Problems of male intimate sphere : how to cure fast semyaispuskanie ?

Problems male intimate sphere: how to cure fast semyaispuskanie?

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  • Causes of premature ejaculation have a strong sex
  • address the root causes for rapid ejaculation
  • Ejaculation and the sensitivity of the glans penis
  • tablets from early ejaculation andthe decision of psychological problems

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual dysfunction.According to statistics, 40% of the male population of the planet in one way or another familiar with this intimate nuisance.Fast semyaispuskanie - the problem is so spicy that treat her to a doctor is not the stronger sex in a hurry, considering it too shameful.But if you ignore the problem for a long time, it can have serious consequences for the person.Failure to carry out the normal for the duration of the sexual act creates many men psychological complexes, forcing them to withdraw into themselves, depriving them of the possibility to build a full-fledged relations with women and enjoy sex.However, a rapid

cure semyaispuskanie easy enough for this man simply overcome his shame and make an appointment to see a doctor-andrologist.

Premature ejaculation

Causes of premature ejaculation have a strong sex appeal

usually a short ejaculation occur in young men, who only recently started to live a sexual life.The act of copulation, many of them ending emission of seed in a few seconds after the introduction of the penis into the vagina partner.As you gain sexual experience for most people, this problem resolves on its own and does not require medical correction.However, when on premature ejaculation complain mature and experienced man, not too little.Such sexual disorders require mandatory treatment to the doctor.The specialist will first determine the root cause of sexual dysfunction, and only then prescribe the patient treatment aimed at its elimination.

reasons semyaispuskaniya fast, there are many.They are divided into physiological and psychological.For physiological reasons include:

  • hypersensitivity of the glans penis (sometimes as congenital and caused by illnesses such as balanoposthitis or phimosis);
  • diseases of the urogenital tract, nervous and cardiovascular systems;
  • hormonal disorders.

Besides physiological reasons, have rapid ejaculation causes are psychological in nature.The consequence of male sexual imbalance may be:

  • bad relationship with the permanent partner associated with frequent quarrels, jealousy, disagreements;
  • excessive emotional distress, stress, depression;
  • fear not meet the expectations of the partner (usually associated with previous failures with women).

in Sex is very important systematic.Often the cause of premature semyaispuskaniya lies in the lack of male regular sexual life because for the lack of a permanent partner.As soon as the person will be able to stabilize the intimate sphere of his life, this problem will cease to exist for him.

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address the root causes for rapid ejaculation

Assigning a doctor early semyaispuskaniya Treatment should be directed at solving the problem, which it provoked. Before cure rapid ejaculation, the doctor will ask the patient questions about the transferred them in the past and currently available disease, asked about his love life, will make inspection of the penis and send a man to the survey (analysis, cystoscopy, ultrasound examination of the genital organs).Only after this specialist will be able to call up the root cause of sexual dysfunction in men, and pick it appropriate therapy or to send it to another medical specialist.

Very often when examining a person detect the disease, which led to a weakening of sexual function (kollikulit, prostatitis, vesicles, spinal injuries, diabetes, etc.).In this case, you need not treat early semyaispuskanie and disease that it provokes.To do this, the patient is prescribed medication drugs and treatments, the effect of which is aimed at eliminating the disease (for example, if the root cause of rapid ejaculation proved vesicles, the doctor prescribes the patient drugs used for the treatment of this disease).Usually after a full recovery in a human to normal sexual function.

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Ejaculation and the sensitivity of the glans penis

If the cause too rapid ejaculation is the excessive sensitivity of the glans, then the most effective method of solving the problem would be circumcision.Surgical intervention will make the head of the penis is completely open, so that its sensitivity gradually decreases and the man will be able to spend longer periods of sexual acts.

Operation circumcision But not every representative of a strong half of mankind for the sake of eliminating the problem of intimate agrees to substitute his cock under the surgeon's knife.If surgery is the person disagrees, the doctor will recommend him to use the money to have sex (gels, ointments, sprays), the effect of which is aimed at reducing the sensitivity of the head and, consequently, to extend the time of sexual intercourse.

reduce the sensitivity of the head of the penis to help the condom, so that means of barrier contraception should not be neglected people suffering from premature semyaispuskaniem.Offered for sale can be found condoms, on the inner side of which is applied with the addition of lubricant benzocaine - anesthetics local action.This anesthetic men hypersensitive glans penis will be able to keep time ejaculation and prolong sexual intercourse.

increase the duration of sex with hypersensitivity of the penis can be and without the help of cutting tools and pharmacy.If for 1-2 minutes massaging a place located in men between the anus and the scrotum, can make sexual contact with a partner longer.Extend the act, you can use the change of tempo directly in the process of mating.As soon as a man feels that is close to the final, he has to slow down or completely remove a member from a woman's vagina for a few seconds and then log in again and continue to partner sexual intercourse.

A decoction of oak bark for the treatment of rapid ejaculation To reduce the sensitivity of the penis head, you can use the national means on the basis of oak bark.To make it, need 2 tablespoons of oak bark pour a glass of water and simmer on low heat for about 30 minutes.When the broth has cooled, it should strain and drink 1/3 cup at bedtime.Oak bark helps to reduce the sensitivity of the head of the penis and allows the delay time semyaispuskaniya.

Operation on excision of the prepuce is shown not only to people with hypersensitivity head of the penis, but also patients who as a result of the survey was found phimosis and balanoposthitis.Of drugs do not eliminate the disease, so the only way to be circumcised only in this situation.Thanks to this simple operation, a lot of men manage to extend the time of copulation by 3 times.The surgical procedure will not only increase the duration of sex, but also become an excellent prevention of complications related to the infringement of the foreskin.


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tablets from early ejaculation and addressing psychological problems

Today in pharmacies can purchase drugs,designed to delay the moment of ejaculation.Among them the most famous are the "Levitra", "Viagra", "Generic Viagra".These products contribute to the rapid and sexual arousal can increase several times the duration of copulation.These drugs are well tolerated by the body and the male subject dose not cause any harm to health.Their action is aimed at enhancing the blood circulation in the penis area and relax his muscles.Taking pills to prolong sexual intercourse should be only on doctor's advice.

Keep in mind that these drugs do not eliminate the cause of the sexual dysfunction, and only allow men to delay the onset of orgasm.


Psychological problems can cause rapid semyaispuskaniya even in perfectly healthy representatives of the stronger sex.To cope with them, a man should be consulted a neurologist, psychologist or psychotherapist.To cope with dysfunction in this case will help antidepressants and sedatives prescribed by a qualified technician.And do not forget about improving self-esteem and the harmonization of relations with the constant sexual partner.Romance and tenderness of men in relation to his beloved, avoiding conflicts with her help restore relationships and make intimate life love pair quality and unforgettable.

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