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alcohol epilepsy

serious complication of alcoholism is an alcoholic epilepsy.The disease has an effect seizures that always start unexpectedly.Such a person loses consciousness, pale, the skin gradually becomes bluish tint.During such a seizure of the human oral cavity is released abundantly foam, vomiting may occur.After the seizure the person some time later regains consciousness, can sleep for a few hours.It is important to remember that the attack, which occurred once, some time will happen again.And so will many times.Alcohol epilepsy is dangerous because the disease rapidly becomes chronic and attacks will occur regardless of the alcohol.This can be explained by the fact that due to regular brain alcoholic poisoning toxins in it pathological changes.

The cause of this disease is a chronic alcoholic intoxication, especially if a person is taking a low-quality alcohol, containing a variety of chemical compounds.The development of alcoholic epileptic seizures can trigger diseases such as atherosclerosis of arteries,

acute and chronic infectious diseases, traumatic brain injury.The disease is manifested by the following symptoms: fainting, burning pain, intense cramps, feeling of squeezing the muscles of the upper and lower extremities.

In severe seizures may be repeated several times in a short period of time, following one after another.In some cases, the person on the next day after the seizure marks at the burning sensation in the limbs, feeling the contraction of muscles.

have this disease has its own characteristics.The attack may occur a few days after cessation of the use of alcoholic beverages may be accompanied by auditory and visual hallucinations.Sick notes in his sleep disturbances: difficulty falling asleep, shallow sleep, nightmares.

Such a person is rapidly degraded as a person, he often arise bouts of unprovoked anger, resentment for no apparent reason, a decline of cognitive abilities, disturbance of speech organs and behavior in general.

With anticonvulsants, B vitamins, as well as physiotherapy and psychotherapy are used purpose of drug therapy of the disease.

Harmful alcohol every attack of epilepsy, the effects of which pose a serious threat to health and human life.The patient can get a concussion or other injury in the fall, a high probability of aspiration.That is why no provision as soon as possible medical care a person can die.

represent a serious threat not only injuries, but also changes in the mental state of the patient.The degree of change depends on the degree of alcohol.Condition a person who suffers from epileptic seizures, characterized by increased irritability, mood lability, weakened volitional qualities, a significant decrease in cognitive function.Judgments of the human superficial, efficiency is reduced, lost interest in the world around them.

These people are undisciplined and aggressive at work, with colleagues scandals, quarrels and arrange fights in the community and at home.When patients are irritated hangover for any reason, poorly control their emotions, evil.They often are in a depression, which often goes into a deep depression.In this state, they begin attending suicidal thoughts.Often the first times the patient says about suicidal intentions, playing on the audience, but in the future it can take root in the mind and realize our plans.

reasons for suicide attempts in patients suffering from alcoholic seizures: social inadequacy, long growing sense of inferiority.To the idea of ​​self-mutilation patients cause regular problems in professional work, family problems, health deterioration (cirrhotic changes in the liver, stomach illness).Most often this disease affects people aged 25-45 regularly drink alcoholic beverages during 6-10 years.

not exclude the probability of attacks with little experience of alcohol (up to two years).The frequency of attacks and the time synchronization of process can not be predicted, since every body is unique.Some only one episode in order to develop a chronic form of the disease, while others may suffer and twenty one suffer epileptic seizures during each binge, while others only occasionally.Alcoholic seizures indicate the duration and intensity of the brain damaged by toxic substances and the existence of a progressive encephalopathy.

predict exactly when a patient starts alcoholic epilepsy attack is impossible, but just prior to the beginning of man noted some changes in health.For predepilepticheskogo condition characterized by visual disturbances, feeling of cold or, conversely, heat distortion of the size of the surrounding objects.Begin well and auditory hallucinations, marked mood swings, patient increases the appetite, he always wants to drink.Soon the person loses consciousness and falls.This is accompanied by a loud long-drawn cry, which occurs due to a sharp spasms of the glottis and chest muscles cramps.

If you see these signs, then, is about to begin an attack.The most important thing - to prevent the fall of man on his back and hit his head, as it can cause serious injury and concussion.Be calm, do not try by applying physical force to restrain the convulsive movements, do not hold too tightly his arms and legs, as this may cause injury.Man does not need to be moved after the fall.If the place where he is, is not dangerous.

