pay sufficient attention to intimate hygiene, do not get carried away too long sexual contacts and use extra lubricant if necessary.

In the case of infection of the epithelium tissue are exposed to very severe irritation.Because of this there is not only itching, redness and swelling, and other symptoms that are specific to each disease.In such situations, you must immediately contact the doctor and begin treatment.

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Where are the infection?

swelling, itching, and other characteristic symptoms appear not only when the infection by various sexually transmitted diseases.Bacterial and fungal infections can emerge under the skin at a member of the flesh.Usually, the cause of these diseases is becoming sperm delay or urine caused by phimosis.

One of the main sources of origin of infectious diseases are a variety of diseases of the genitourinary system.The catalyst often act venereal disease.An additional incentive to the development of infection may be such ailments as allergies and diabetes.

Diagnosis of diseases foreskin and glans of the penis is very sensitive and vulnerable to external influences.Any infection in contact with the foreskin and penis can cause acute form tumors.If time does not begin treatment, the disease enters the chronic form.

The human body has its own microflora, which consists, among other things, of the opportunistic pathogens, such as E. coli, staphylococcus, etc.In case of violation of the microflora pathogens begin to actively proliferate, which can also lead to inflammation of the foreskin.It appears swelling, itching, different selection.

Another common reason due to which the foreskin can swell, is failure to comply with personal hygiene rules.If a person does not pay his genitals due attention under the foreskin begins to accumulate a substance called smegma.It is an excellent breeding ground for pathogens.

Often smegma congestion occurs due to such diseases as phimosis.The foreskin is narrowed, which makes conducting hygiene very difficult.To open the head has to make additional efforts.Often she does not open or opens with a very severe pain, which also prevents remove smegma.Such violations require immediate treatment to the doctor, who will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

The cause of the swelling of the foreskin, and other parts can be a member of diabetes.In the presence of the disease marked metabolic that promotes various infections.

Each man must remember not only the health of their genitals, but also the safety during sex.

Unprotected sexual contact - one of the main causes of the symptoms considered.Pathogenic microbes, falling on the foreskin and head through unprotected sex, provoke the development of acute infections.If such contacts are regular, the disease can develop into a chronic form.

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Diagnosis and treatment options

Preparations for the treatment of swelling of the foreskin Before starting any treatment, it is necessary to pass a hollow diagnosis.If there is swelling of the foreskin or other worrisome symptoms should consult a urologist or andrologist.The survey begins with the initial examination, after which the patient is usually recommended to pass urinalysis and blood, blood chemistry, material urethra bacterial seeding.Appointed tests for sexually transmitted diseases.Can be assigned to US and ureteroscopy.

Treatment depends on what caused the occurrence of violations and the severity of the disease.For example, the initial stage of balanoposthitis usually treated by simple and gentle methods.In most cases, improve the quality of intimate hygiene and use of antiseptic ointments prescribed by a doctor.Mild forms of the disease are fast enough.

Most patients received a course of immunomodulators, which will enhance immunity.If treatment is not initiated promptly and the disease complications will have to be treated with antibiotics.You can only use antibiotics prescribed by a doctor who.


In some situations, we have to use surgery.Usually it is appointed, if the antibiotics are not given effect, or in severe cases, when the skin is pinched and inflamed head deforms.

pay enough attention to intimate hygiene, on time, pay attention to all the uncharacteristic symptoms and consult your doctor to avoid possible complications.And then you do not have to deal with these unpleasant symptoms.Be healthy!