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alcohol intoxication

man imposed alcohol.It is believed that the holidays without liquor is wasted time.And just a drink is not a sin.Because of these beliefs, people tend to seek pleasure in one of the strongest poisons.But for some reason forget that the primary pleasure threatens serious consequences, even if you drink "cultural."

There are three stages of intoxication, which have different features, but all are at the same time such an unpleasant matter as alcohol poisoning.Keep in mind that is safe for the body dose of alcohol is not more than 0.4 ppm (this is 4/10 percent).

first stage of intoxication brings emancipation of man, slightly disturbed loud speech, frequent urge to urinate.There are consequences quickly, complications were observed.Blood alcohol content reaches 2%.

In the second stage, a person lying in wait for the lack of control over the actions and speech, swaying gait.As a rule, a person falls asleep quickly, as nobody disturbed.In the morning it can pursue thirst, vomiting, general weakness.In addi

tion, he does not want to eat.Blood alcohol content reaches 3%.

third stage of intoxication contributes to respiratory disorders, whereby the heart can stop.The man is stunned.Often there is a coma.

most severe alcohol intoxication can lead to death.To reach such a state, you need to take a dose of alcohol equal to 300-400 grams of alcohol.If there is no way to bring a person to life with the help of ammonia, you should immediately call an ambulance.In human hospital immediately placed in the toxicological department, because only there can intelligently deliver poisoned by his serious condition.

By drinking any alcoholic beverage in the first to suffer liver.Trying to cope with the enemy, it produces enzymes aimed at splitting of alcohol.During this selection should acetaldehyde, which has a very heavy impact on the brain.Acetaldehyde contributes to hangover and other unpleasant moments associated with the consumption of alcoholic beverages of any strength.To protect yourself from this kind of trouble, you need to avoid alcohol at all.No art "proper drink" and the use of all kinds of snacks will not save a person from alcohol poisoning.

And the impossibility of processing of alcohol without consequences should be put before drink alcohol question: is it worth the dubious pleasure of momentary bad experiences which eventually can lead to death.If the body and need alcohol, the body produces it only as much as is necessary in the process of fermentation in the gut.And even small doses of alcohol in one glass of wine can lead later to the lost health, or even death, since alcohol has a cumulative effect.Agencies can pass gradually, and can "sag" and all of a sudden.Therefore, a person needs to think twice before being given the power of spirits.Do not be seduced by their false utility.

manifestations of alcohol poisoning can be so:

Even small amounts of alcohol can cause a corresponding intoxication, whose symptoms can be severe in the case of the adoption of its children, teenagers and people weakened by illness.Alas, many believe that even small doses of alcohol are good for the body, because they are his tone, improve thinking and increase efficiency.However, this is not the case.Because even a minimal amount of alcohol leads to fatigue, carelessness and a certain difficulty with memory.So, with the regular use of alcoholic beverages a person becomes completely dependent on alcohol.And in the absence of alcohol, he feels the mental and physical discomfort that goes away only when a person drinks again another batch of alcohol.

It should be noted that a certain degree of intoxication causes certain side effects.Therefore, when first aid is necessary to understand clearly drunk, what his degree of intoxication.Indeed, on this basis, it is necessary to attempt to help the man.Of course, there is the best option would be to call doctors.However, we should not forget that before the arrival of the ambulance drunken man should be in the mind, and you need every possible way to help him in this.

The central nervous system is in an excited state, and becomes depressed with severe alcohol poisoning.This state is a border, because it can easily be transformed into a depression, or a person may even fall into a coma.Thus, in a drunken violated autonomic functions necessary for normal body function, and there is practically no motor and reflex activity.This condition is very dangerous to life and to cope alone with him extremely difficult.Indeed, in this case, participation term drug treatment.The faster the healing process begins, the less the likelihood that alcohol intoxication adversely affect the organism as a whole.

call an ambulance, should immediately proceed to the first measures for the rescue of men arriving in a state of alcoholic intoxication.Firstly, in any case it is not necessary to lay the person on his back, and is just put it to one side so that he choked vomit.Second, gastric lavage should not be done when a person is unconscious, because there is a high probability that it will choke.Output from this serious condition can only specialist psychiatrist.

arrived on-call medical staff will help drunk and appoint treatment at home, unless, of course, he does not need urgent hospitalization.Close either the victim will get them further advice on getting rid of intoxication.Typically, in this case, the prescribed injection corresponding dropper and medicaments which can also be set at home.

In heart failure, difficulty breathing person should be immediately transported to the hospital, because it is characterized as an acute stage of alcoholic intoxication.Treatment at home in such a situation is not feasible - because often a person in this state, it is necessary to carry out resuscitation, which are produced only in a hospital.

If the meal was a surprise, and you do not have time to insure themselves, morning will inevitably encounter the unpleasant symptoms.Headache, dry mouth, etc. If you are planning a day off, the best medicine -. It was a dream.If rest does not work and you need to go to work or business, how to remove alcohol intoxication?

Get rid of the hangover help drugs "Antipohmelin", "Alkozeltser" and others. In order to cure quickly rid you of bad state of health, it should be taken with plenty of water.

do not want to eat When hangover, but for a quick normalization of the body need to eat.Eat a light soup, such as soup or salad of tomato.Positive influences on the body yogurt and other dairy products.Tea and coffee should be drunk only after the symptoms go away.

most common symptom - headaches - can "tame" with the help of painkillers.If the condition is not improved and there is nausea, drink activated charcoal per 1 tablet per 10 kg body weight.This will help bring the body of toxins.If the condition has improved, take a walk down the street, take a breath of fresh air.

Do not forget that self is only possible in the case of lung ailments.If the condition does not improve, and you feel even worse - it is an occasion to call an ambulance.Serious illness in conjunction with alcohol intoxication can cause atherosclerosis or stroke, and heart attack.In severe cases, a person needs the intervention of paramedics may help drip in a hospital, or even require long-term treatment effects.

People often drink, "earn" chronic intoxication.She damaging effect on the immune system, the heart and blood vessels.Due to the fact that the protective system of the body is reduced, chronic disease progresses.Because of poor blood circulation disrupted brain and heart, tremor of extremities appears.The alcoholic is not able to think quickly and solve logic problems, increased irritability and anxiety.Accelerates the growth of cancer cells, destroyed kidney, liver.

Scientists have proved that alcohol - a poison that can destroy all the weakened body systems.Frequent intoxication is able to disable all the internal organs.Alcoholics will sooner or later begin to suffer from diabetes - a disease that for life leaves man disabled.

Alcohol negatively affects not only the person who uses, but also to the people around them.Drinkers are not able to control their actions, resulting in a scuffle and frequent divorces.The percentage of children born with impaired parents, often measurable toxicity, great.Think about whether or not the fleeting pleasure of your life and the lives of your children?