The content of leukocytes in the semen

The content of white blood cells in semen

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  • Norma leukocytes in the semen
  • reasons for raising leukocyte
  • Treatment leukocytospermia
  • Preventive measures against leukocytospermia

Elevated levels of leukocytes in the semen - is a sign of occurrence of inflammation in the genitourinary system man.If the inflammation is not cured, it can cause male infertility.Inflammatory processes may lead to such consequences:

sperm indicators

  • sperm genetic mutations and their damage;
  • adhesions that violate patency semevynosyaschih ways;
  • damage the prostate gland that is responsible for sperm production;
  • functional and anatomical deficiency and decreased sperm motility;
  • elevated levels of prostaglandins in the body.

leukocytes in the semen can be determined if the assigned semen.If the content of leucocytes in semen above normal in most cases occurs in the male nature of infectious inflammation.Given the potential consequences for the overall health and male fertility, it is neces

sary after receiving the information about the elevated levels of white blood cells undergo a more detailed examination, the doctor was able to diagnose exactly which pathogens are present in the male body.

Norma leukocytes in the semen

Ultrasound of the genitourinary system small content of leukocytes in the semen - this is normal, and above normal indicates the occurrence of inflammation.Typically, inflammatory processes lead to an increase in their contents repeatedly.In identifying such a deviation is assigned to bacteriological examination, which allows to identify its causes.

Norma content of leukocytes in the semen is not more than 1 million cells per 1 ml and not more than 3-5 cells in the visual field.If these limits are increased, then the man leucocytospermia.This condition is diagnosed approximately every 5 men of those who have infertility revealed.

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reasons for increasing the level of white blood cells

Leucocytospermia can be caused by various diseases.Typically, this inflammation in one of the following organs:

  • prostate;
  • testicles;
  • seminal vesicles.

greatest threat to male fertility is the defeat of the testicles, because in them is the formation of mature sperm capable of fertilizing an egg. leukocytospermia Influence on man's ability to bear children due to the fact that this state leads to increased formation of prostaglandins, as well as to a violation of the stability of the cell membrane as a result of damage to their reactive oxygen species, which are beginning to be developed intensively.

Such a reaction of the organism is aimed at combating pathogens infectious process, but it has a negative side-effect on the organs of the reproductive system.It is therefore necessary to identify the inflammation as soon as possible to conduct timely treatment.

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Treatment leukocytospermia

PCR diagnostics course of treatment at leukocytospermia assigned depending on whether that was the cause of it.This makes the importance of the differential diagnosis for those who have found such a state.the following methods can be used to make an accurate diagnosis:

  • ultrasound of the genitourinary system;
  • PCR diagnostics;
  • bacteriological diagnosis;
  • serological diagnosis;
  • immunological research.

main group of drugs prescribed for leukocytospermia, has antimicrobial activity.

Medicines have to fight pathogens that caused inflammation.Among all possible antibiotic is preferable to use those which have a penetrating power and can influence directly in the prostate tissue, testes, or seminal vesicles.Typically, course duration is 5 days up to 1 week.

If the inflammation is caused by a viral infection, then the treatment will be longer.It may be necessary and immunostimulatory therapy.anti-inflammatory agents should be appointed jointly with these drugs.This will minimize the negative effect on testicular tissue.


aids to enhance the effectiveness of existing drugs is assigned to vitamin therapy, metabolic therapy, and anti-oxidants.As a rule, course of taking these drugs is 1 month.After this re-appointed semen, and treatment can be appointed again.

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Preventive measures against leukocytospermia

To avoid white blood cells results in a higher than normal semen analysis, it is necessary to take preventive measures.Save male health and fertility is possible by adhering to simple rules:

  • avoiding promiscuity and unprotected communications;
  • avoiding hypothermia;
  • hardening;
  • a balanced diet with plenty of vitamin E and zinc;
  • regular visits to the doctor.


should be noted that a laboratory examination of seminal fluid as semen analysis, reveals a lot of diseases and pathologies in the early stages andthereby avoiding all sorts of complications.To determine the high content of leucocytes in semen, indicating the development of an inflammatory process that can only spermogramme.Early detection will save the man's health and prevent infertility.