Diet in chronic pyelonephritis

treatment of many diseases requires adherence to diets.Proper nutrition - auxiliary factor treatment.How do you need to eat in pyelonephritis chronic form?What does a diet in chronic pyelonephritis?

Chronic inflammation of the kidney tissue, which is caused by a bacterial infection, and there is a chronic pyelonephritis.He in urology is the most common kidney disease.Usually, it is accompanied by the flow of headaches and low back pain, urinary changes.In chronic pyelonephritis inflamed renal pelvis renal system or both kidneys.It should be noted that the chronic form develops on the basis of acute pyelonephritis.Very often, this disease does not finish the cure.For acute pyelonephritis therapy rather long, it should be treated a month, and patients in the process of feeling better just stop prescribing physician therapy.In connection with this disease often transformed into chronic relapse.So, what is necessary and can not be used in this disease to adults?

diet depends largely on the stage of the dis

ease.In periods of exacerbations food is different.So, the diet during this period is for kidney sparing character.Proteins and salt for the first time are limited.The diet should consist of foods rich in vitamins and trace elements, and its calorie content must not be less than 3200 kcal per day.It is forbidden to use during periods of exacerbations canned food and spices, rich broth, and alcohol and coffee.Recommended menu in watermelons and melons, pumpkins and squash as a diuretic foods.It allowed all sorts of berries and fruits, vegetables and juices.As for protein products, it is necessary to include in the daily diet of milk and dairy products.When the stage of exacerbation of chronic pyelonephritis calms down, you can add to the menu of beef and chicken, lean beef and fish.

Stage exacerbation of chronic pyelonephritis - a complete rejection of animal fats.Only vegetable in moderation should be the diet.The liquid at this time should drink melenkimi meals throughout the day.Eating a large amount at once can only harm the kidneys.

In remission of chronic pyelonephritis diet includes such important products as fresh onions and garlic, herbal teas.Prohibited in chronic pyelonephritis coffee and alcohol.Experts recommend in remission drink a glass of cranberry juice with methionine 3-4 times a day.This drink triggers the formation of hippuric acid in the liver.It is excreted by the kidneys, and serves as an excellent antibacterial agents for inflammatory processes.

great effect have teas in remission of chronic pyelonephritis.It is advisable to change the composition of tea collections every two weeks.You can brew a regular sheet of bearberry, and you can buy ready-made pharmaceutical teas and fees.During the day, doctors recommend drinking 3-4 cups of this tea.

products authorized in the period of remission, it is eggs and boiled fish, boiled meat and low-fat milk, cereals and vegetables, fruits and berries.Regarding legumes, they must negotiate the use of a doctor, as well as the use of spices.

Sometimes nutrition in chronic pyelonephritis should be adjusted depending on the presence of comorbidities.For example, iron deficiency anemia is intended to include in a diet of apples and strawberries, pomegranates and beets.Perhaps the appointment of iron wine.

When uremic syndrome emphasis is on products that reduce toxicity.It fruits, grains, vegetables, and thus protein intake is reduced to a minimum.

When it comes to allergies in chronic pyelonephritis, it is necessary to avoid those foods that cause a patient such reactions.When combined with a chronic pyelonephritis glomerulonefritomom, it provides drinking limit.It is possible to use an average of 600 grams of water with a gradual increase of the volume.In addition, this combination imposes diseases taboo of salt and protein.

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