It is important to clean out the patient all the sharp and heavy objects, and under his head to put something soft to prevent injury.Then unzip all zippers and buttons on clothing, remove the belt.Turn your head to the side to prevent the tongue, as in this case, people can suffocate.In the event of vomiting on the same side and you have to turn the torso.Teeth do not need to decompress, because of the strong convulsions patient may injure your hand.In order to separate the jaws must be placed between the metal handle of a spoon, after wrapping her handkerchief, a napkin or a bandage.

seizure lasts usually up to three minutes.After its completion the patient should be given a time for him to come to, then it is desirable to sleep.Immediately after the seizure the patient's consciousness is clouded, it is weak.These symptoms usually last less than half an hour, then he can own up.

immediate medical attention is necessary if the attack does not go 30 minutes or more.After the attack, the patient necessarily need to consult a doctor, a neurologist.

People who abuse alcohol, sometimes there are small attacks.During these attacks occur a short confusion, the man stops and remains stationary.Most often, these symptoms are imperceptible.Assistance in this case, almost no do not need, it is only necessary to observe the patient until the end.

psychomotor seizures may occur In addition to these manifestations of the disease in alcoholics.Recognize they can be on automatic movements that the person realizes not fully.In this case the patient poorly perceives the reality around him, he has the overwhelming feeling of fear with memory loss after an epileptic seizure.

Alcohol epilepsy - one of the few types of epilepsy amenable to almost complete cure.In the event of complete failure of the patient from the use of any kind of alcoholic liquor treatment of epilepsy gives a positive result, and seizures completely stopped, basically, no longer repeated.But when the patient ignores medical advice and drink alcohol, seizures do not just do not stop, and proceed even entire series.

further use of alcohol and intoxication of the organism causing huge disturbances of brain function.As a result, despite abstinence from alcohol, convulsive seizures will occur.When you start a seizure for the first time, the urgent need to respond to such complications of alcohol dependence.Treatment in the early stages gives a greater chance of cure.The main thing - not to interrupt the healing process, despite the length and complexity, so as not to worsen the patient's condition.

Only complete abandonment of the pernicious craving for alcohol will help restore health.More than in any way does not stop the seizures of epilepsy.Not only health professionals, but also all the relatives and friends need to ensure that the patient did not take any drop of alcohol and follow all recommendations of your treating doctor.

People who witnessed the seizure of alcoholic epilepsy for a long time could not get rid of unpleasant memories.Hoping to make the stop to drink their loved ones, relatives, show them from the Internet videos with bouts of alcoholic epilepsy.But this method works only for people with a healthy mindset, an alcoholic, this type of thinking is usually broken, and they do not understand what kind of information they were trying to bring the video display.Spend your time at the alcoholic's motivation for treatment, it is vital and immediate.

complex measures used in the treatment of alkogolezavisimyh: psychotherapy, treatment with medication, physical therapy, rehabilitation therapy and socialization.Alcohol epilepsy for an organism such terrible consequences as disturbances of the organs, the appearance of incurable diseases with a fatal outcome.Most of the liver is destroyed, begins dystonia and cirrhosis.

In general poisoning toxins in alcoholics frequently develop such diseases: hypertension, coronary heart disease, pancreatitis, gastric mucosa atrophy, sores appear.

primarily alcohol affects the brain, which often leads to mental disorders.Under the influence of alcohol dying neurons in the brain that lead to such effects as memory loss, frequent depression developing dementia, impaired hearing and vision.Severe alcoholism can push a person to suicide.Payment for alcoholism - is meaningless without the existence of family, friends, work and opportunities exist normally in society.

fully recover from the effects of epilepsy can not be, but with a good treatment of many brain functions are restored, and the process of thinking better.Possible cure for alcoholism, which will start the body's mechanisms for all systems and the brain.

process of restoring the body's normal operation of all functions depends on its features.Carrying out the right treatment for each person is different.The sooner you contact Narcologist for help and will follow all his advice, the less will be complications from alcoholic epilepsy.To make progress in the treatment of the patient from such diseases as epilepsy, alcohol, require categorical and complete rejection of the use of alcohol at the time of rehabilitation and its further life.