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Delirium tremens

For many people, the holidays are days of gluttony and drunkenness abundant.For such periods of drug treatment - a disaster, because the number of patients increases.Many of them were taken to the hospitals with a diagnosis of "delirium tremens".What characterizes this disease?What you should know about it know the patient?

second title of delirium tremens - delirium tremens.In Latin, it sounds like delirium tremens, and is literally translated as "shaking dizziness."Drug experts say that it is a dangerous disease is the result of a professional hobby of alcohol.There delirium tremens for 3-4 hours after the termination of a long binge, that is in a state of sobriety.This is a fairly common type of mental disorders on the basis of alcoholism.The reason it is a toxic brain damage.As the Drug practice, such problems often occur in patients who abused alcohol for many years.

Many people wonder why delirium tremens occurs precisely during the exit from the binge?The answer is simple.This abstinence, specif

ic alcoholic "break-up".Sometimes it contribute to the manifestation of traumatic brain injury, severe infections, transferred dependent.The mechanism of delirium tremens is oxygen starvation of the brain combined with a cocktail of toxins poisoning.

main symptoms of delirium tremens - hallucinations, a strong motor stimulation, expressed a sense of fear, dizziness.

«Glitches" characterized by brightness of virtual images that allegedly occur before patients.These are big animals, monsters, villains, unreal creatures, terrifying and threatening the alcoholic.Many dependent say that in this state see insects which emerge from the pockets, climb in windows and the like.All visual images while actively move, move.

Visual hallucinations are often accompanied by auditory and tactile.Alcoholics hear their voices menacing, animal bite them, tweak, attack.Sometimes hallucinatory images in a state of delirium tremens are formed in a horror movie.Some patients see their funeral.Others feel lonely warrior before tselim hordes of attackers.The behavior of people in the period of delirium tremens intimidating for those watching, who first met him.After all, for a dependent it becomes a reality that draws his inflamed brain.

characteristic feature of delirium tremens is the tremor - trembling fingers, facial muscles, eyelids.The man's voice also becomes trembling.It acquires the features blur beyond recognition, it is difficult to perceive.

Delirium tremens is mandatory indications for hospitalization of a dependent.This is referred to in Article 29 of the RF Law "On psychiatric care and guarantees of citizens' rights in its provision".Delirium tremens, according to this article, is the basis for involuntary hospitalization.This is due to the danger that an alcoholic at the time of manifestation of delirium tremens is for others.

Among physicians there is no consensus about the success of the treatment of delirium tremens.After this stage of advanced disease, and all the diseases in the later stages it is very difficult to therapy.

Withdrawal from the state of delirium tremens always occurs in stages.This complex treatment, which is the beginning of the withdrawal of agitation.After that comes the stage of detoxification, ie, elimination of alcohol residues of a dependent organism.Eliminates hypoxia, infusion therapy is performed, recovering water-solevoy balans body.

To overcome the delirium tremens, often prescribed Barbamyl, tranquilizers, sedatives antipsychotics.Helps overcome delirium tremens diphenhydramine, piracetam.

Blue Devils always becomes a terrible calamity not only for the alcoholic, for his family, loved ones.In most cases, it depends on them whether relatives will be able to cope with the harmful addiction.Therefore, the selection of clinics and specialists for the treatment of alcoholism must be approached responsibly.