Diet for prostate

about the prevalence of a disease is best indicated by the fact, as his name is familiar to people.The case of prostatitis is not in doubt - the name of the disease for a long time known to all and is always on the lips.Prostatitis affects only the stronger sex, and because men are not prone to treatment and suffer from the slightest ailments, the question of the treatment of this disease is extremely urgent and necessary.

prostatitis called inflammation of the prostate gland.The extreme danger of this disease is caused by a violation of the implementation of the main functions of the prostate due to its inflammation.The consequence of prostatitis may be infertility, violation of urination, erection and ejaculation disorders, creating problems in sexual life, as well as the development of adenomas.Unfortunately, the influence of various factors (rapid increase in freedom of sexual intercourse, increased aggression of pathogens, environmental degradation) provokes a steady increase in the frequency of le

sions prostatitis modern male population.

at risk of prostatitis, in the first place, men are forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle (office workers, drivers), as well as representatives of the stronger sex, who have bad habits and promiscuity.From this it follows that almost every man for one reason or another is at risk of prostatitis.

Prostatitis brings a lot of trouble not only to man, but also his inner circle, because the constant aching pain in the lower abdomen, urinary disturbances and problems in sexual life fraught with the development of depression or neurasthenia.And then a man of activity and performance can turn into irritable and tired.Therefore, the time to treatment of prostate inflammation, avoiding a visit to a specialist in any time you can not.

Today doctors offer a variety of methods and techniques of treatment of prostatitis.However, no drugs can not fully get rid of any disease in non-compliance regime and diet.Recent form the basis of all bases.

Thus, treatment of prostatitis involves holding lifestyle correction: the mandatory provision of the body's regular physical activity of sedentary work, body obereganie from temperature extremes, especially from hypothermia.

the treatment of prostatitis diet is necessary: ​​

The menu prostatitis suffering men must necessarily be present in zinc-rich foods.This necessity is due to the fact that the main components prostatic secretions participating in the transport of sperm are zinc citrate and fructose.That zinc is responsible for ensuring an enabling environment for the sperm and is essential for prostate resistance to infectious pathogens.Therefore, based on the volume of daily zinc consumption rates for an adult (15 mg), it is necessary in the diet of man to add the following zinc-containing foods: lentils, peas, beans, pumpkin seeds and seafood.The use of the above products helps in maintaining the normal functioning of the prostate and reduces the risk of inflammation therein.

prerequisite for recovery is a fortification of the body, as in the treatment of prostatitis is very important to use rich in vitamins A, E, D vegetable fats.These substances are contained in large amounts in sunflower, peanut and corn oils, cod liver oil and fish oil.Prostate Protection also provides carotene, which are rich in beets, carrots, pumpkins, plums, apricots.

There is a list of food products, it is undesirable to use prostatitis patients because of their pernicious effect on the prostate gland.

These products include:

complete elimination of alcohol intake under the force of each.Therefore, experts recommend to drink a day not more than 100 grams of cognac, vodka or any other strong drink, 200 grams of natural red wine or a pint of beer.Liquor synthetic base necessary to eliminate completely because of their irritating artificial additives.

Prostatitis can significantly reduce the quality of life of men, but with the help of clinical nutrition, exercise and well-prescription drugs can cure this disease, returning to normal life.

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