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How to clean the body from alcohol

lead a healthy and correct way of life - it's great, but no one is immune from what is sometimes in the company of friends, or any celebration, can be, as they say, to sort out the excess.

If "in the morning in a head Buba, and cocoa in the mouth" after a long feast, so it is necessary to take appropriate measures.There are many ways to cleanse the body of alcohol and hangover make less aggressive.

To get rid of the decay products of ethanol, it is possible to resort to folk methods, drugs and seek help from the medical establishment.It is necessary to note that the process of purification depends on how much liquor was drunk the night before.

the highest quality and fastest way to cleanse the body of ethanol are manipulated in a hospital.Choosing the right dosage and composition of the dropper (it will make experts) will help as soon as possible to feel a lot better.The doctor will take into account all contraindications and indications, allergies, chronic disease, and many other factors.

droppers addition, drug treatment clinics and centers may offer procedures such as gomosorbtseyu and plasmapheresis.

Gomosorbtsiya - Hardware blood purification method, which allows output (directly from the blood), toxic substances (metabolites and ethanol) by passing the blood through a sterile sorbent.This method (easier to say) is very similar to water filtration.

Plasmapheresis - a method of purifying hemocyte components (erythrocytes, leukocytes, etc...) The essence of it is that the patient bled, it is purified and placed in a plasma solution and returned to the bloodstream.This method is more significant.

If cleaning drip can be placed at home, then the above manipulations are carried out exclusively in hospitals and are "extreme measures" to fight for the life and health of the patient.

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