What is a varicocele embolization ?

What is varicocele embolization?

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  • What is a varicocele?
  • How does a varicocele?
  • main methods of treatment of varicocele
  • Endovascular treatment of varicocele

Any organ of the human body needs in the circulation, the testicles in men as well.Blood flow to the testicular artery is provided, and the outflow - small veins.The veins are valves through which blood return movement is blocked.As a result, it may develop a varicocele - varicose veins of the spermatic cord.The most modern method of treatment of this disease - it is a varicocele embolization.

Surgery to remove a varicocele

What is a varicocele?

Approximately one in ten male child has a congenital hypoplasia of the spermatic vein.This leads to the fact that the blood flows along the vein in the opposite direction.The result is increased pressure in the blood vessels, and blood flow to the testis is significantly reduced.Increased pressure in the veins leads to the fact that they are expanding and testicular atrophy develops.The o

lder boy, the more aggravated by the state of the testicle.In some cases, developing infertility.

cause of infertility specialists are called not only to poor circulation in the testis but also raising its temperature, which is caused by the accumulation of blood in the scrotum.For normal production of sperm requires that testicular temperature was 2-3 degrees lower than normal human body temperature.Almost half of men who identified infertility and have varicoceles, which allows professionals to perceive the relationship between these phenomena.

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How does a varicocele?

pills Treatment initial stage of varicocele is asymptomatic, so you can detect the disease only at the routine inspection by a doctor. Varicose veins on the left side of the scrotum can be felt by palpation.In addition, men may experience nagging pain in his groin.At the initial stage of the disease such feelings occur during physical exertion, gradually they can express themselves, even when the man is in a state of rest.Varicocele is dangerous because it can cause serious complications - infertility.

Experts identify several levels of disease:

  1. Mild forms a small lump in the scrotum, which can only be detected by palpation.No other symptoms of varicocele not manifest itself.
  2. When the disease reaches an average level of development, tumor formation is becoming easier to find.On palpation does not require straining as if mild.
  3. expression of the degree of varicocele is characterized by the fact that education in the spermatic cord can be seen without palpation - inspection is sufficient.

It should be noted that the extent of the disease differ only in their external manifestation.In this egg undergoes the same violations as in mild and in severe degree of varicocele.

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main methods of treatment of varicocele

diagnostika_zabolevaniya varicocele treatment operational method can be carried out.Surgery is considered to be the most effective way to get rid of this disease.Given that the varicose veins of the spermatic cord are asymptomatic, surgery may be imposed only in cases when the varicocele causes pain or expressed in the development of male infertility under the influence of varicocele.

During the operation ligated seed left Vienna.Subsequently, the blood flow to the testicle will be provided by other venous pathways.Surgery for a varicocele can be accomplished in several different ways:

  • usual;
  • microsurgical bypass;
  • endoscopically.

Normal operation is to ensure that the seed Vienna ligated.For this purpose, 5 cm incision is performed. In most cases, the operation is performed using local anesthesia.Typically, the patient stays in the hospital for 7 days.

With microsurgical operations shunt Vienna seed is sewn to another, in which the valves are functioning normally.This method is considered to be the most physiological.However, it has its drawbacks.To perform such an operation requires general anesthesia, and the patient treatment takes considerably more time.


Under endoscopic surgery refers vein ligation or by a clip on her okolobryushnoy part.To cut operation is performed, only three puncture in the abdominal wall.

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Endovascular treatment of varicocele

alternative to any of the operations described above can be called modern, but increasingly popular method of treatment - embolization in varicocele.The peculiarity of this method of treatment is that it is non-invasive.The effectiveness of such treatment is not inferior to surgery.

Under varicocele embolization with means thrombosing spermatic vein from the inside.

Methods of boils down to that performed on the thigh vein puncture, and through it on the vein held a thin catheter.Its thickness should not exceed 2 mm.First, it is administered in the kidney, and from there into the seminal vein.


Vienna investigated, for this they placed a contrast agent.After successful studies in the catheter is inserted sklerozant - a special substance that will lead to the formation of a blood clot in the vein of the seed.At this stage, the patient experiences a mild pain in the groin.

When embolization is complete, the patient should remain in the hospital for 2-3 hours.He recommended bed rest and observation of doctors.Unless noted no complications during this time, the patient can go home.Almost immediately, the patient can return to normal life.The exception is the strong physical exertion.Within a month after embolization was performed, should refrain from heavy lifting and sports training.This will prevent recanalization of the thrombus in the vein of the seed.

Benefits varicocele embolization before surgical treatments are:

  1. not left scars.It does not require general anesthesia.
  2. patient hospitalization is not required.
  3. varicocele recurrences are excluded due to the fact that conducted a preliminary study of venous thrombosis and other branches.
  4. The ability to identify the renal vein pathology.In this case, it is impossible to conduct embolization with varicocele.
  5. spermatic cord is located in the immediate vicinity of the veins is not at risk of damage.
  6. same efficiency, as well as from open surgery.At the same time after embolization recurrence is 2 times less.


Modern medicine offers a new, more effective treatments for a wide variety of diseases.Embolization of varicoceles - is one example of the development of medical science.This method of treatment prevents recurrence and cure varicose spermatic vein quickly and without anesthesia, which reduces the number of complications after treatment.The effectiveness of this method of treatment is not less than that of open surgery.

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