Acute pyelonephritis

Very often a person with diseased kidneys give out bags under the eyes.

pyelonephritis often have a genetic nature, that is inherited.So often the acute form of the disease may progress to a chronic stage.So, to learn more about the causes, symptoms, treatment of this disease.

From pyelonephritis affects people of any age, gender.But in the majority of the disease affects women and children of preschool age.

pyelonephritis often fixed for women, because they have shorter urethra, which contributes to the rapid spread of infection.In men, the cause of pyelonephritis and prostatitis may be narrowing of the urethra.

emergence pyelonephritis also contribute to immune system problems and chronic diseases.Women can catalyze pielonifrit gynecological diseases.

In addition, the common causes of this disease in women and men are diabetes and various inflammatory diseases.It should be noted that the specific pathogen pyelonephritis simply does not exist.

The disease can be rods and cocci, causing a host of o

ther diseases in the human body.In 20% of cases the cause of pyelonephritis is an infection that enters the kidneys through the blood, lymph or with urinogenous, ie with a current of infected urine.

Doctors divide the factors contributing to the development of pyelonephritis, on the local and general.

Common belong to decreased immunity and vitamin deficiency, stress and chronic diseases that block the body's defenses.Local factors include the conditions in which the flow of urine is difficult, that is, urolithiasis or renal tumors.

Acute pyelonephritis begins suddenly.Typically, this temperature rise and low back pain, frequent urination with cutting.Local symptoms are joined by common - headache, sweating, fatigue.Sometimes the pain is localized in the lower abdomen.It can be given in the groin and increases during leaned forward.

Allocated urine in acute pyelonephritis muddy, sometimes mixed with blood and an unpleasant odor.One of the characteristic signs of the disease is dysuria, ie permanent painful urination.

Statistics show that up to 5 years of age in children acute pyelonephritis occurs more frequently than at school age.Medical evidence suggests that girls are ill three times more often than boys.

Treatment of acute pyelonephritis is most often conservative.Ill hospitalized and prescribed bed rest.Doctors are advised to drink plenty of fluids, eat food rich in carbohydrates and dairy products.

In this disease in a sick body breaks down protein strongly.For this reason the patient is prescribed administration of drugs, which contain protein.Then, when the patient's condition improved slightly, expanding its food and easily digestible proteins.The patient does not restrict their salt intake if there is no serious damage to the kidneys.The main method of treatment of acute pyelonephritis is the impact on its agents antibacterial drugs (different antibiotics).It quickly relieves inflammation in the kidneys and is not allowed suppurative destructive disease.

In order to avoid the transfer of acute pyelonephritis in chronic form, it is necessary for 6 weeks to continue antibiotic treatment.This duration of therapy because of the penetration of the infection into the kidney to its complete elimination takes place 5 weeks.

If treatment of acute pyelonephritis was started on time, its favorable forecasts.Usually, after 4-5 days the body temperature decreases, and the patient's general condition is improved.Within 7 days disappears and bacteriuria.Often, while improving overall health people stop treatment, and thereby give the disease the opportunity to move into the chronic form.But after leaving home, it is necessary to continue treatment on an outpatient basis under the supervision of an urologist and monitor urine.

most dangerous consequence of acute pyelonephritis is a gradual development of renal failure.But this can be prevented if you follow doctors' recommendations for treatment and finally, have patience.