As the egg is implanted prosthesis ?

How implanted prosthetic testicle?

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  • reasons that encourage thinking about prosthetics
  • physical properties of testicular prosthesis and move operations
  • Possible complications after surgery

in andrology practice there are situations when men either congenital reasons or because of an illness is not 1 or 2 eggs.This is a sensitive issue now successfully permitted, with the help of ongoing surgery prosthetic bodies scrotum.

Surgery prosthetic bodies scrotum

essence of an operation that the patient is implanted special prosthetic testicle, which performs a purely cosmetic feature. This creates all the conditions for a man to feel completely full life and its intimate incarnation.

reasons that encourage thinking about prosthetics

cryptorchism In most cases, all the issues related to the asymmetry of the scrotum or the absence of one testicle, usually does not pose a threat.If it is caused by congenital disorders, the majority of men may well carry out their physiological functions of men, including the

ability to procreate.But while there is a cosmetic problem that can cause damage to the psyche of a man and a hypothetical cause problems in the future or present sex life.

congenital condition and acquired causes of the lack of a testicle in men:

  • innate nature of the disease, which led to a lack of 1 or 2 testicles (anorchidism and monorhiya);
  • phenomenon cryptorchidism, characterized in that the balls or one of them descended into the scrotum;
  • surgery, which led to the removal of the testes;
  • event surgical castration patient (in the case of a malignant tumor of the prostate gland of late);
  • traumatic cause (damage caused removal of testicles);
  • testkuly atrophy caused by torsion of the spermatic cord).

Modern medicine uses not only a physiological component, which is characterized by the decision of a life-threatening problems and restoration of physiological abilities, but also the psychic vector directed to the morale of the patients with congenital or undergoing surgery.

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physical properties of the prosthetic testicle and move operations

testicular prosthesis is an article ellipsoid form with a liquid or gel-like contents.

testicular Implants prosthesis shell made of polymeric materials.This should be maintained on the special requirements of elasticity and strength.Some testicular implants contain within a special liquid, thus allowing the shell material to be both resilient and durable.Chemical inertness

polymeric materials from which implants are made, allows the shell testicular not enter the biochemical processes with body tissues.Some manufacturers of prostheses filled the interior of the gel, which allows for a more realistic feeling with tactile perception.American Medical company «Mentor» produces quite a large series of implant material for various purposes.Testicular prostheses introduced by them in a wide size.This makes it possible to choose the value of the implant that is suitable for each individual patient.

Before the operation is carried out to study the patient's medical records for serious diseases, including infectious nature.At the same time the patient is losing general clinical analysis of blood and urine.In some cases it investigated hormones.

Testicular Prosthesis carried out by local or epidural anesthesia.Epidural (spinal) anesthesia pain management involves a full body in the field of prosthetics.It should be noted that epidural anesthesia is a specific manipulation, requiring special equipment.Therefore, the choice of the anesthetic is necessary in practice to make sure that the selected type of anesthesia in the clinic.

Local anesthesia General anesthesia is rarely performed and is shown in the specific cases related to the moral condition of the patient.

testicular prosthesis is performed as follows.It creates an incision in the side of the scrotum, and then introduced into the inner space of the egg.Some implants can fix themselves to the bottom of the scrotum with a special loop.At the final stage of the incision is closed.The operation usually takes place without severe bleeding and bruising.

alternative type of prosthesis is that the prosthesis is inserted through the inguinal canal, it is closer to the introduction of artificial eggs naturally.This method allows you to do without compromising the integrity of the scrotal tissue.

testicular prosthesis is held in a surgical operating room.The operation takes about 30-50 minutes.Depending on the individual condition of the patient the physician sets the residence time in the compartment after implantation.Typically, the hospital stay is 2-3 days.

Within 10-12 days the patient must wear a special sling, whose task without undue stress on the skin of the scrotum during the healing period.


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Possible complications after surgery

Modern surgery techniques allow testicular prosthesis with an extremely low level of complications arising.Nevertheless, there are cases where after the operation there:

  • abscess in the incision area caused by infection;
  • edema, scrotal tissue;
  • bleeding;
  • inflammation caused by the body's reaction to a foreign body.

Separately, you can select this complication, as the reduction of the capsule in which the prosthesis is.The process of forming a shell lasts a few months.And, if not choose the size of the prosthesis, its deformation can occur, which would entail the replacement of the implant.


To reduce the likelihood of developing any complications require meticulous in choosing the clinic and surgeon.Usually reviews successfully operated patients will give a full and accurate picture of the selected hospital.