Symptoms of chronic pyelonephritis

Unfortunately, this unpleasant disease, as chronic pyelonephritis (kidney inflammation), familiar to many of us.Inflammation of the kidneys is treated long enough, and the disease itself is accompanied by a mass of unpleasant sensations.Since the kidney is one of the vital organs of the human body, it is very important to take care of them and try to avoid escalating pyelonephritis chronic.Otherwise you will have to periodically referred to a nephrologist throughout life.On the causes of inflammation of the kidneys, as well as the symptoms of the disease, we want to tell in more detail in our current publications.So if you have been such a problem, then this article is for you.

professional Speaking in medical terms, chronic pyelonephritis is defined as a unilateral or bilateral inflammation of the renal pelvis system with involvement in the process of renal parenchyma, which develops from an acute form of the disease.Simply put, causes inflammation of the kidneys lie in the active infection, violation

of the outflow of urine, the formation of stones and other pathologies of the upper urinary tract.All these factors contribute to the inflammatory process, and the disease develops into a chronic form.Assigning the wrong treatment regimens with antibiotics can also cause chronic illness.That is, if an acute form of pyelonephritis is not cured, there is a great likelihood of the disease into a chronic form.

How to recognize that the inflammation of the kidneys develops into a chronic form?Try to understand.Let's start with the fact that running pyelonephritis appears as a succession of periods of acute inflammation of the kidneys and extinction.During exacerbation of symptoms of chronic inflammation of the kidneys are no different from signs of acute illness:

Therefore it is very important not to endure the pain, and especially not to turn off its painkillers, but at the first sign of kidney inflammation to see a doctor.An experienced physician diagnosed chronic pyelonephritis based on the results of urinalysis, general and biochemical blood tests, urine analysis, and analysis nechyporenko bakposev, ultrasound study and computed tomography.

Urinalysis reveals that present in the urine increased number of leukocytes.Bacteriological research will help to identify the pathogen bacterium to further pick up antibiotic correctly.Ultrasound shows a change in the kidneys, and the CT is designed to distinguish tumor from chronic pyelonephritis.

Unfortunately, this diagnosis is chronic inflammation of the kidneys and does not spare the child's body.If inflammation of the kidneys is stored for six months after the onset of the disease, it develops into a chronic form.Changes in the urine, pain, intoxication and urination disorders in children indicate serious problems with the kidneys.However, to confirm the chronic stage of the disease, it is necessary to hold a series of laboratory tests.The risk of chronic pyelonephritis in children is that these kids suffer from a weakening of psychic and mental activity, tired quickly and pretty seriously carry school training load.

If you are a child or a teenager suffered inflammation of the kidney, then it is likely that during pregnancy pyelonephritis acquire chronic.This is due to the fact that pregnancy - immunodeficiency, so during its course may worsen everything latent infections.This disease can affect the development of the baby, so it is very important to pay attention to the symptoms and start treatment on time.

summed up our conversation today, I would like to reiterate that the timely examination and competent treatment of pyelonephritis is able to prevent it from escalating into chronic form.So do not delay a visit to the doctor and follow his instructions to keep your health for years to come!

Take care of yourself and do not get sick!