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Alcoholism Treatment hypnosis

alcoholism - the trouble, which is inherent in every nation.Alcohol addiction destroys families, breaks the ties of blood, leading to degradation of the individual.At all times people have tried to deal with this problem in various ways, and a hypnotic influence on the consciousness of the person suffering from this fatal addiction - one of them.

Alcohol Treatment hypnosis - one of the most effective methods.By the way, hypnosis was known to the ancient Hindus, Egyptians, Chinese.Nowadays used hypnotic techniques, psychotherapeutic methods, author technique, effectively influencing human health, suffering from alcoholism.

So, to hypnotic methods include:

psychotherapeutic method is:

author's technique, there are several, the most common of these methods is Zhdanov, Dovzhenko, Shichko, Zaitsev.

It should be noted that the basis of hypnosis is a system of prohibitions, which, subsequently, and do not give alcoholic return to addiction - a kind of taboo laid.Extremely important is the fact that t

he treatment session should be carried out only by qualified and experienced professional who individually selects the necessary technique.In the opposite case, the patient runs the risk of buy all sorts of phobias (fears), as well as resistant depression.

paraphrase already above material, it can be noted that the rescue of drowning - the handiwork of drowning.In other words, as far as the patient is interested in his own recovery will be so effective autogenous training (technique of self-hypnosis).It's no secret that each of us contains a huge domestic potential, which can bring to the fight against alcoholism.In this case, the physician intervention is minimal, it all depends on the willingness of the patient.Thus, auditory training - is consolidation of the basic course of treatment.

Such a hypnotic method as hypnosuggestive psychotherapy, not other than the patient's immersion in the hypnotic sleep, during which the patient instilled bans on alcohol consumption.This method involves the inspired consent to such treatment, and includes two stages.The first is confidential and frank conversation between the patient and the doctor, and the second - directly through the hypnotic effect of sleep.During the session saved voice contact.Specialist inspires the patient to refuse the installation of alcohol dependence, and then removes it from the hypnotic sleep.

anchor technique in the treatment of alcoholism is characterized by the fact that the patient is in the hypnotic sleep does not sink.A qualified doctor is the so-called "tag" (anchor) in the unconscious patient.This anchor is activated only when you need to run (or block) a certain pattern of behavior.

Alcoholism - is primarily a psychological problem, and then heredity.In order to completely get rid of alcohol addiction treatment to get past few hypnotic sessions to remove physical dependence or install chemical blockade.Treatment should also include getting rid of the psychological and physical alcohol dependence.

Based on this maxim, widely used psychotherapeutic methods.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy - a technique that focuses on the ability to work with his own thoughts.After all, our every action - it is primarily the embodiment of our own thoughts.If the patient is aware of the need for their treatment - the first step on the path to healing, but also need to know how to adjust it and control their behavior.

To do this, there are cognitive and behavioral techniques to help the patient deal with suspiciousness, to distinguish between negative thoughts and fears (cognitive engineering), as well as understand the negative behavior of the alcoholic and change them to positive action teetotaler (behavioral techniques).

Each of us at least once in my life heard of such a thing as a "community, or club of anonymous alcoholics", where people are suffering from the same problem, together find a solution.Group psychotherapy - one of psychotherapeutic methods.It effectively helps to find the right solution and the correct model of behavior in the first place for beginners, who see before them the successes and achievements of other members of society and enjoy their tips.

Another social group which are different models of behavior and where it is possible to correct the accumulated problems, is the family.This dissatisfaction with family life (lack of understanding, domestic troubles, inability to dialogue) often leads to the problem of alcoholism.In this case, an effective method of solving the problem is family therapy, which will return the understanding, warmth and trust.

sessions this method will help to understand many issues:

should also be noted that the patients after a similar coding do not feel the desire to return to the former way of life.A year without alcohol in humans, new interests and hobbies, changing world.If you still have a desire to drink, experts recommend a repeated course of therapeutic hypnosis.Drink on holidays are the only ones who did not have a chronic form of alcoholism (addiction to the psychological level).

Research conducted by Russian and foreign scientists over the years have shown that the conduct of the hypnotic sessions have a negative impact on the human psyche.It has been proven that if the patient is mentally healthy, hypnosis did not harm him, on the contrary, the impact on the subconscious often contributed to the development of creative abilities.The exceptions were patients who therapeutic hypnosis session to suffer mental health problems.Therefore, it is worth noting that hypnosis conducted by an experienced all the rules completely safe for health.

Life without dependencies - beautiful.Alcoholism - a problem that can always be solved by resorting to hypnosis technique and consolidate the achieved results.According to some experts, hypnotic coding is best done once a year.It is important that therapeutic hypnosis sessions performed by a qualified specialist, who at the right time can provide additional assistance to the patient, and then will his watch.This technique does not need to all, but in some cases much more effective if the person will encode supervised.

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