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The effects of smoking spice

Spice - a kind of smoking mixture containing in its structure a variety of components.The components in Spice are a harmless character, and quite dangerous.Much less harmless components.Hazardous components mixture are narcotic substances.The most common substance in the spice - cannabinoids.They are used for spraying with mixtures.In addition, studies have shown that the main components of the spice (Hawaiian rose, Salvia divinorum, blue lotus) are substances and psychotropic drugs.Furthermore, they contain substances harmful to the human in its composition.

As with all drugs, spice rather detrimental effect on health in general on the human body.Under the influence of the aforementioned cannabinoid destroyed the human brain, is caused by the disruption of fertility and cardiovascular system.The systematic use of spice stimulates mental and physical adaptation to the mixture.In addition, smokers quite clearly observed abstinence syndrome (withdrawal) with associated fever, nausea and pain in the whole

body.Ultimately smoking mixture may lead to a complete mental disorder with loss of memory, attention and mental activity lockup in humans.

It should be understood that the use of artificially created drug will have detrimental effects on the central nervous system.Their production mainly occurs in dirty unsanitary conditions that may lead to ingress into articles of various hazardous extraneous impurities.In addition, manufacturers are using new drugs for the production of mixtures, and their action can not simply be learned that even in application adds danger.

Implications of spice disclosed consistently.Narcologists were able to identify six basic stages of formation of drug dependence.

Thus, the use of any drugs, including spice, have highly negative effects on human health.

important not to get carried away and promptly quit smoking spice, because the consequences of smoking artificial marijuana fellow inflict more devastating blow than cannabis, hemp or marijuana.The central nervous system of the body several times faster destroyed by smoking synthetic spice than natural marijuana.

primarily disturbed mental health of the smoker, was using aromatic tobacco mixture called "spice".Similarly, drugs of potent spice groups destroys the psyche of the smoker, there is a sudden fear, panic, hallucinations, vomiting opens.

Smokers spice - one hundred percent future patients in a mental hospital.Unfortunately, spice not only impairs mental health, exacerbating mental disorders, but also causes new ones.

comes a defeat of the whole body and internal organs such as the liver, lungs, brain, blood poisoning toxins and further damage to tissues and organs.The negative effects of smoking spice has on the brain.Capillaries - the smallest blood vessels in the brain - are drastically reduced in size to prevent JWH toxins to the main body control center.The result of such protection circulatory system - a detrimental effect on the inflow and oxygenation of the brain, which leads to the killing of neurons and other brain cells.

Upcoming brain hypoxia when smoked spice is much stronger than that of hashish or marijuana.The consequences of such hypoxia may be a slight feeling of flight and dizziness, discoordination movements, relaxation, sensation of freedom and lightness - all it involves in particular the dependence of adolescent smokers.Spice has a huge intoxicating effects of its constituent entheogens and synthetic cannabinoids with overlapping effects on one another.Many adolescents and smokers with weak immune systems enough to make a tightness spice to feel dizzy intoxicating effect.

Smoking the drug prevents the brain to function properly and destroys brain cells.For each use of the smoking mixture "Spice," the human body is paying an increased number of dead neurons in the brain.It is vital and it is important to quit smoking spice, because all those in the fraction of a second to relax, giving a feeling of lightness and flight, intoxicating your brain senses that appeared when smoked quickly evaporate, and your body will slowly, gradually collapses and dies.

main thing is not even that mixes, like all other drugs, much lower sexual interest.In addition to the toxic effects on the whole body, the spice causes malfunction of the central nervous system, and this, in turn, directly affects the neurohumoral regulation of the body.Women have become irregular menstrual cycles and reduced potency in men.

After some time the activity falls sperm, ova in females reduced survival.In some cases, infertility can occur.Therefore, every person before first try of spice, should seriously consider.After a fleeting rush is not worth the irreversible effects that may occur in the body.

The young people do not always think about your priorities in life, what is more important - a few hours of fun, and very doubtful, or the creation of a strong healthy family.It's not even that mixes cause disorders of the reproductive system.Getting used to spice opens the way to other, more powerful drugs, and the family and drugs - the concept of incompatible.

To the woman did not arise the question of how to stop drug-dependent person, you need to know how you can help a person not to use drugs.First mixes tend to smell, and when this is not enough - they begin to shoot up.

Over time, people who use tobacco mixture, begin to turn into a vegetable.Given the fact that Spies are 5 times stronger than marijuana, it is quite logical that this process occurs in smokers mixtures several times faster.Unfortunately, there is no great difficulty to buy smoking mixture on the internet is not a problem and the search for entheogenic plants.In short, buy mixes can be very simple as the illegal and legal way.Even the amount that people have spread in search of buzz is not able to stop and reason with a man.It is unfortunate that people do not understand - the price effects would be hundreds of times higher.

Unlike consequences of smoking hashish, cannabis and marijuana, the effects from the use of spice is much stronger effect on the health of the smoker.As is known, the effects of smoking marijuana can be quite successfully treated, but with smoking blends the situation is a little different.Of course, if too early to quit smoking spice, as is the case with marijuana, it is possible to avoid the destructive action of aroma mixes.As a result, early failure of the mixture contained in Spice cannabinoids do not have time to cause irreversible pathological changes in the body.

It is possible to complete restoration of the normal functioning of all body systems.However, the problem lies in the fact that smokers spice hope for a complete analogy with smoking marijuana and hemp, which does not cause physical addiction to the mixture, although the case in reality are very different.After another smoking spice instead of the expected feeling of relaxation and ease a state of anxiety, fear and a feeling of unreality.Smokers are not able to understand what is happening to them, and when all this will end.These effects of smoking spice, unfortunately not go away, so the smoker becomes necessary skilled care specialist doctors.

quit smoking mixtures such as Spice, much easier than the use of conventional drugs.The catch is the fact that people are not able to do so until the manifest severe pathological changes.While the obvious problems from the use of the spice does not occur in people smoking at all there is no motivation to stop use of the smoking mixture.If the negative impact of the spice is clearly evident, it is best to immediately seek the help of qualified professionals.Just need to eliminate toxins from the body by narcologist.If this aid were not enough, you need to contact a therapist or psychiatrist to perform a comprehensive neurometabolic therapy.