pyelonephritis Home Treatment

Any violation of the internal organs indicate that the body goes through some disease processes.That is why it is very important to diagnose the disease in time and start effective treatment.Naturally, diagnose the disease can only be a specialist, and even then, often after a series of laboratory tests.But what to do if you can not see a doctor?Ignore changes in the body can not, so it is important to explore the possible symptoms of the disease and provide your body first aid.In today's post we want to talk about the treatment of pyelonephritis in the home.Is it possible to independently facilitate the state in kidney inflammation, and what treatments to use?All this and more talk on.

Let's start with the fact that in most cases the diagnosis "pyelonephritis" the doctor prescribes anti-bacterial drugs, diet and bed rest.The hospital sent with pyelonephritis with sharp and dangerous exacerbations.In other cases, the treatment of pyelonephritis is carried out in the home.

Speaking of diet in pyelonephr

itis, it is important to note that in this disease should be excluded from the diet spicy and fatty foods, spices and alcohol.Preference is given to fruit, low-fat meat and dairy products.It is also recommended to drink cranberry juice, which has antimicrobial activity.Such a diet will clean the body and greatly facilitate the patient's condition.

With regard to medical treatment, there are usually prescribed antibiotics, which are designed to kill bacteria and germs.However, we all know that the action of antibiotics and also suffers intestinal microflora.Therefore, antibiotics opponents prefer to use alternative means.Is there a cure pyelonephritis folk remedies?Consider further.

turns, herbal medicine approved for the treatment of pyelonephritis, but in this case, the recovery process will be long enough.Unlike antibiotics, herbal remedies do not eliminate the disease within 3-4 days, so they have to drink for a long time.Also note that the use of folk remedies for treatment of pyelonephritis is possible only with the permission of a doctor.Self-medication can aggravate the situation and lead to the fact that pyelonephritis develop into the chronic form.

For the treatment of pyelonephritis in the home has proved popular broth bearberry (bear ears) and broth cranberries.It is also an integral part of most of the renal fees are birch leaf, liquorice root, chamomile, horsetail, Viola tricolor, series, rosehips and St. John's wort.Drinking should be warm.All broths should drink half an hour before a meal.

addition to kidney teas and decoctions good results in the treatment of pyelonephritis give foot and sitz baths with the same herbs.During the bath, the waist should wrap.If you get sick in the season watermelons ripening, this berry will help you to quickly clean the urinary tract from infection if eaten watermelon as a separate dish, and not as a dessert after a hearty lunch.

important to note that even after receiving state relief herbal remedies should continue with pyelonephritis.And this should be done continuously without breaks for a holiday or weekend.For a month or two you should drink daily fitosbory.Furthermore, throughout the year, even in the absence of recurrence of the disease, it is necessary for 10 days every 1-2 months to repeat the intake of herbal remedies.This will allow you to avoid the exacerbation and escalation of pyelonephritis chronic.

In conclusion: if the treatment of pyelonephritis folk remedies for a week did not bring relief, then you should think about the treatment of antibacterial agents.Perhaps, your body can not cope with the infection on their own, so do not risk the health and begin treatment with antibiotics.In any case, do not hesitate to once again consult with your doctor and discuss all possible methods of treatment of this disease.

Take care of yourself and do not get sick!