Chronic pyelonephritis

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dolechennye disease tend to become chronic.Intrinsically it and pyelonephritis.Since his treatment for a long period, and the improvement of the patient with adequate therapy comes quickly, many patients simply toss the designated physician treatment.It turns out that the acute phase of pyelonephritis becomes chronic, and people know and do not suspect.What you need to know about its symptoms and treatment?

Chronic pyelonephritis - an inflammatory disease of the kidneys, which is localized in their pyelocaliceal system.Chronic pyelonephritis may develop in men and women of any age.Sometimes it becomes a complication of other medical conditions.Medical statistics says that chronic pyelonephritis suffers more than 20% of the total adult population.

As is typical for this kind of disease?This aching pain in the lower back, and often asymmetrical, that is, pain on one side.By the way, there are no pain there, where the diseased kidney, and on the other hand, the rest of which is not typical dis

eases.Patients often complain that the freeze in the lumbar region.If we talk about chronic pyelonephritis in children, they may even be localized pain in the abdomen.

is characteristic of the disease, and raising the temperature to 38 ° C at night.The most common symptom of chronic pyelonephritis form - frequent urination.The man who does not drink a lot of fluids in the evening, go to the toilet during the night of 2-3.Sometimes the disease can manifest and increasing pressure.Deterioration of health and weakness, poor mood and headaches, swelling of the face and legs by the end of the day - often a sign of chronic pyelonephritis.

laboratory signs of chronic pyelonephritis are reduced hemoglobin in a blood test, an increased number of white blood cells in the urine, bacteriuria, and protein in the urine.

It is to eliminate the pathogen.To do this, doctors prescribe antibiotics and uroseptiki.The main requirement to drugs in the treatment of this disease is their minimum nephrotoxicity and efficacy with respect to infectious agents.Typically, treatment success doing a urine culture for sensitivity to antibiotics.Then, the doctor will be easier to choose a drug in a particular case.Typically, in the treatment of chronic pyelonephritis used penicillins.This may be amoxicillin, azlocillin, carbenicillin.

also apply tsedeks and fluoroquinolones.They are effective against almost all pathogens of urinary tract infection.Although these medicines are not toxic, but in the treatment of children and adolescents with chronic pyelonephritis, as well as pregnant women, should not be applied.

Detoxification of the body is to increase fluid intake to three liters per day.Doctors recommend drinking purified water and juices, fruit drinks and fruit drinks from dried fruits.

It should be noted that the recipes of traditional medicine as an effective aid to the antibiotic therapy.Gathering herbs herbalists advised to apply for a long time.Usually they recommend to hold monthly courses of herbal medicine after antibiotic treatment.So, may be used in the treatment of chronic pyelonephritis such charges:

It should be noted that the use of herbal and also requires the use of a sufficient amount of liquid in the form of a drink.At a minimum, it is necessary to use in order to kidney purified carbonated two liters of pure water per day.

Spa treatment is also great help in the fight against disease.You can visit the resorts of Truskavets and Zheleznovodsk, Cook and Karlovy Vary.

cold and alcohol, smoking and freezing feet are always adversely affect the treatment of chronic pyelonephritis.Strictly speaking, these factors are the instigators of the disease.So take care of yourself, pay attention to their own health.

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