pyelonephritis Treatment folk remedies

Many diseases can be treated in two ways: medication and folk remedies.The first way to heal more quickly, but very often there are side effects.Second - traditional medicine, longer, but safe and gentle.pyelonephritis treatment is also possible with the help of folk remedies.So what are the fees and recipes popular recipes you can use?

Herbal remedies in the treatment of pyelonephritis have a diuretic, anti-bacterial, analgesic, antipyretic effects.

Herbal treatment - a normalization of capillary permeability of the kidney.Even long-term use of the same charges in the treatment of pyelonephritis never causes complications.This improves not only the function of the kidneys, but also the dream of man, his overall health.

To cure this disease with herbs to be effective, it is recommended to stick to fruit and vegetable diet with restriction of salt and spices, animal protein.Of course, it is desirable and alcohol at the same time do not eat, quit smoking, if there is such a habit.After treatment - a rec

overy of the body.And how can we simultaneously redeveloped and nicotine poison themselves with alcohol?

As for seasonal treatment folk remedies, it is well-known watermelon in August-September, cleansing the kidneys and exempting them from sand, relieves inflammation.In the spring of treatment is birch sap, which produces a similar effect.

If you tune in folk medicine treatment of kidney disease, please be patient.This treatment lasts for three months, sometimes intermittent.

When pyelonephritis, doctors recommend the use of medicinal plants:

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