Treatment of chronic pyelonephritis

Chronic pyelonephritis - the consequences of inflammation of the kidneys, which leads to disruption of their work properly.Usually, inflammation of the kidneys develop into chronic pyelonephritis after acute, as well as due to the violation of the outflow of urine and urinary tract pathologies.Diagnosis and treatment of a chronic pyelonephritis - a problem nephrologist and urologist.However, to have the slightest notion of what is the treatment of chronic inflammation of the kidneys, must each of us.So, what methods of treatment of chronic pyelonephritis exist in modern traditional medicine - Tell us in our today's publication.

First of all, it should be noted that the treatment of this disease implies sparing regimen, diet and drug therapy.It is important to avoid hypothermia and colds, because they can only aggravate the disease.That is why, if there are any background pyelonephritis infectious diseases, you should be sure to carry out further analyzes of urine.

Next let's talk about diet.In all form

s and stages of pyelonephritis it is very important to eliminate from the diet of spicy food and spices, coffee, and alcoholic beverages, fatty meat and fish broth.Daily diet should consist of fortified and enough high-calorie food.The emphasis is on fruits and vegetables, eggs, boiled lean meat, milk and dairy products.

important point in the diet in chronic pyelonephritis is drinking regime.On the day you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid - this will prevent the excessive concentration of urine and help normalize the functioning of the urinary tract.Preference should be given cranberry juice, which is rich in anti-bacterial substances.However, if there is a chronic form of pyelonephritis in the acute period, the fluid intake, on the contrary, should be reduced because the flow of urine when this condition is violated.You should also limit the intake of salt.

In all forms of the disease is recommended to eat foods that contain a lot of iron and cobalt, as well as those that have a diuretic effect.It is a strawberry, strawberries, pomegranates, apples, grapes, watermelon and cantaloupe.

With regard to medical treatment, then drugs are commonly used antibacterial agents - antibiotics, sulfonamides, uroseptiki.However, antimicrobial treatment is prescribed only after the results bakanaliza.In chronic pyelonephritis use a combination of antibacterial drugs with different mechanisms of action that will sterilize the urine.

After remitting acute pyelonephritis assigned long-term treatment with low doses of antimicrobial drugs, which are periodically changed.It can also be used and phytoremedy.For example, a good effect is given decoctions and infusions of juniper berries, herb horsetail, bearberry leaf, kidney tea.However, remember that herbal remedies can not replace medical treatment - they can only improve the effect of antibiotics or diuretics.

treatment of chronic pyelonephritis important vitamin.It is especially important to take antihistamines and anti-inflammatory drugs while taking antibiotics.

If chronic pyelonephritis defies medical therapy and there is a shrinkage of the kidney, surgery is appointed.

In conclusion, we recall that any disease is easier to prevent than to treat.Therefore, in the prevention of chronic pyelonephritis it is very important to diagnose urinary tract infection, begin treatment and to direct all efforts to increase immunity.

Take care of yourself and do not get sick!

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