Causes of prostatitis

Prostatitis - is widely common urological disease that affects only men.It occurs when infection enters into the prostate gland through the urethra, bladder or rectum.The prostate, which is part of the male reproductive system, has the anatomical location that does not protect it from the risk of contracting various infections.

autoimmune lesion of the prostate tissue is such a condition in which the male immune system is destabilizing its own tissues and cells, in this case the prostate tissue.Given that such damage tissues studied rather superficially, it is difficult to talk about the trigger.

Among the main causes of prostatitis release:

development of prostatitis, as well as the development of almost any other disease, can contribute to the genetic predisposition to the disease.It is for this reason that young people whose close relatives have had prostate problems, should be regularly examined by a urologist with a view to the prevention of prostatitis.

cause of prostatitis may be a regular in

fectious diseases of the genitourinary system.Epididymitis, urethritis, orchiepididymitis, orchitis caused by different agents may provide the impetus to the development of inflammation in the prostate and urethra-prostate reflux.By the latter should be understood throw urine in prostatic ducts during urination.Reflux may occur due to the high pressure level of urine in the urethra at miktsii or gaping with ducts through which sperm is ejected into the urethra.Contain harmful chemicals piss, getting into the prostate ducts causes aseptic inflammation.

In cases of venereal infections are usually similar aggravation does not forget about yourself, because in addition to the pain and itching noticeable manifestation of the infection itself in the form of discharge from the urethra, ulcers on the head of the penis and others.Of course, a good urologist cope with such exacerbations, however, the patient will have to stay long at the doctor, spending a lot of money.It is much wiser to avoid such infections, take precautions during intercourse.

Bacterial infections are the most resistant pathogens inflammation in the prostate.They have the ability to so penetrate into the flora of the male body, that for some people become familiar companion.But there is nothing normal in this flora there.Streptococci and staphylococci are pathogenic organisms and the worst pests to humans.Therefore, they must be fought until their total destruction.

separate discussion deserve dental disease, especially caries.That it is often a source of bacteria that passeth through the body and cause prostatitis.In most men, prostate inflammation occurs immediately after suffering caries, the rest - a little later.

sedentary lifestyle usually leads to stagnation of the pelvic organs, which affects a significant reduction in the protective properties of the prostate gland.

case of violation of the innervation of the pelvic organs, due to spinal cord injury, damage of peripheral nerve trunks during surgery, there is also the risk of prostatitis.The fact that the problem of nerve impulses not only help in reducing smooth muscle organs, but also in the so-called neurotrophic effect.That is, nerve impulses stimulate the cells to power.Termination innervation internal organ, in varying degrees, causing it to atrophy.

Prostatitis, among other things, can be caused by irregular sexual life.The fact that occasionally penetrating urethral bacteria are expelled from duct cancer by ejaculation.Thus, long-term abstinence "off" one of the natural mechanisms of protection against prostate.

Hypothermia causes a twofold situation.Arising in this case acute prostatitis can be treated fairly easily.Urologist easily cure the disease appointment necessary antibiotic and holding dozens of sessions of massage of the prostate gland.However, not every man is drawn immediately to the urologist.Pass the pain, and everything seems to be "ustakanivaetsya".Slightly degrades the erection, but, as a rule, very few people pay attention.And only when the erection is deteriorating significantly and the duration of sexual intercourse becomes indecently short, a man turns to the doctor.And time is already lost.The main danger of this situation lies in the fact that after the first symptoms for about two to three weeks the inflammation of the prostate gland become chronic, and in the rest of his life a man becomes a patient urological cabinet.

Overvoltage and stress cause a similar situation.These processes cause congestion in the prostate gland, with comparable inflammation.There should only be noted that in case of stress, as in the case of venereal infections, inflammatory processes become chronic as fast as in the supercooling.

But in cases of acquired chronic prostatitis exacerbation will occur very often.And the reason for such exacerbations can serve the slightest draft.If the body is healthy men susceptible to prostatitis at overcooling of the pelvis, the body of the patient for chronic prostatitis exacerbation enough even the slightest cold.Prostatitis can remind yourself and the seasonal weakening of the body after a long winter, and in the case of unrealized erection, and after a single dose of alcohol abuse, and as a result of fatigue or a slight surge.

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