you often freezes, supercool, or a cold?

you do not care too much about his health, not thinking of the daily toilet of your organs of the excretory system?Or maybe you have already noticed the decrease in immunity, snot, or a runny nose?You worried about the pain, back pain, or frequent urination?

If most of the questions you answered yes - you probably have latent pyelonephritis.

Due to the lack of attention to their health a person gets the disease excretory system organs, and in particular having kidney disease.The most common kidney disease - 20% of the population - a pyelonephritis, which is why some people tend to recover without any hospital, "on your feet", or treated at home using the Internet.

pyelonephritis - a kidney disease that is inflammatory in nature, and acute pyelonephritis - appears for the first time the disease could not be detected earlier.

The main reason for the disease - pathogenic microflora, as which can act different as Gram-positive, Gram-negative bacteria as well.If w

e analyze more deeply, it is a burning pyelocaliceal renal system (or kidney).

Usually it is accompanied by other diseases of the genitourinary system, including pyelonephritis precede cystitis or urethritis, or any other disease, not even just the urogenital system.

main reasons there are two:

For example, it often happens when staying in public places or places with a particular level of contamination of pathogenic microflora (public restrooms, showers, and so on) was the reason for the appearance of the urinary duct infection - because apart from the toilet circlethe source of the bacteria is the air itself, which is confirmed by all the bacteriological laboratory.

most important thing to remember is that there is pyelonephritis in women and girls are six times more likely than men and boys, because the total length of the urinary flow in boys much more pathological and pathogenic microflora traveling on it before dying.For example, in women it is less variable and is 3-4 centimeters, and in boys between 18 and 25 centimeters, which is a significant barrier to the penetration of infection during freezing in boys but not in girls.

bacterial flora pathogens Escherichia coli pyelonephritis provided (Escherichia coli), also Proteuses (Proteus), different enterococci (Enterococcus), dangerous Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Pseudomonas aeruginosa), and various staphylococci (Staphylococcus).

There are two ways to enter the human body bacterial infection:

first way they are transported from any outbreak of infection in the body.Thus, falling in the kidneys, they begin to multiply and produce inflammation.The second method - advancing along the wall of the ureter - bacteria can get into the kidney dish.Then the illness begins with cystitis or urethritis, or general malaise, and then left untreated or not showing much painful symptoms, travels above then called pyelonephritis rising.

Symptoms of pyelonephritis can be clearly characterized to diagnose this disease:

sign may be an increase in temperature to 38-40 degrees Celsius, and be accompanied by a fever - with this we can conclude that pyelonephritis may begin after hypothermia, or any infectious diseaseor viral infectious diseases (mycoplasmosis - mycoplasmas are a symbiosis of virus and bacteria).Pyelonephritis

and may begin with other renal diseases, such as accompany urolithiasis because mochetoka traumatization and kidney tissues and decreased immunity concerning then possible infection.Pyelonephritis can start with cystitis or urethritis - so you should treat such diseases.

Generally, the total condition of the patient - heavy, feeling of weakness, and nausea, sometimes vomiting, and general pallor.

also patient experiences pain when urinating, it is very frequent, sometimes in small portions, even for an hour may be about 5-8 urination when normal for the human body has a normal urination 5-7 per day.

When urination is observed turbidity of urine, sometimes even visible specks of blood.

the patient is pain in the back, especially in the lumbar region, may on the one hand, maybe a two - depending on the severity of both kidneys, or just one.

pyelonephritis, cystitis that develops after and urolithiasis is a severe disease and immediately called chronic, then it is treated very carefully, for fear of the risk of remission.Then

respectively designate SPL common blood and urine tests, bacterial urine culture, less likely to use X-ray, cystoscopy and other blood tests.

most accurate pyelonephritis noticeable on the overall analysis of urine - increased protein and white blood cell count, traces of bacteria determined.

erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) will be raised at the general analysis of blood, elevated white blood cell count and the WBC will be shifted to the right.

If a patient has symptoms of pyelonephritis complications were observed, prescribe antibiotics or uroseptiki or appoint a general course of complex application and order and other means.

course consists of:

course of treatment - a rather complicated.

pyelonephritis is:

acute pyelonephritis consider when it occurs due to certain circumstances, for the first time - it is characterized by severe pain, fever and nausea.

Chronic pyelonephritis becomes as acute pyelonephritis has not been cured, or by virtue of a strong supercooling nesoderzhanii body the genitourinary system and clean there is a repeated infestation.Then talk about pyelonephritis remission and treatment becomes more intense.

Failure to treat exacerbations of chronic pyelonephritis - very dangerous.Recurrent inflammation of the kidneys can lead to other functional changes, if not because of the treatment, which is carried out correctly by the patient, or because of untreated or self-medication.That is why the treatment of pyelonephritis can not hold their own or with the help of home recipes, it is better to ask about these tools, your doctor, and he will provide you with all of the recommendations, which will be related as the severity of your condition, and even the size of your wallet.

After all, pyelonephritis can pick up a variety of cost and efficiency of systems of medicines, is only polite to tell your doctor.In any case, the choice of medicines for treatment depends on your condition, and cost of drugs is considered last.

Especially thinking about prevention and treatment of pyelonephritis is necessary to girls, women and girls, because they have to take care of your body to perform its natural role, and the infection can lead to complications that hamper it.

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